OK so first warning, this is my very first story for the Tudors. I love the show, it's incredibly charming and dramatic, if not somewhat inaccurate and exaggerated at parts. The Tudors are like my Top 5 favorite topics in history. Still #1 is the woderful and heroic Joan of Arc, who will be representing the other half of this strange crossover.

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Yes, the is meant to be a crossover but I didn't really want to place it into the crossover section, since nobody really checks there often. So you can just go ahead and mentally include Joan of Arc as a character.


May 1531

By God, how dares he speak so vemenously of my mother! Isn't it bad enough, now that he has divorced her? He might be my father, but I still want to kill him!

Princess Mary Tudor had these thoughts and more, as she sat there forcing herself to bear her father's heated rantings.

"Good grief, Mary, you are as stubborn as your mother!"Cried Henry VIII as he stood behind his stately desk."All that I'm asking of you...is to renounce Catherine as Queen, and acknowledge me as the supreme head of the Church of England. You are my daughter so I will be generous towards you. Do this right now, and I shall allow you to keep on practicing your religious ways." Henry then moved forward with his expression of pleading. "Please Mary, it will make it so much easier for all of us."

Mary retained her stiffly stoic expression, making her look as serious as a 40 year old. With arms crossed, she verily shook her head "no".

King Henry, on the verge of pure anger, was only disappointed. Returning to his chair, he fell carelessly into it with a deep sigh of fustration.

Just then, a smiling and peppy Anne Boleyn danced into the room, a goblet of wine held in her hand. Light on her feet, she smoothly slid into the King's hold.

The cloud of darkness was instantly lifted from Henry's head as he held his darling Anne, who is now sitting on his lap. A broad smile was across his face. For Mary, however, the presence of that putrid woman brought along many hardships and spite.

"Anne, my enchanting angel, what brings you here at this time?" Asked the King lightly.

Before answering, Anne leaned in and kissed Henry. "Well, my love Henry, I was just having a such wonderful day! I just wanted to see your handsome face, as my husband-to-be." She gave him a ravishing smile that could have seduced any king.

Nausia suddenly flooded Mary's stomach. She can't stand this wicked display any longer!

"Heretic!" yelled Mary as she rose firmly to her feet. With her proud demeanor, she pointed a scorning finger at both of them. "You two are heretics! I shall never acknowledge you as the head of your own church! And you-"

Her furious gaze turned on Anne. "You are the reason for my mother's sufferings! It was you who have seduced my father and lured him away from his lawful wife! No matter what, I shall never see you as Queen...as you are nothing more than a whore!"

Anne gasped in being offended by Mary's sharp words. Henry was equally shocked and stared at Mary in dazed bewilderment. No, surely this could not be the words of his Mary, his sweet Pearl!

Tears welled up in Anne's eyes and she hid her face within Henry's warm chest. Henry sympathetically stroke her hair in an attempt to soothe her.

"Mary, that was extremely inappropriate of you! Apologize to Anne right now!"

Mary's lips tightened. He really wants her to apololgize to that...that whore? To that harlot? Oh, how I would rather die!

Her legs carried her forward, against the wishes of her heart. Soon enough, she was standing before King Henry, with a distraught Anne crying into him. With a slight nod, he beckoned her to proceed.

"I'm sorry, Lady Anne", she said half-heartedly.

Henry was satisfied. "Good. You may go now."

Mary did a quick curtsey, then took her leave and headed out the room. When she was near the doorway, Anne lifted up her head and began drying her tears.

She called after her, "Mark my words, Mary, that you shall be sorry for your insults towards me! Know that I am fertile and that God will bless us with many healthy children! I am nothing like your mother, that barren Spanish cow!"

It pained Mary to hear Henry and Anne laughing afterwards. Her cheeks bloomed a reddish tinge, reflecting the mixed feelings of anger, humiliation and scorn that was fuming within her being. How could they be so heartless and cruel towards her poor mother? Isn't it enough that she has lost everything? With that point, she has the right to hate Henry and Anne.

Eventually, the tears threatened to fall. Mary dashed through the hall, and into the relative safety of her own chamber. There on her bed, she cried in solitary, with no one to love...no one to trust. Even her loyal advisor, Eustace Chapuys was out of reach.

Oh Chapuys, how I wish you are here with me! But alas you are caught up with business in Spain. Please come back soon, I pray. I need you now at this moment.

At Court, she is like a lone lamb in the midst of vicious, bloodthirty wolves. With the Boleyns and the Howards lurking at every corner, nothing is safe, for they can easily end her life in the blink of an eye. With Anne capturing all the King's attention and love, they can most likely get away with anything.

All of these dangerous trials would certainly be more bearable if she had her mother with her and Chapuys. What Mary desperately needs is an ally, somebody to place her hopes and trust in. Somebody to care for her...

Northern Coast of France

An elaborate French barge is drifting along steadily in the calm waters of the English Channel. A fresh summer breeze whisked through the air, carrying with it the salty tang of the ocean. The royal banner of France waves triumphantly from it's crowning position at the top of the mast. Everything about the craft sired high precedent, from it's high-quality timber hull to its stunning display of regal pomp and fanfare.

A slender youth rests against the side of the sailing barge, intently taking in all the wonderous sights that the vast sea has to offer. He is wearing a doublet of blue clothe, white hose, and feathered cap with short cape to match. Brown hair was cropped closely above the ears like a squire, and large blue eyes dominated a relatively boyish face. From the looks of it, one might have guessed the lad to be somewhere between 17 and 18.

That "shapely youth" is in reality, Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. She didn't die by fire, as history will remember, but was rescued by her good friend, Scathach the Shadow. Now going undercover as a French ambassador named, Jean du Lys, she has been recruited by Rome and the Pope to be their agent in England.

Her primary task, is to attend the English Court and report back to them the daily schemes of King Henry VIII, who has been dubbed "The Heretic King". Isn't it a wonderful irony, how a person once burned as a heretic by the Catholic Church, should end up helping it later on.

Presently, Joan removed her cap and allowed for her dark locks to be tossed by the wind. She gazed out into the far horizon, where the sun is bound to set, and became lost in her determined thoughts.

Three days until we reach England...I can hardly wait.

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