Part: I

"I'm not enough for him Tia."

The mascara made terribly beautiful designs down Telese's cheeks as the tears continued to pour. For two hours now the sisters have been closed off in this luxuriously large powder room. Here they were away from their mother, father, the men that they love—away from the world. Telese looked up at her sister with glassy eyes that held a saddening splendor. Her mouth trembled, like the rest of her body. She was exhausted, exhausted from her own disappointment and pity. Tiana was exhausted as well.

A silence hung between the sisters. They had exhausted everything that could have been said. They had done everything that could have been done, as two empty bottles of champagne and a weary tub once filled with bubbles showed. In those two hours they had laughed and cried, but had found no resolution to the obstacle in their path. No true progress had been made. They just sat in a silence only broken by bubbles popping in the bath or by the whispering of Naveen's snoring in the adjoining room.

Tiana took her sister's hands into her own. "Telese, you have said that I don't know how many times since we've been sitting in this room." The eldest sister looked down at her hand donning a ring more marvelous than anything that they could have dreamt as girls reading fairytales. "You are not enough for him Telese." She snapped her head up.

"Telese you are so much more than just, enough."

Tears welled in the younger sister's eyes. Her heart ached for her sister. How could she not see how radiant she was? How strong she was? How phenomenal she was? "Telese, do you know how much you are loved? I must really love you to let you in this room when you knocked at the door at two in the morning. And then ran you a bath when you brought your dinner back up. And then drank with two bottles of champagne with you. And to stay up and talk and carry on with you until four in the morning, with my husband in the next room."

A sparkle came across Telese's face as she smiled, for the first time in what felt like years.

"I just am afraid that he won't want me or us anymore."

Tiana sighed and grasped her sister's face in her hands. "Telese, you're something. You are. Do you remember what daddy used to tell us when we were little?" Telese rolled her eyes. "No really, Telese you're like a pearl. All of them start of as a tiny piece of sand, and then they grow and grow in that disgusting oyster, and they become something so precious and beautiful. That's you sissy."

Telese laughed.

"You are worthy of all of this Telese." A tear drifted down Tiana's face, and her sister wiped it away. "You are finally getting what you deserve."

And then the silence washed upon them again. This silence was welcomed; it was harmonious. In this moment these two sisters knew that life would never quite be the same from this moment on. In only a few hours they would both be married women. They would both be royalty. They would both be so much more than they could have ever dreamed when they were little girls sleeping under the stars in the ninth ward of New Orleans.

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