A/N: This is a fun and light story that I wrote while I was bored; I have already written most of it and will complete it soon.

Lav Lavs not so loved

It had started out as an awful day for lavender. She had a severe headache due to not sleeping all night topped with a dose of pre menstrual syndrome. She felt snappy as opposed to the girly delicate flowery self that she was plus she had demonic thoughts of drinking blood, cutting of penises, burning of pubic hair (while they were attached to the said area) of a certain blonde git who had played with her heart.

Yesterday had been one of the best days of her life, after her breakup with WonWon she had decided she would give up men and live the life of a hermit, these males were a heartless species who couldn't understand pure love that she could present them, they deserved the likes of Hermione Granger who would scold them and keep them in line also clouding their view of other females with the huge bushy head of hers , but yesterday everything had changed when the said git aka the Slytherin ponce (she stopped regarding him as prince since yesterday night) had asked her out on a date in the potions lesson.

She had been over the moon but all her starry dreams had come crashing down the moment she arrived to the room of requirement to find it empty and darker than night, the moment she had stepped in, the door had disappeared as it usually would but wouldn't open when she willed it to, as it naturally could.

Everyone knew that she had an unnatural fear of all things related to circus specially the clowns and monkeys all thanks to the boggart lesson from DADA and Draco Malfoy had thought it entertaining to leave a few monkeys inside the room to keep her company. They kept cackling and screeching into her ears all night long and laugh at her when she shed tears, all the glamour charms and makeup that she had spend hours doing had ended up melting into her face and it pretty much looked like a sight not pretty.

She was a lion, a Gryffindor, she wasn't going to let this go easily, he had played with the wrong woman, he better watch his back she had thought as she walked out of the room when it had finally opened at dawn, a smirk playing at her lips and her irrational fear of circus creatures finally gone also she had discovered she possessed some talents other than makeup, after all.

The site inside the room of requirement was also worth looking at, the walls all bright pink with pretty toys scattered around and a few toy monkeys walking around robotically with keys instead of tails.