There was a very heavy something on her chest and it was squishing her boobs. Hermione didn't open her eyes, she vaguely remembered her dream was something about Malfoy and his pet monkey but the whole story wouldn't come to her. She slowly opened her right eye hoping that whatever that was on her chest was nothing but a random heavy pillow or her Crookshanks. The sight that met her was something entirely different; it was a platinum head that had made her body its pillow.

"Malfoy!" she whispered, but with irritation.

"oye you", she poked his head. The only reaction she got was him tightening his hold on her waist.

She picked up her wand from her bedside table and spoke after clearing her voice, "augumenti".

Water splashed on Draco and he sat up, his hair becoming a shade darker and his mouth opened and closed twice before he turned and looked at her with unconditional rage. "How dare you", he said under his breath.

"You were trying to choke me Malfoy, who the bloody hell gave you permission to sleep on my bed", she snarled at him.

"I sleep where I wish to sleep, you on the other hand mudblood need to sleep on the floor or outside the window", he waved her off.

"this is my house and my room Malfoy, you on the other hand must leave now before my dad sees you, he will drill a hole into your skull if he finds you in my room", she warned.

"As if I would want to touch his muggle daughter, I touch the finest and the exquisite only", he said straightening his tie. He had turned back in to human but that had done nothing to lighten his mood, he still looked sulky.

"fish me the portkey mudblood and say no word of this to anyone or I ll send my personal stash of doxys to this muggle house of yours once you leave for school, can't imagine what your parents would do without you to get rid of them", he smirked thinking he had scared her.

"Do as you wish Malfoy, you would never be able to find my house, its warded and protected, and on the brighter note, the portkey will activate only on the 3rd of January when school starts", she said smiling to herself.

"now please leave on foot, Ill smuggle you out through the garage and you can go where ever you want to, or I could send your mother a letter asking her to come pick you up", she said folding her hands in front of her.

Draco had got up and had started admiring himself in the mirror , he looked at her through it, "you will send no letter to my mum and no I won't be leaving on foot, you will leave me to the nearest floo network Miss Granger or I will tell your parents you are pregnant and I am the father", he smirked.

"No you wouldn't"

"Yes I would"



"there is no floo network close-by"

"Hermione dear is everything alright honey", called her mother.

"I m getting you breakfast in bed honey , you looked so weak yesterday,wouldn't want you to tire yourself more", she screamed again.

There was slight thumping from the downstairs and Hermione's mother seemed to be climbing up.

"Hide you idiot", she pushed at him.

"Nope I won't, until you promise to help me", he mouthed at her softly.

"ok ok" she agreed.

But Draco it seemed didn't need to hide as there was the similar popping noise again and he turned into boo boo.

"You didn't tell me you got yourself another pet honey, or a living toy, this one doesn't look real", said Mrs Granger as she entered the room and eyed boo boo curiously.

"ummm, I thought you wouldn't like my monkey mum, it's an experiment ", she replied awkwardly looking at the purple faced monkey who had folded its hand and looked adorably grumpy.

"awwwww… who wouldn't love this cute button", she cooed at him.

Hermione coughed when she saw Draco baring his tiny monkey teeth at her mother.

"oooohhh, an angry little thing you have got here dear, that tiger kitty and now this", said Mrs Granger backing away a little.

"he wouldn't hurt you mum, would you boo boo", Hermione picked him up and tried to hide him with her body by turning her back to her mother and giving him a deathly glare.

" I ll ask your father to build him a cage, a new project will be good for him, his obsession with carpentry is getting to my nerves these days", complained her mother with a sigh.

"Thank you mum", said Hermione still holding the monkey tightly and she looked like she as having a tough time restraining him from jumping off her hold and running out of the window.

"I hope he is properly vaccinated and neutered, or I could take him to the vets", Mrs Granger offered, she was in no mood to leave and had started folding her clothes and making her bed.

"ummm no not yet mum, he is baby, plus he is not exactly real I think, we'll take him later", Hermione could feel the monkey pinching her.

"I want to change mum, I ll do the room", she said trying to get her mum to leave.

"my baby is a woman now, she feels shy changing in front of me, remember when you would roam in your undies", said an emotional Mrs Granger who had dazed into a dream like state thinking about all the good times when she didn't have much laundry.

"mum eerrr, my monkey talks and I wouldn't want it to repeat all this in class, ummmm its like a parrot-monkey mix breed", Hermione explained at her mother's quizzical looks.

"your magical world just confuses me, anyway I and your father will be leaving for work in some time, we ll be back early today so we can have a movie night sweety." She kissed Hermione on her head and left closing the door behind her.

"What the bloody hell was that! one is going to touch my family jewels", Monkey screeched.

"no Malfoy I won't be getting you neutered though it would be a service to the wizarding world if I did, I may even be presented with the order of Merlin first class for it." She laughed at her own little joke.

"Its not funny mudblood, there are women out there who would jump off the astronomy tower if I lost my jewels", he said proudly, though it looked very funny coming from someone who was purple and the size of a toy, having a pillow case tied to its waist.

"its not the time for jokes and such, I am in a serious predicament here", sighed the little monkey, its back hunched and it looked like a tear would slide out any moment now.

"ok,ok… so what do we do now", she asked me.

"You must know, I am not the brightest witch of the age", he taunted.

"So lets get to the bottom of this", she was determined, a challenge was always like a breath of fresh air.

"What do you feel like when you transform, except for the popping of course", she asked him all the while putting her hand into the adventure bag and fishing for something.

"Nothing except for a tingling sensation at the back of my knees and ears", he said.

"If I could..uhh..only find the damn book", she seemed to be having trouble locating her book.

"Hah! Here it is", she pulled out what looked like a shiny new transfiguration book.

"Do you always carry these around Granger", he looked at her as if she were crazy.

"Obviously, one cannot be sure when one might need some information, like now.", she pointed.

She opened the book and stared leafing through its pages. Making occasional noises like hmmmm and hah and uh uh. Monkey Draco sat at the corner of the bed resisting the urge to jump up and sit on her shoulder to read along with her. The mystery of it all was killing him. What would father say if he knew he was a monkey now. Who would look after Malfoy industries? What would his mother do without him? Would he have to retire into the forbidden forest to live the rest of his life on trees. No obviously not, Hermione Granger would sort it out soon, she was always helping everyone, she would help him or rather find someone who could.

" Draco there isn't much that I could find here", she said with a defeated look.

"what does it say", mumbled monkey Draco.

"human transformation is something that is very difficult to achieve, whoever has done this to you has unstable magic and so you tend to change back to yourself at some points in time, we need to find out who did this so the very same person can sever the magical thread that's tying your transformation to them" she explained in one breath.

"lets go to Hogwarts then", Draco jumped enthusiastically from the bed.

"Draco, how many times do I have to remind you, I don't have a portkey, I don't have an owl, we could wait for one from Harry and send him a message asking him to send an official portkey to London." She mused.

"So you mean to say, I m stuck with you till your friends decide to miss you and send you letters?" he shouted.

"Seems like it", she stated. "I will receive Christmas gifts you see, so its just a matter of a few days."

"I don't want to be stuck with someone as boring and dull as you", he spat.

Hermione felt a pang of hurt even if it came from someone like a monkey, she was tired of people calling her dull and so she wasn't going to take it.

"leave if it pleases you, I am not going to waste my time with you now, I am going for a swim and I hope when I return I get to see my room devoid of some ugly purple creature", she retorted.

Hermione stomped towards her cupboard and opened it with much more force than was required, she pulled out a few tiny pieces of clothing and stuffed them into her bag and banged the door leaving a shocked and upset human Draco Malfoy behind her.

Draco Malfoy was sulking, he was hungry and the dark school robes along with a sweater and tie was making him hot, he was pink in the face , sweating profusely and the most uncomfortable he had ever been if you didn't count Voldemorts tea parties. It was no point lying on the stupid mudbloods fluffy bed doing nothing he thought to himself and got up to explore this new place.

Hermiones parents had left for work whatever that's was and the whole place was empty. Draco went into the kitchen only to find funny looking cupboards with colorful things stuck on it. This looked like the dridge from his muggle studies text book. It was supposed to store all sorts of food, Draco opened the contraption and to his surprise found a cupboard full of fresh cold food. After a satisfying meal of whatever he could find and a very delicious water that bubbled in his mouth he decided to follow the splashing sound that came from the back of the house. He didn't want Hermione to know he had been looking for her and so he decided to spy on her from behind the curtain.

She seemed to be enjoying herself floating in the water, she hadn't bothered to tie up her hair and so it floated around her. She had a peaceful expression on her face and her eyes were closed, she looked rather nice he thought, she was wearing a neon pink swimming costume which looked more like women's underwear, muggle women had no shame, his dad would have hung his mom upside down on the chandelier for days if she dare wear such revealing swimwear he thought. She was turning a little pink but it looked good. He was to be stuck with this muggle for a week and so why not enjoy the time here, after all she wasn't that bad looking, she was a cute type of girl which wasn't his type at all but he could make do with it for a week. He watched her get out of the pool and grab a bath robe, she had a nice body , all the right curves in all the right places. The week didn't seem so dull anymore. Rolling in the mud was also fun at times he concluded. Though he would require his body to seduce the stuck up Granger woman and that it looked like that would be a major problem.

Hermione was enjoying her swim when she felt a pair of unwanted eyes on her. She was rarely comfortable wearing swimming suits and this one that her mum had bought for her wasn't doing anything to make it easier. After an uncomfortable minute or ten she decided to head back inside.

She found Malfoy lounging on the sofa looking haggard. His dark clothes seem to be killing him and he didn't have a wand on him to cool himself. She grabbed the nearby remote control and switched on the air conditioner.

"what kind of sorcery is this", he remarked, looking at her from under his eyelids.

"its muggle sorcery",

"Impressive", he said , waving his arm at the air conditioner.

Hermione looked at him shocked, this was the first time he had ever said anything good about anything muggle, she smiled.

"do you want anything to eat", he asked her with a smile, the guy smiled.

"uhhh… am I dreaming", she asked seriously.

"I can be nice you know, and I thought about it, now that I am stuck with you for a week , why not call it a truce till we are back to pavilion", he said studying the screen of the television.

"all right ", she said , accepting the hand that he had offered her but then there was a pop and a few more followed it and there hung a tiny mokey grabbing hermiones hand for its dear life with one hand while the other hand was grabbing the pillow case that had decided to fall off from its waist.

"fuck I am going to kill that fucking bitch", it screeched again.