Hello, again….I've had this idea for a story for quite a while (thank you Primeval group) but real life keeps getting in the way. It involves the whole team but is a bit Jess/Becker centric. Off we go….


"What exactly is it, Connor?"

Connor Temple leaned toward the computer screen and drew a path with his finger as Jessica Parker stared intently at the tiny blinking graphic.

"It's definitely an anomaly, Jess and it looks like it's not occurring naturally. It's got really strange readings…..almost as if it's being manipulated by some kind of technology."

"Can you figure out the location? It almost seems to be moving from one location to another." Jess' forehead furrowed she typed information into the ADD to bring up some kind of GPS coordinates that would allow them to pinpoint a location.

Connor's eyebrows shot up.

"What the hell? I think this anomaly has some kind of jamming signal associated with it! Who has access to this kind of tech and what are they planning to do with it?"

Jess reached toward the ADD and flipped a switch.

"Lester, we have a problem. May Connor and I come directly to your office? Someone seems to have some kind of technology that they're using to create anomalies. They're quite small but they could cause us a lot of problems."

Lester's heavy sigh spoke volumes.

"Connor Temple and Jessica Parker…..You always find the most perfect moment to inform me of a crisis. My Jag is parked in the garage with my bags packed for a holiday with the director and his wife at his estate in Brighton…..I'm sure to hear more on this from my wife later today." The audio feed snapped off and Connor shot Jess a look of resignation.

"You do know as far as Lester's concerned this will eventually be our fault, right?" Connor whispered as he started toward their boss's office.

Jess rolled her eyes and reached down to pick up a heavy box full of technical printouts from their investigation as two large hands reached around her to snatch the box from her grip, almost knocking her over in the process.

"So sorry, Ms. Parker! I didn't mean to nearly knock you over….just ignore my clumsy attempt at being helpful!" said Vincent McMillan as he neatly picked up the box and helped Jess up from her kneeling position. Jess smiled sweetly at the young scientist.

"Oh, I'm fine, Vincent….and thanks. All this material is going to Lester's office, but I can carry it…..oh, and please call me Jess. Ms. Parker is my mother!" she protested.

"Now, it's not often I get to help my coworkers out…..especially the attractive ones!" he said, whispering the last four words. Jess turned a bright shade of pink and smiled as she began walking toward Lester's office. Vincent continued the conversation, asking her about her most recent computer upgrade that she had recently trained the scientists in his department to utilize as they walked toward the steps.

Matt and Becker stood at the soldier's station at the hub staring at tablets containing the GPS locations of the most recent spate of miniature anomalies that seemingly blinked in and out of existence at odd intervals. Matt was pointing to a section of the map about 20 kilometers away from the ARC.

"According to Jess there's quite a few new tech startups in this area. Do you think that some scientist that wants to make a name for himself is trying to create an anomaly?...maybe he or she isn't sure what they're creating and want to use the technology to try and draw some attention to their work to attract wealthy investors or grant money…." Matt's voice slowly trailed off. Hilary Becker stared disconcertedly toward the steps leading to Lester's office as his eyes fell upon the bubbly field coordinator and one of the new scientists recently added to the research and development department at the ARC. Matt stopped talking and as he turned to follow the direction of Becker's glance as Abby Maitland walked up to the two men with her own tablet in hand. Looking up quickly and assessing the situation, Abby smirked as she addressed Matt.

"Well, Matt I think the only way to truly investigate this phenomenon is to send Becker in undercover as a nerdy science type. He's perfect. All he needs is a pair of taped plastic glasses, a pocket protector, and Big Bang Theory T-shirt. You're up for that, aren't you Becker?" intoned Abby sarcastically. Becker was still gazing in the direction of his boss's office as he answered.

"Sure, no problem." he answered quickly as his attention didn't waver from the distracting scenario of Jess and the new scientist chatting animatedly about a recent film they'd both heard was interesting. At least, that's what he could suss out as he attempted to practice his limited lip reading skills…..and what was Abby going on about? Out of the corner of his eye he'd seen her walking up with one of her patented smirks plastered on her face. He wasn't sure what THAT was all about but….WAIT…. did she just mention some ridiculous idea about his going undercover as some kind of nerdy science geek? He whipped his head back around to face Abby and Matt who were looking at him with some kind of grin on their faces.

"Seriously, Abigail…..can we focus on the issue at hand?" Becker huffed out gruffly. Abby just smiled sweetly at him as she pointedly gazed in the direction of Jess and Vincent standing at the door of Lester's office with Connor.

He really did miss his days in the military….more serious types there…..fellow soldiers who didn't feel the need to antagonize their coworkers with silly assertions about him and other employees…..and Jess Parker was just that: a fellow employee….a coworker…a colleague…..with a bright, sparkly personality that lit up the entire room and the bluest eyes he'd ever seen …a workmate who could chatter on about the latest movie she'd seen one minute and then troubleshoot and repair a software glitch no one else had been able to fix without a break in conversation. He snapped himself out of his reverie and focused his glare on the unrepentant Abby and her sidekick Matt.

Abby sighed and rolled her eyes as she focused her attention back on her tablet.

"The pattern is fairly consistent. They seem to be appearing in quick bursts in around this location. Did you say there are a several tech companies in that area?" she asked as she looked toward Matt.

"Yea, and we need to find out what "technology" they're researching" he stated as he turned to observe Emily Merchant entering the hub from Lester's office. Her soft smile was immediately apparent as she approached the group, her eyes focusing on the team leader.

"Lester would like to see the entire team in his office," she intoned softly.

Matt's lips turned up into a half smile as he acknowledged her and Becker turned to look at the team leader with one eyebrow raised and a look of what he hoped was no small amount of sarcasm as they gathered their information to take in his office.

"Yes, Becker? Is there a point you trying to make?" he said as they walked up the steps to the office.

"No, not at all," he said innocently. "I'm sure you haven't the slightest idea what I could be thinking right now. I was contemplating our current situation when Emily walked up and I thought for a moment you looked a little distracted. I'm sure I misread that whole situation."

The smirk on his face was unmistakable.

Matt pointedly ignored him as they entered Lester's office.

Lester wasted no time in getting to the point.

"It seems we have someone trying to make a name for himself by creating these miniature anomalies. Jess, Connor, and Mr. McMillan have determined that they are not occurring naturally."

Connor moved forward and addressed the team.

"This week there will be a huge tech company convention in that area and all these companies and many others will be sending representatives. There's bound to be a lot of investors there also looking for technology to invest in so our anomaly creator is bound to show up."

"Against my better judgement," Lester stated drily, gazing at Connor with his arms folded, "I've decided that Connor has suggested the best course of action: to attend the conference posing as a technology company that has research to present and see if we can catch the perpetrator, for want of a better description, in the act."

Abby laughed softly and stared at Becker.

"So my suggestion about your going "undercover" as a scientist wasn't all that far off was it Becker?"

Becker glanced at her with a raised eyebrow and turned back to their boss as Lester continued.

"I've already reserved rooms for you at the ExCel London Convention Center. All of you lot had better brush up on your "geek speak." Congratulations. You just received your doctorate from Cambridge in various areas of research in case anyone questions your qualifications at the conference. Please refrain from calling your parents with the good news. Now exit my office at the earliest opportunity while I work on setting up your "cover," he said as he turned back to his desk and began making phone calls.

Jess approached Becker as he turned to the table to pick up his tablet.

"Well, Becker, I guess you'll be one of us now? We'll have to work on your "disguise," she laughed.

Becker smiled amiably at her.

I guess you and Connor will have to "school" me on how to fit in with your "people," he said still smiling.

Jess smiled back at him and started to ask him a question as the scientist, Vincent, walked up to the pair.

"Hey, Jess, can you help me with this software one more time before you are off doing other things? Oh, hello, I don't think we've met. I'm Vincent McMillan from the R & D department." He stuck his hand out to shake Becker's.

Jess thought Becker looked strangely irritated for a second before he reached forward to shake McMillan's hand.

"I'm Becker. I'm part of the security force here."

"Oh is Becker your first name?" Vincent asked.

"No…..it's my only name," the soldier answered tersely. "Well, best be checking on my soldiers, now." He turned on his heel and quickly strode away.

"He's nice, really," Jess smiled. "Just a bit introverted" she explained. "Well, I'd best be back to the ADD …see you later, Vincent!" She called as she walked down the steps.

This was going to be interesting, thought Jess Parker. The entire team posing as a technology startup at one of the biggest conventions in the city…..trying to catch someone creating dangerous anomalies….nothing much could go wrong there…She shook her head and headed back to her station. Nothing much, indeed.