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* Tom Riddle (AKA Voldemort) is good.

* This story starts at the beginning of 7th year, and Sirius and Cedric are both alive. Both instances will be explained in the first chapter.

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Chapter 1:

Horrors at Hogwarts
By: James Black

I'm sure we've all been wondering what's been happening at Hogwarts lately. Well, I spoke
to some of the students about just that. The first person I spoke with was Harry Potter himself.

JB: Thank you, Mr. Potter, for accepting this interview request.

HP: No problem. I figured it was about time someone questioned what was going on at school.

JB: First of all, what is life like as the Boy-Who-Lived? What is it like having everything you could
possibly ever want? How many house-elves do you have?

HP: *makes a face* I hate that title. I never got what I wanted before I went to get my school
things for first year. My relatives hated magic, and everything to do with magic, including me. When
I went to Diagon Alley, I received my first friend, my owl, Hedwig. On the train, I met my first human
friend, Ronald Weasley. I now have two house-elves, but I'll explain that later.

JB: Okay. So, what happened in your first year? I heard you got on the Quiddich team that year!

HP: That's true! I'm the youngest Quiddich player in a Century! Neville Longbottom, also eleven at
the time, fell off of his broom breaking his wrist and dropping the Remembral that his grandmother
sent him. My rival, Draco Malfoy, took it and challenged me to fly after him to get it back. That was
one of the best days of my life until then. Then there was a troll that a possessed teacher let in on Halloween.
Ron and I fought it off to save a fellow Gryffindor, Hermione Granger. Later that year, the three of us saved
the Sorcerer's Stone from the Dark Lord-possessed Quirrell.

JB: You were in the Hospital Wing for a while, weren't you?

HP: Yes. Two or three days, in fact. I missed the last game of the year.

JB: In short, what happened for the rest of your years at Hogwarts until now?

HP: Let's see... Second year, there was a baskilisk. Third year was pretty calm. Forth year, the Triwizard
Tournament, a fake Mad-eye Moody, and the return of HIM. Fifth year, Madam Umbridge delighted in
torturing the students with a blood quill. Sixth year, my godfather was finally declared free and innocent!

JB: Wow! That's quite a lot going on! How long was the baskilisk?

HP: The snake was well over sixty feet long!

JB: Oh, my! Well, thank you again for this interview.

HP: You're welcome. If you ever need another interview, just let me know.

JB: I will.

Well, after that eye-opening interview, I then interviewed the second Hogwarts Champion, Mr. Cedric Diggory.
I only had two questions for the former student.

JB: Mr. Diggory, how did you survive the third task?

CD: Harry saved me. When we arrived at the cemetery, Harry quickly stunned me and made it look like
I had broken my neck on the landing. I owe him my life.

JB: That's good thinking on his part. And, I don't think Mr. Potter would want you to feel like you have to
owe him like that. For my second and last question, What do you plan on doing for the rest of your life?

CD: Well, my fiancé, Nymphadora Tonks (we all call her Tonks, but I sometimes call her Nymph) and I are getting
married next week. It's going to be a small gathering, just my family and hers plus a few others. I plan to open my
own Quiddich shop, or play on a professional team, or both. I still have to talk it over with Tonks.

JB: Well, I wish you all the luck in whatever you do. I also wish you and your future wife many long years together,
and many children to come.

CD: *laughs* Thanks.

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Close Call at the Ministry
By: James Black

My dear readers, I had the pleasure of talking to Sirius Black. Mr. Black was accused of betraying his friends to
You-Know-Who, blasting twelve muggles, and killing Peter Pettigrew. He was sent to Azkaban for twelve years
without a trial! Now, who would send a man to Azkaban with no trial? Mr. Black had something very interesting
to say about it.

JB: Mr. Black, forgive me for asking, but will you please tell me what happened on the night the Potters were

SB: I had a bad feeling, so I went to check on Peter Pettigrew. He wasn't home, so I hurried over to James and
Lily's house. The front door was blasted open, and James was lying dead in the living room. I couldn't believe it! I
ran upstairs, and found Lily's body in the nursery. Severus Snape was holding her body, his best friend. We had
settled our differences, although we had to pretend to still hate each other. Little Harry was watching us with those
large green eyes of his, and a huge gash on his forehead. When I picked Harry up, Severus looked at me and said, 'Take
him out of here.' Then he left. Hagrid came and tried to take Harry from me. Under Dumbledore's orders, he was to take
Harry and go. Not thinking properly, I let Hagrid take my Godson. I had a rat to kill. I found Pettigrew, but before I could
do anything, he accused me of getting the Potter's killed and he blew up the street, killing twelve muggles. He cut off a
finger, and transformed into a rat to escape.

JB: Ah, and then the Aurors appeared to arrest you.

SB: Yes. I was laughing, because it was absurd that the weakest of our group of friends betrayed us.

JB: Please explain to our readers how you could go to Azkaban prison without a trial.

SB: Well, all I know is that I was taken directly to Azkaban, and Dumbledore didn't even stick up for me! After all,
it was he who suggested that Lily and James switch the secret-keeper to Pettigr...

Harry shut the paper. He had read both of the most recent copies of 'Honest News,' written by James Black many times this summer. He smiled. Dumbledore thought that Harry was still the ignorant 'Gryffindor Golden Boy'. Boy, was he wrong! Harry thought back to every major thing that had happened since he started going to Hogwarts. He was so lost in thought, that he was surprised when the thoughts turned into a vision.

Harry found himself in a small town. Looking around at all of the greenery, he saw a large white sign saying, "Welcome to Forks." Then the scenery changed to the parking lot of a school, showing five model-like teens. They all smiled in his direction, making him turn to see if there was anyone behind him. There wasn't. The scene changed again, showing Harry a beach where several young men and a young lady were relaxing in cut-offs. Harry shivered in the late evening chill. A tall, muscular man walked over to hold him from behind. The young lady looked over, grinned, and walked over to kiss him on the lips.

The lady pulled back. "Sam, why don't we get Ry inside? I know your son, James, would love to get a bedtime story from his mom." She placed a slender hand on Harry's rapidly growing baby bump. "And I'm sure that the little one's hungry. Too bad it's going to be a leech, even if the Cullens aren't that bad anymore."

Harry felt a sudden bout of indignation on the baby's behalf, but before he could say anything the surroundings began to fade.

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