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Chapter 11: September 8th (Continued)

Every single Cullen and pack member was silent, taking in the information. Jasper could feel everyone's confusion, anxiety, worry, or outrage. He turned amber eyes to the three worried and anxious wizards. Before he could say something to calm everyone down, the room burst into a loud outburst of voices. Everyone was talking over each other, and even asking questions of the wizards. Jasper quickly used his ability to calm the entire room. Once the room was quiet, Jasper spoke, "Now that everyone is quiet and calm, one at a time, please."

Jacob spoke up, "So, let's get this straight. You three are wizards named Remus, Sirius, and Harry. Harry is the mate of the Cullens and the whole pack. And this old man is after Harry to force him to marry a gold digger?"

Remus nodded. "Yes."

Harry was thinking over something, before he realized... "Siri, when we decided to go by our middle names, we forgot to sign some temporary name change papers!"

Sirius smacked his forehead. "That's how he was able to use your blood to find you! How could we be so stupid?!"

"In too much of a hurry, I guess," Remus chuckled at his mate. He loved the melodramatic idiot. Remus' smile was full of love.

Jared asked, "Remus, you really are a werewolf? The whole turn on the full moon, bite can turn others, kind of real werewolf?"

Remus sighed. "Yes, I am."

Sirius spoke up, "Ok, before anyone asks anymore questions... why don't we agree to come back on Monday evening, and come up with a way to keep Harry safe?"

Carlisle nodded. "Sounds good. We'll meet back here tomorrow evening. After all, we have a lot to think about. Good day, everyone." He saw his family's troubled faces, and he ushered them out of the house and back to their own house.

Jacob stood up. "We have a lot to think about too," he said. He smiled softly at Harry. "We'll be back tomorrow."

"You're deciding for us?" Sam asked standing up too, and growling at the younger wolf.

"I'm supposed to be Alpha, Sam. I didn't want it at first, because I wasn't ready, but I am now. It's times like this that you realize what you're made of." Jacob looked at Sam steadily, not backing down but not being aggressive either.

The two alphas stared each other down, before Sam looked away. "Ok, Jacob. You're the Alpha now. I step down." He was partially relieved, not wanting the stress.

Jacob relaxed, and smiled. "Do you want to advise me sometimes?" When he saw Sam smile in response, Jacob motioned for the pack to leave. Jacob turned to Remus. "We'll see you tomorrow." He brushed his hand against Harry's as he passed the smaller teen. (Sorry if the confrontation between Sam and Jacob was too tame for y'all. I just felt that Sam would be tired of all the stress that came from being a false Alpha...)


Harry bounced his leg as Remus drove him to school. He was nervous about seeing the Cullen kids after the uncomfortable meeting the day before. His eyes showed his worried state, but he didn't say anything. When they got to the school, Harry got out of the car and grabbed his backpack. "See you after school."

"Are you sure you want to go to school, with Dumbledore hunting you down?" Remus' amber-brown eyes looked sadly at Harry.

"Not really, but I don't want to have weird rumors start if I skip now." Harry sighed, nodding goodbye to his honorary Godfather. He shut the door, and started through the parking lot. As he walked, he thought about his situation. But, before he got too lost in thought, he looked up at the murmurings around him and saw the Cullens staring at him. They smiled, and he turned to look behind him to see if they were smiling at someone else. No one was there, so he turned back, staring at them in shock. Another part of his vision had come true! Then he sighed... of course it came true. He just reacted to their smiles... Harry walked over to where they were. "Hi," he said as he tried to walk past them. He wasn't sure they would reply or just pretend to be somewhat friendly.

"Hey, Harry," Alice replied happily, sliding her arm around his as she spun around to walk beside him.

He looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "Are you ok with everything you learned yesterday? Or are you just pretending?"

"Don't be silly," Alice replied. "Of course we're ok with everything. Granted, there is a lot for us to get through, but we aren't going to distance ourselves from you just because you were born with something out of your control." She smiled at the British teen, and leaned over to kiss his cheek. She giggled at his blush.

Edward put his arm around Harry's shoulders, and smirked at the thoughts of the kids around them. They were all wondering why Edward had dropped Bella, and why he was now with the new kid. He leaned over to whisper in Harry's ear, "Be extra careful today, Harry, the other students might harass you about the two of us dating."

"Not to mention Bella," Emmett muttered.

Harry nodded. "I understand. But why is it Edward and I?"

Edward smiled down at the little human. "Because, according to the townspeople, I'm the only one available... now that I've broken up with Bella."

Harry's eyebrows lifted momentarily. "Ah." He kind of smiled, but then frowned slightly. "Will Bella be a problem?"

"Maybe a bit, but we can handle it." Edward smiled at the little brunet.

"Warning! Slut at twelve o'clock," Rosalie snarked.

Harry snorted, and Alice giggled. "Well, I can handle her." He smirked. He thought about having her obliviated, and he might do that if she continued to be a problem.

"Edward Cullen!" Bella yelled as she stormed over. "How dare you dump me and hook up with a guy?! You're not gay! I refuse to believe it!"

"Believe what you will," Edward replied, shrugging.

"What if I told everyone your little secret?" Bella's eyes narrowed, glinting in crude glee.

"Not only would no one believe you," Harry interjected, "But there are others out there that are more dangerous than the Cullens." He smiled, sweetly.

Bella blanched. This boy knew the Cullens' secret? And what did he mean with 'more dangerous than the Cullens'?