Alright, so this is me re-doing the story into something that I personally prefer, and more importantly, something that can be written better overall because I like this kind of story more. If you no longer enjoy the story since this is pretty different from how it was the first time, I do apologise, although i think it is far superior this way.

Yang being excited was an understatement. Yang was practically bouncing off the walls because she got to surprise Ruby. She could usually get Ruby embarrassed by teasing her and her girlfriend Weiss, she didn't normally get to actually surprise her. It was mainly because Ruby always found things out by snooping around. So whenever it was near her birthday or Christmas, Ruby always found her presents. She never opened them though, that would completely ruin the surprise, but she knew how many she had and how big they were and that kind of thing. But even though it wasn't her birthday or near Christmas, Yang finally had a surprise for Ruby. A new place the sold cookies just opened.

Ruby was moping about, quite unusually for the leader of Team RWBY. She was exhausted from all the tests they had been having recently, and the many sleepless nights studying. She would've been sleeping more, but she really wanted to impress her girlfriend, Weiss. She had gotten exponentially nicer since their first meeting, and even more so since they began their relationship, but one of the few things Weiss wouldn't back down on was grades. She had to always be in at least the top three, if she couldn't get the number one spot, which was very rare.

So as her girlfriend, Ruby tried to work just as hard to get better grades. The only downside being she had to spend almost as much time in the library as in class. Thankfully, she had passed all of her tests with flying colors, and she could finally relax and not have to worry about anything for a few days. So today she planned on relaxing all day.

Currently Ruby was relaxing on her bed reading a book she got from Blake. It was about this fictional world where Dust didn't exist, and neither did Grimm. But the people loved power and money. She was nearly at the end of the first one and starting crying because one of the main characters just got decapitated. Yang walked in the door and saw Ruby crying.

"RUBY! Whats wrong?! Did someone hurt you?"

"He died. . .why did he die?" Ruby practically sobbed.

"Who died?" Yang asked urgently, eyes red in anger.

". . .They just cut his head off. That punk!" Ruby yelled as she threw one of Blake's precious books across the room.

"Ruby, it's just a book." Yang said, now realising why Ruby was crying, her eyes going back to their normal lavender hue. She always got so emotional when stuff happened in books or on TV.

"It's not just a book! It's an entire universe and they just killed one of the main characters for no reason!" Ruby shouted.

"Really Ruby? You get so into books it's crazy. Not to mention you just threw one of Blake's books across the room" Yang said.

"Oh no!" Ruby said as she disappeared in a puff of rose petals to get the book. "Oh. . .I hope nothing happened to it!"

Ruby picked up the book and when she saw nothing was wrong with it, had a sigh of relief "Phew, if this got messed up, I would be dead." Ruby said closely examining the book to double check nothing was wrong with it.

"Yeah, Blake likes her books almost as much as she likes me," Yang said with a smirk.

"No, definitely more." Ruby said hopping back onto her bunk, and opening to the page where she left off.

"What!? She loves me way more than her books! And why are you still reading it?! That book had you in tears!" Yang shouted.

"It is amazing. That's why my dearest sister Yang." Ruby retorted.

"Alright, whatever you say. I guess I won't tell you what I just heard about." Yang said nonchalantly, knowing Ruby would get immediately interested in what Yang was hiding.

"What did you hear about?" Ruby said looking to Yang with a look of curiosity.

"Nothing important. Go on, read your book. I'll be back later." Yang said, pretending to be about to walk out the door.

"Yang!" Ruby whined as she hopped off her bed "What'd you hear about?"

"Just a new shop that opened up in Vale."

"What kinda shop?" Ruby asked, usually it was just a new clothes shop or something, but if it was a weapons shop she was going to get excited.

"One that sells ½ pound cookies" Yang said with a wide smirk.

"REALLY?! That sounds awesome! canwegoYang? Canwecanwecanwecanwecanwepleasego?!" Ruby said, bouncing from place to place in the room, clearly excited.

"Ruby, calm down, if we weren't going, I wouldn't have brought it up, duh."

"ALRIGHT! I am so excited. Blake and Weiss are coming to, right? Oh I can't wait, this will be amazing!" Ruby asked.

"Of course they are, although I think you will be eating more cookies than the three of us combined," Yang said.

"For sure! Well, at least Weiss will know where I will want to go after we see our next movie together." Ruby said, not really thinking about anything but cookies and all the kinds she will get.

"What about me and our next date?" Weiss asked as she entered the room.

"I know where we can go for our next date Weiss! Yang just told me about a new cookie shop that just opened! A NEW ONE! They have huge cookies there too!"

"Really Ruby? That's where you want to go for a date?" Weiss asks

"Not just there silly Weiss, we would go there at the end of the date. It sounds awesome! We are all going there today too."

"No we are not. We have work to do" Weiss said.

"No we don't! We just finished the last tests yesterday, and we have a long weekend" Ruby replied.

"We have that paper to do though. . ." Weiss said.

"I already have it done! Now can we go?" Ruby said, again disappearing and being replaced with rose petals as she went to her desk and showed Weiss her paper.

"What? How do you have it done already?!" Weiss asked, considering it had just been assigned two days ago and was a five page paper.

"I worked on it and finished yesterday. I didn't want to have to do anything today, so I just decided to finish it yesterday." Ruby said "So you wanna go?"

"I guess if you have it done already. What is the place called anyways?" Weiss asked, since she was going to go now whether she wanted to or not.

"Uh. . .What's the place called Yang?"

"It's called Mattheessen's. They just opened it up a couple of days ago, they have a bunch of stores all around Remnant, and this is the first one in the city of Vale." Yang explained.

"Mattheessen's? Really? I remember going there when I was a little girl. They have the best cookies in the world." Weiss said softly, reminiscing about a not so bad time during her childhood.

"Then it's settled. TEAM RWBY IS GOING TO GET COOKIES!" Ruby shouted.

"What about Blake? We haven't talked to her about this." Weiss asked.

"Blakey will be fine with it. Besides, she loves a special kind of cookie, and this place is the only one that has them at this time of year." Yang said, feeling proud of herself for remembering something Blake had just briefly mentioned once a few months ago.

"What kind?" Ruby asked.

"Gingerbread. Blakey loves the stuff, but it is only ever around during Christmas time, but now with Mattheessen's, she can get it anytime." Yang explained.

"Alright! Now we just need to find Blake and we can go get some cookies!" Ruby said.

"No problem, her last class just ended and she should be here in a couple of minutes" Yang said, feeling quite pleased she made this all work.

Blake was walking from her last class of the day, and was very happy to be done with it. While she usually enjoyed sparring, today it was a very annoying endeavor. She had to go up against someone who used range more often than physically attacking, so it put herself at a disadvantage. She tried to get up close, but her adversary was an amazing shot. She eventually managed to end the match in a draw, but not without getting very tired in the process.

She was also going to ask Yang if they could go into Vale. She had just heard about a place called Mattheessen's opening up in Vale, and she really wanted to go. They sold gingerbread cookies all year round, and she really wanted to get some. They were easily her second favorite thing to eat, although nothing could beat tuna. Blake was thinking how she was going to ask as she opened the door into Team RWBY's room. All three of her teammates were up and standing, and she was about to ask Yang if she wanted to go to Vale, deciding just to ask plainly.

"Blake! Guess what! A new place opened up in Vale and they sell giant cookies!" Ruby shouted as she visibly bounced around. Blake was speechless and just stood there.

"You okay Blakey?" Yang asked.

"Huh? Oh, uh yeah. I was just about to tell you about that place actually. I was wondering if we could go." Blake said, snapping back to normal after hearing Ruby talk about the very place she was about to talk about herself.

"See? I told you she would want to go. I know my kitty-cat" Yang said.

"We need to go! The next transport leaves in 10 minutes" Ruby said

"Then let's get going!" Weiss said as she began to move out the door.

Alright, so that is the revised story, more based around what it became instead of what it started out. Mattheessen's is a real place and it is in Key West Florida. The cookies are delicious and are 1/2 pound cookies at least, since they make bigger ones as well. I hope you enjoy. I edited it a little bit. I kinda used to suck at editing, before I helped a bunch of people with it.