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Yang was really happy that they had made the airship to Vale. With like twenty seconds to spare. Darn Weiss and her heels. The Heiress had in fact tripped because of how fast Ruby was pulling her along, causing them both to tumble and get all tangled. While on their way to Vale, Yang couldn't help but be happy about the fact that Jaune wasn't going with them this time. 'I have lost three pairs of shoes to that kids' vomit,' Yang thought to herself as she looked down at her brand new pair of shoes that replaced her old ones after they had all gone to see the new Spruce Willis movie. Yang didn't even think it was that good. Sure, explosions were always awesome, but it was like the fifth movie in the franchise, and had almost no plot. And he's bald now. . .

As Yang was practically drooling to herself over how hot Spruce Willis was in his older movies, she barely noticed Ruby practically teleporting around looking at the view of Vale from the airship. The city sure fixes up right quick when a big hole appears in one of the town squares with Grimm pouring out of it.

Yang was honestly surprised that a new shop was opening at all after what all had happened, but she supposed it made sense. People from all over Remnant were coming to the festival, it was the perfect time to open up and get a good recommendation from the people of Vale to go try this new shop with giant delicious cookies. Weiss had said that even she had tried some of the cookies and thought they were amazing, Yang figured that if Weiss had tried them at all, they had to be top notch. Schnee's wouldn't buy anything cheap, regardless of what it was.

Yang once saw Weiss had bought a chocolate bar, and she saw the receipt in the bag, and it said 500 lien. Weiss had tried to explain that the chocolate was imported from Vacuo and the spices in it were from the desert areas of Mistral, but that still didn't explain why she would buy the darned thing. Rich people are crazy, but oh my god that thing tasted like perfection. . . As Yang was drooling now thinking about that chocolate, she hardly noticed that the airship was about to land until Ruby started shaking her to get Yang's attention. "YANG! YANG! Snap out of it!"

"I didn't take it Weiss I swear! huh wha?" Yang looked around and finally down to Ruby, "Uhhh. . ."

"Yang, are you okay?" Ruby asked, tilting her heard in confusion.

"Uh, yeah! Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, you were drooling and mumbling about how you would have to find out what brand something was." Ruby explained

"Well of course! I just saw someone wearing a cute dress and really wanted to know what brand it was." Yang said, trying to cover up that she had actually been in a daze because of a bar of chocolate.

"Why were you drooling then?" Ruby asked.

"Uhh. . . I was thinking of those amazing cookies we're gonna have today, duh! What else?"

"Oh my god I almost forgot about them because of you! Team RWBY's new mission: Get to Mattheessens's and get some amazing cookies!" Ruby shouted as she tried to run off the ship to get to the new store as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there just so happened to be a Weiss in the way and Ruby slammed into her and they both tumbled to the ground.

"Wha- Ruby! What are you doing you dolt?!" Weiss shrieked as Ruby tried to get off of Weiss but failed to do so.

"Come on Weiss, we gotta go get cookies!" Ruby said as she got up and tried to pull Weiss up. Once she had succeeded she tried to continue running but her hood was caught on something. Intent to get her hood off of what it had been caught on she turned around to find Yang had grabbed it

"Oh no you don't. Ruby, we can't just try to follow you to get to the store. Do you even know where it is?" Yang said as she let go of Ruby's hood.

Ruby stared back at Yang with a blank face realizing that she actually had no idea at all where to even go. "Uhhh. . ."

"That's what I thought. Come on Ruby, We'll get there, but Weiss and Blake and I want to go to other places too."

"But-but-but-" Ruby said as she looked at them all.

"No 'buts' Ruby. We came all the way to Vale. We aren't just going to go to one place and go back to Beacon" Yang said.

"Yang is right Ruby. I promise we will go to Mattheessen's, but Yang and I need to go shopping for clothes."

"And I was going to go to a bookstore and see if they had any new books." Blake said.

"What am I supposed to do then?" Ruby asked. As much as she loved Weiss and Yang, she definitely did not want to go shopping with them for clothes.

"Well, you could go to Blake to the bookstore. The last time we tried to buy you new clothes you almost-"

"We are not talking about that again!" Ruby interrupted "I'll go with Blake. Okayseeyoulaterbyeguyshavefunshoppingwitheachother!"

"Wha-?" Blake barely got out as Ruby practically dragged her away from Weiss and Yang so that she wouldn't have to hear about what had happened a couple of weeks ago at the mall.

"Have fun Blake!" Yang shouted as she saw her sister take her girlfriend forcibly away. "You think she will ever get over it?"

"Probably not," Weiss responded as she got a light blush. "It was pretty embarrassing."

"What? You didn't like what you-"

"I will end you if you keep speaking Yang." Weiss said with a glare that could freeze lava.

"Heh, heh, man can no one take a joke? It was funny!" Yang said as she backed off. It wasn't that bad, they're over exaggerating. So what if Ruby almost-

"Yang! Let's go. Blake and books can only keep Ruby entertained for so long. I would like to get some new clothes and not have to stop because of Blake calling for help." Weiss said, interrupting Yang's train of thought.

"You act as if Ruby's really that bad."

Weiss's face was completely neutral "We both know what your sister is like." Weiss deadpanned.

"Yeah, we do." Yang said as she put her arm around Weiss's shoulders. "So let's get shopping!"


So that was the new chapter. I will admit I got very distracted by Fate/Stay night stuff. I was listening, still am actually, to the full soundtrack of it, and I saw a little clip that was the Archer fight and it just spiraled from there. This computer also started to completely flop around like a dead fish on me which also took like another 20 minutes up. My point is Fate is super complicated and don't try to get into it else you will just get confused.

I hope y'all enjoyed the chapter. How will Blake deal with Ruby? What happened when Ruby last when clothes shopping? Will they ever get their cookies? Maybe.

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