''I'm moving...'' sighed takuya as he shuffled his feet into the dirt

''WHAT?!'' ''You cant be serious...'' shouted out the group of people gathered in the park. mixed emotions spread throughout the group, sadness,anger,disbelief were the main things that were felt.

''Where to? Why?'' Tai was the first to get a hold of himself and question takuya on his statement.

''…'' was all he got in response to that. It had started off as an ordinary day, the gang consisting of tai, sora, Izzy, joe, matt, Mimi had decided to spend the day out relaxing enjoying the sun. T.K and Kari had tagged along but at that moment wished they hadn't.

''dad has gotten a new job and that unfortunately requires us to move closer which means moving to shibuya'' shadows cast across his face as he talked reflecting how he felt about the move.

''but taky you can't move!'' sora shouted out in concern ''what will we do without our little ball of fire constantly raising our spirits when we get down! What will Kari do without her best friend to keep her company...''.

Takuya flinched at that final statement, he knew Kari would take this harder than anyone and he wished he didn't have to leave her but he was left with no choice, it was out of his hands. He and Kari have been best friends for nearly a year, in fact they were each others first friend and knew this would affect their friendship.

He risked a glance over to Kari who was sitting against the tree and winced at what he saw. She was curled in on herself, knees drawn head in lap, he knew she was struggling with this information more than anyone else and wished he could go comfort her, assure her that everything would be okay but deep down he knew this would change everything.

''how long have you got before you go...'' matt asked in a serious tone, he always was one to get straight to the point, something that I always liked about him in fact.

''3 days maybe 4..'' he said with a downcast expression

''well! We will just have to make it so that those final 3 or 4 days are best days we have together!'' tai shouted out with a smile on his face

''yeah'' ''definitely'' shouted the group. Takuya had a beaming smile on his face and if anyone had checked to see Kari's expression they would have seen a smile on her face as she looked on at the group.

3 Days later

the group sat in silence as they watched the moving van being loaded ready for the move, no one said anything even though knowing the time they had together was coming to an end.

''you will keep in touch right?..'' Mimi broke the silence that snapped everyone's attention to takuya to see his response.

''of course I will keep in touch I can't forget you guys! You and sora are like the big sisters I never had'' exclaimed takuya as he turned to look at each of them.

''tai! the guy who always finds a way to get people smiling and ready for action'' tai smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head

''matt! The one person anyone can rely on to be serious and look out for you'' matt crossed his arms and turned his head away but everyone could see the smile on his face.

''Izzy! If you need help with computers and need to know something you can count on izzy to know it or find it out in seconds'' ''Joe! One of if not the most caring guys I know he may be a 'scaredy cat' or a stick in the mud but if there is one thing I know it's that I can rely on joe to get a job done'' both boys just smiled grateful for Takuya's kind words about them.

''T.K we may not have known each other for long but in the short time we've been friends I know that you care about everyone as much as yourself and that you will always be a great friend '' t.k blushed out of embarrassment.

''Kari... my first and best friend... ever since we meet at this very park we have done everything together I could never forget the times we have spent together messing about here and the amount of times we have caused tai to worry about us when we play on the monkey bars and swings '' takuya said smiling brightly towards Kari who was close to shedding tears yet still smiling knowing that everything he said was true, meanwhile tai grumbled in the background remembering the amount of times he nearly cried out in worry seeing Kari go high on the swings. The rest of the group laughed at tai's expense knowing that he worried deeply for kari.

''we will keep in touch and who knows maybe I can come visit and stay with you guys during the summer break'' he said trying to keep the happy mood going in the group.

''TAKUYA ITS TIME TO GO'' Takuya's mum, Yuriko shouted from the car. Solemn expressions quickly washed across everyone's face knowing this was the final moment they all had together.

The group all came over to takuya and gave him hugs, sora and Mimi and pats on the back from the guys of the group. Takuya turned to see Kari standing off to side not knowing what to do in the situation, so he walked over to her the rest of the group turned silent watching the pair knowing both were struggling with this.

''Kari I..'' was as far as takuya got before kari lunged forward into takuya and wrapping her arms around him in a hug, knowing that words wouldn't help here takuya returned the gesture. They stayed like this for a moment but in those seconds all words and emotions needed were said between them.

''you will keep in touch...'' it was more of a demand than a question but as he looked down at her he saw her smiling up at him, he knew at that moment that things between them wouldn't change and they would always be friends.

''of course'' he said as they parted . He turned to see his mum and getting ready to call out for him again so with one last glance at the group and with a lingering glance at Kari he turned and ran over to the car. As he got into the back of the car he looked out the back window and saw a sight he knew he wouldn't forget. The group all stood together waving as he pulled away he couldn't hear what they were saying but he could see the trails of tears streaming down Kari's face as he disappeared round the corner towards his new home.

as he disappeared from their sights the group knew they had truly lost there little ball of fire and with heavy thoughts on their mind they turned to return home thinking about the times they had shared with takuya and for Kari the times they had spent together being friends.

hey guys talyia here :D this is one of a couple of stories I plan to write and I hope I did a decent job with my first chapter of attracting people attention with this ^^ Takuya and Kari will be slightly oc in this story but not too much. hopefully I will be updating this story every week maybe even twice a week if I get enough time unfortunately I've still got 3 weeks of college so that schedule may not happen till mid june but we will see ^^ until next chapter :D