''I'm okay now Tai don't worry'' Kari breathed out as she walked out of the bathroom,'' I think whatever happened has passed'' she smiled at her brother knowing that if she showed any signs of still feeling this problem her brother wouldn't leave her alone. She walked into the living room and sat down on the couch knowing she wouldn't be going back to sleep anymore, gatomon came and curled onto her lap feeling that Kari wasn't going to be moving any time soon. Kari stroked Gatomon's fur absent-mindedly thinking bout what could have possibly caused her to feel like that, she knew Davis T.K Cody and Yolei were safe as she had seen them earlier today. Her brother, Tai sat opposite from her wondering what she was thinking about, he was worried for his sister and knowing that she would be stubborn about this and wouldn't sleep for the rest of the night most likely caused him to frown in worry he knew that what had happened had shaken her but to what extent was yet to be seen.

''hey Kari want me to go get a blanket from our room? I know you wont be going back to bed.'' Kari turned to look at Tai to see him frowning at her, she smiled and nodded to ease his worry ''thanks Tai I'd appreciate it'' she followed Tai as he got up and walked towards their bedroom and disappeared through their door, she glanced outside to see thunder clouds gathering in the skies. thunder rumbled in the distance sounding like a demon howling far away. She shivered slightly before hearing footsteps coming back from the bedroom, she turned to see Tai with a blanket in one hand and photo frame in the other staring out it with a frown covering his face , she looked at the frame in confusion wondering why he had brought it with him before he handed It to her and she saw why.

''why is there a giant crack running down the frame?'' she asked in confusion the last time she had seen this photo which was earlier today in fact it had been on their desk perfectly fine so why was their a crack now? '' maybe that feeling of losing someone you care about you said you felt earlier was from Takuya?'' she heard her brother say as he sat down next to her, ''what? Didn't think you would be one for superstition Tai'' she said jokingly yet with a frown on her face, she wished nothing had happened to Takuya she hadn't spoken to him for a few years and it worried her that there was a crack now going down the only picture she had of him.

''when was the last time you spoke to Takuya any ways Kari?'' Tai questioned while he thought about takuya. He remembered Takuya being into soccer the same if not more than himself, always being energetic and positive the little guy was a spitfire of energy and now that he was thinking about it Sora and Mimi had a soft spot for the kid and wondered if they had spoken to him recently as well.

''I haven't spoken to Takuya since we got rid of BelialVamdemon'' she said as she look back out the window at the thunder clouds to find that the thunder was right above them.''what? But Kari that was nearly 3 years ago! I thought you guys were best friends? '' Tai said with a worried expression, he knew how much they meant to each other and to not have spoken to each other for 3 years was a big surprise for Tai.'' I don't know what happened Tai '' she said with a sorrowful sigh escaping her lips she looked down at Gatomon to see that she was fast asleep and purring under her constant stroking '' we just stopped speaking to each other and I guess with making sure that the digital world is safe I haven't really found the time to speak to him'' she said with regret in her voice she knew that she and Takuya were best friends and something like this wouldn't break them apart but she did worry what had happened to Takuya in those 3 years the last time they spoke he was part of his schools soccer team and since school was coming to a close for the Christmas holidays he was thinking about coming up to odaiba and seeing them all again but them BelialVamdemon happened and he never came up to see them or her which even though she knew he probably couldn't make it here it still hurt her a little being reminded that they lived so close to each other yet haven't spoken face to face for nearly 9 years.

''well I am sure he is fine Kari '' Tai smiled at her trying to ease her worry ''in fact why don't we ring him tomorrow? Who knows maybe he will still remember me '' Tai said with a big grin on his face with the amount of time he had beaten Takuya at soccer there was no way Takuya wouldn't have forgotten the amount of beat downs he gave him he thought to himself while chuckling, making Kari giggle trying not to wake gatomon '' sure that sounds wonderful '' Kari said wondering how Takuya would react to her speaking to him after so long. Before she could say anything else Gatomon twitched on her lap before leaping up onto the floor, the sudden movement startled Tai and Kari. '' what's wrong Gatomon?'' Kari asked, Gatomon's ear twitched as she looked around before she ran over to the balcony and looked up at the storm that out of know where seemed to have tripled in size. ''something is coming '' she said her sights locked firmly into the clouds. Before Tai or Kari could question her on what she meant all across the city the lights flickered, the lights in their flat burst and every electrical appliance was going crazy. Above them thunder boomed and the lightning darted across the sky. '' gatomon! What's happening?!'' Kari screamed out as she joined gatomon on the balcony. Gatomon didn't respond for a moment instead continued to stare at the clouds above but what she said next was one of the last things Kari expected to here.

''I need you to digivolve me Kari'' Gatomon said with a serious look on her face, Kari just stared at her confused if she had just heard correctly, Gatomon repeated herself before kari could say anything '' Kari. I need you to digivolve me.'' Kari wondered what was happening that made gatomon want to digivolve so bad but she trusted gatomon more than anything and if she thought she needed to digivolve then that was what she was getting. Kari pulled out her D-3 from her pocket, now you-might be wondering why Kari carried her digivice in her pyjamas and Kari would respond with a simple 'you never know what might happen' she always had her D-3 on her in case of emergency and right now seemed like one of those times. She held it towards gatomon before the screen light up in light. Gatomon was surrounded in light as her form changed from a cat to a tall woman, armour burst from the light covering the woman's body as long golden hair spun from under the woman's helmet, 8 wings exploded into life as the transformation finished the female called out her name ''Angewomon!'' she shouted as light disappeared. Kari stared at Angewomon wondering what she was going to do and before she could ask that question Angewomon shot off in a burst off speed towards the storm, Kari shouted out after Angewomon but got no response she looked on at Angewomon before a flash of light crossed across the sky, Kari had to look away as the light blinded her for a moment before turning her gaze back towards the storm but she noticed something falling from the sky, from what she could see, she saw something falling from the clouds towards the ground, it looked human in shape but that couldn't be possible where would they have come from? She now knew what Angewomon had gone for as she dived down after the mysterious object steadily gaining on it before catching it and heading back towards her, Tai had by know joined her on the balcony after seeing the bright flash of light and hearing Kari cry after Angewomon. As Angewomon got closer they couldn't make out what she was carrying but they could tell by her speed that she was in a hurry, and she wasn't slowing down. As she got close enough that she had to slow down or hit the building they saw that she was indeed carrying a human but from the looks of things her face was one of horror and worry they couldn't make out why but they knew something was wrong. Angewomon finally got close enough that they could hear what she was saying ''he needs help! Go get help!'' she landed on the balcony in front of them, her armour covered in red, which they realised quick was blood. Tai ran back into the house going to grab the phone to ring the hospital while angewomon lowered herself so Kari could help take the human out of her arms. The first thing Kari noticed was that the boy's clothes were in tatters not much remained of his cargo pants or his trench coat not that she was worried about them, the one thing she was worried about, better yet horrified about was the hole in the left side of the boys chest and from what she could see something had pierced the lower part of his lung, her hands shot to her mouth in mute horror, she could see that he was still breathing though very shallow and erratic no doubt from the hole in his chest,blood covered his form and scars marred his body, she looked at the face of the boy that had gone through this horrific event and her heart stopped cold. She could recognise that face anywhere from the dark brown hair that hung down his face to the hat and goggles that sat on top, she knew this person al right and that fact scared her more than anything else in the world. Her words came out as strangled sobs and she tried to hold back the scream while she looked at the site that would haunt her for the rest of the life.

'' T-TAKUYA!''

well, pretty dark ending there guys hope you guys enjoy this chapter I know I had fun writing it! Though wonder what that says about my mind but oh well on with the story. What will happen to takuya? what will kari do now that she is re-united with her best friend only to find her in this state? That ladies and gentlemen is to be continued :D