Hey Guys, the first 3 chapters by chanelle4damon and I probably only edited a few things. Hope you like it

Bella pov:

"Edward please, I need time, I need space, I need to make my own decisions!, and you're not letting me! , I know this must be hard on you, trust me it's hard on me to, but I think we need to go our separate ways."

I watched silently waiting for Edward to take it in, I watched his face crumble I knew I had hurt him but it was what was best for me. I loved Edward, I still do and this hurt me a lot but I needed more in my life and being treated like a girl who would break any minute wasn't helping me at all.

I watched for a while waiting for a reply from Edward but nothing happened until a sick smirk came upon his face

" Oh Bella, you have no idea what you have just done, I never loved you sweetheart you were just a new toy for me to play with, but you got old anyway"

And with that he turned and walked away leaving Bella with tears in her eyes, she loved Edward and to hear that broke her heart.

I walked inside hoping Charlie wasn't home, I didn't want him to see me like this. But it looked like today wasn't my day, he saw me straight away, and seeing me like that had worried him I could see it in his eyes." Bells, what's wrong"? He asked. Deciding to tell him the truth I told him the whole story, " well I broke it off with Edward, only to find he was using me, I was just another toy to him." I explained, the look on Charlie's face scared me, I could see him eyeing his gun a few times which to be quite honest worried me. " Dad, I'm going to go to my room", I said hiding tears hoping he wouldn't see them.

I slowly walked up the stairs not having the energy to do much else, I got to my room, slammed the door and ran to my bed, pulling out my phone, there was only one person I wanted to talk to right now she always knew how to cheer me up.

Elena's pov:

I glared at Damon, "No! Leave him out of this", I yelled, if there were 2 people i didn't want involved in all this vampire stuff it was Jeremy and Bella.

Thinking of Bella i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket I pulled it out and threw one last glare at Damon before answering it, "hey Bella, what's up"? I asked, I listened as she cried before she started talking, "Ellie, he was using me, I was just a toy", she said while crying, "he never loved me!" She was broken I could hear it in her voice, "Bells, calm down", I tried, "he's a dick and you deserve better, how about you come stay here for a while and get your mind off it"? I asked "are you sure Elena, she asked, I don't want to cause trouble" she said calming down. "I'm positive" I replied, "look Bella, I have to go, I'll organize your flights see you tomorrow" I said before ending the call. I looked over to Damon and Stefan who had looks of confusion on their faces, so I explained to them that Bella was my cousin and what had happened they both nodded their heads then continued arguing like always.

Bella pov:

I had slept the whole trip, I had been woken up when we had landed, I was so excited to see Elena and Jeremy, they were like my siblings and I loved them so much. I got off the plane and walked to wear I had been told to meet Elena bit no one was there, I was kinda sad but I wasn't surprised a lot of people had been ditching me lately, I felt hot tears well up in my eyes, I wiped at them quickly and waited for someone to come. It had been a good 20 minutes when I gave up and called Elena; she quickly apologized and told me she would be at the airport soon. I smiled when she got here and run up to her and hugged her "ELLIE" I yelled I ignored the two boys that had come with her and continued hugging her until someone cleared there throat, I looked over to where the person was that had just made to noise "Jeremy, oh my gosh I missed you" I said and hugged him, before being introduced to Stefan Elena's boyfriend and Damon his brother. This trip was hopefully going to be a good new start for me. A new start for a new Bella.