Hey its me again. And this time with a STORY. don't worry, I'm not abandoning 'the alien princess and the half demon'. I'm just wanna try this story too. The idea has been in my head for a while now so I'm just gonna do it. Enjoy.

I don't own invader zim or powerpuff girls Z.

AU: In this story Zim is about the same size as the powerpuff girls cause it would he weird if he was so short in this fic. I had only just found out about this show today and only watched about 4 episodes and was...pretty confused really but I'm trying this anyway. Point is, please forgive any incorrect info and I'm gonna call the girls by the English names if you don't mind. Now onto the story! Oh and I also don't know the name of the city Zim lives in so I'm just gonna call it 'the city'. DEAL WITH IT!

"" = speech

'' = thought

Zim was walking home after another failed attempt at taking over earth and boy was he pissed off. His giant robot designed to fling giant flaming sacks of dog poop or his G.R.D.T.F.G.F.O.D.P as he called it (still pretty long dude) had gotten blown up because Dib had interfered yet again! Pieces of his body were still Chard and smoking for pete's sake! Everything was going just FINE until the Dib-stink showed up and ruined his plans again. Zim walk into his house and slamed the door shut, not even paying attention to his robot parents.

"Stupid Dip! How dare he get in the way of Zim's flaming poop flinging machine! This planet already stinks anyway so what difference does a few explosive bags of poop make?!" He yelled. He kept on ranting as he took off his disguise and stepped into the toilet and went down into his lab. Once he got there he spotted Gir swimming around in a mountain of rubber piggies. He sighed at the adorable sight before him. He could never seem to figure out where the heck he kept getting all these rubber earth pigs from but he didn't have time for that right now. After all he had more pressing matters to attend to such as how he was going to take over this FILTHY planet. Zim walked over to the computer and sat in his chair while he thought.

"Minimoose!" Zim called. Just then his trusty floating moosy doomsday device seemed to pop out of nowhere and float over to its master's side.

"Eeep?" It squeaked, asking it's master what was wrong.

"I need a way to take over this planet without the Dib-smelly getting in the way of my pure awesomeness. Any suggestions?" He turned to his competent sidekick for an answer. Minimoose floated silently for a moment as if thinking.


"Nah, the squid man was eaten by a shark. Anyway other ideas?"




"Hmmm... not bad but I think there are laws against using monkeys like that. Plus, weeny demons are expensive. Lets save that for plan B though."

Just then Gir's head popped out of his mountain of piggies. "Why don't we just move to a different city? That way the big headed boy won't be able to stop us because he won't know where we are and we'll be able to take over earth for the tallests." He said. Zim and Minimoose stared at him as if he had just grown a second head. Their faces were the definition of pure shock (well, Zim's was anyway.).

"G-Gir, y-you just said something v-very smart." Zim's eye began to twitch as he tried to figure out how Gir of all creatures had thought of such a brilliant idea. And how HE couldn't! (Oooooooh burn!)

"Eeep." Squeaked a shocked Minimoose.

"Gir, how did you come up with such a brilliant idea?" He asked. He had to know! Perhaps there is some hidden potential in Gir that he never knew about and it is finally starting to show.

"From them." He said holding up two rubber piggies.

Ooor maybe not. 'Rubber piggyness aside that is actually a pretty good idea. If Zim were to go to a new area then the Dip-filth won't be able to stop any of my plans! Only question is, where do I go?' He began to come up with a mental list of places but none of them seemed good enough.

"Computer, put up a holographic globe of earth!" He shouted.

"*sighed* Yes master." Just then a decent sized holographic projection of earth appeared in in front of him.

"Commence the spinning!" As ordered, the globe started to spin at a rapid pace. Zim held up his finger and waited about ten seconds and then pressed his finger against the hologram thus stopping it.

"Computer, zoom in!" The hologram zoomed in the location his finger was on. Zim smiled evilly when he saw the location.

"Yes, this will do nicely. From now on we shall live in this New Townsville and we shall take it over and then, THE WORLD!" Zim laughed maniacally for about ten seconds before he was interrupted by his little sidekick.

"What happened to old Townsville?" Asked Gir.

"..uh?" Zim stopped laughing for a second and looked at his confused little S.I.R unit. "I don't know, what does Zim look like, daddy Townsville?" He asked.

" *gasp!* Master's a daddy?!" Screamed Gir.

"Oh my grog." Zim facepalmed at his idiotic robot. Minimoose decided that now might be a good time to intervene before his master got a migraine.


"You're right Minimoose, we should leave immediately. Both of you start packing. By tomorrow morning we will be living in this New Townsville and when we do, NOTHING SHALL STOP US! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

And so their journey began but little did Zim know that this little move of theirs would change his life forever.