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When Zim and the girls arrived at the party they weren't sure what to expect. It certainly wasn't this that's for sure.

There they stood, inside Princess's giant mansion, in what seemed to be the biggest (and only in Zim's case) ballroom they've ever seen. The walls were painted light blue which almost seemed to glow in the slightly dim lighting. Music could faintly be heard over the constant chatter of guests. At both ends of the room were tables resting against the walls with so many different foods. The girls didn't even know some of them even existed.

The girls looked around the room with eyes filled with wonder. Well, Blossom and Bubbles did anyway. Buttercup looked like she'd rather being chewing her own arm off right now and Zim looked as if he couldn't care less. Which he didn't.

In fact most of his attention was on all the guests scattered around in their costumes. It reminded him too much of his first Halloween. He shuddered at the memory and subconsciously moved a little closer to Buttercup. No way he was going to let them eat HIS brain.

'Perhaps if I offer the red haired female's brain they'll leave me alone.' He thought.

Zim's movements didn't go unnoticed by the girls. Thinking this was a romantic gesture, Bubbles and Blossom mentally cheered while Buttercup went every shade of red possible. She looked at Bubbles for help who simply mouthed "ask him for a dance." Her face went even redder (somehow) and she immediately shook her head, signalling her obvious dislike for the idea. Blossom just glared at her and mouthed "just do it!". Buttercup struggled to swallow the lump in her throat and turned to face Zim who didn't seem to notice their almost-conversation. Well, it's now or never.

"Hey Zim?"

At the sound of his name he turned his attention to Buttercup who looked like she wanted to disappear right then and there.

"What is it Buttercup-female?" He said with a look of curiosity on his face.

'Well, it's now or never.' She thought. "Um, do you wa-" Unfortunately she was cut off by the last person she wanted to see despite this being her mansion.

"There you are!"

Before Zim knew what on Irk was going on, he was suddenly pulled into the second tightest hug (first place being G.i.r) he ever felt. He could feel his ribs starting to crack at the sheer force of the arms wrapped around him- good thing Irkens are fast healers. He turned his head to try and identify the attacker but all he could see was a ridiculous amount a curly brown hair snuggling into his pak.

Buttercup couldn't help but growl in annoyance as she watched Princess who was dressed as a...princess, continue to snuggle against Zim. Couldn't she just leave him alone?

"I'm SO glad you made it Zimmy. I was starting to think wouldn't show up." Said Princess as she continued to squeeze the life out of Zim. She had been looking everywhere for him and now that she finally found him, she was determined to never ever let him g-

"Uh, princess? I think you're hugging him a little too tight." Said Bubbles with a worried look on her face. Then again who wouldn't be worried when their face started changing colours.

Princess, finally snapping out of her trance, gave the three girls an annoyed look. 'Oh that's right, he brought friends.' She thought.

"Oh hello." She said with a tone that meant 'you're only here because you have something I want.' before turning her attention back to Zim as she, once again, starting snuggling into his pak.

"You don't mind if I steal Zimmy away for a bit do you?"

"Actually I-" But before Buttercup could finish her sentence, she had already dragged Zim away while saying "Okay thanks!"

"Hey, get back here!" She yelled as she tried to go after them, only to be held back by Bubbles and Blossom who knew that if she got her hands on princess well, let's just say it wouldn't end well for anyone in throwing distance.

"Buttercup, calm down! Do you want to get us kicked out when we just got here?!" Blossom said as she struggled keep Buttercup under control.

"But I can't just-"

"Relax, I'm sure everything will work out in the end. It always does." Said Bubbles.

Decided that her friends were right (for now anyway), she reluctantly stopped her struggling and simply sighed in defeat.

Meanwhile, Zim wasn't exactly having the time of his life either. Heck, he still had no idea what on Irk was going on. One second he's walking into this giant castle with his friends/science experiments and the next thing he knows, he being dragged somewhere by this earth-female with the ridiculously puffy hair.

Princess, who was oblivious to Zim's confusion, simply continued to talk as if he knew what she was talking about. "Oh I'm SO glad you're here Zimmy. I have this whole night planned out for us. First, we'll headed to the buffet table for some snacks and romantic chitchat, then we'll dance and finally, we'll head to my private garden where we'll sit under the stars!" She said as they stopped at the buffet table.

'And then, when we're all alone, we'll under the moonlight and make our love official!' She thought as she watched Zim look at all the food in disgust.

'What are these things?!' Thought Zim as he scoured the table for something that didn't look totally disgusting. Why couldn't they have waffles? At least he could stomach those. 'Human eat such revolting things!'

He continued to stare at it for a few seconds before he suddenly felt a chill run down his pak. Something wasn't right. He looked away from the food to see what it was only to find Princess standing REALLY close to him causing him to yelp and take a step back in shock. 'What the floop is wrong with this girl?!' He thought. He silently thanked the tallests that no one saw him panic.

"So Zimmy, see anything you like?" Princess flirtatiously. Zim only gave her a confused look before answering. "Um...no...?"

"Are you sure~?" She asked, leaning in closer. This made Zim even more uncomfortable than he already was, which is really saying something Zim it took everything he had to pretend to enjoy being around this many people in one area.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) the song changed into a slow song and all the couples on the floor started blushing and dancing. This caused Princess to squeal in delight. Yeah this probably wasn't going to end well.

"Ooh! This is perfect! Come on, let's dance!" She said as she grabbed his arm and dragged him to the center of the dance floor. Once there she put arms around his neck put her face very close to his.

"(Sigh) Isn't this romantic Zimmy?"

Zim, who had yet to move, simply stared at her in confusion. He had no idea how to dance and was extremely uncomfortable with this girl being so close to him. 'If this is what human celebrations are like than leave me out of it!' He thought.

Princess, who thought that Zim's lack of movement was the result of nervousness, simply giggled thinking that it was adorable. "It's okay Zimmy, I don't bite." She then moved even closer. "Unless you ask me nicely." She said, throwing in a wink for good measure.

Unfortunately, Zim took it the wrong way and immediately leapt into a mental panic. 'Bite?! Oh my Irk, they DO want to eat my flesh!'

So in order to sabe his skin (and his flesh) he put a fake smile and let out a nervous laugh. Deciding that giving into her was his best option for survival (until he could contact G.I.R) he copied what he once saw on T.V and put his arms around her waste.

Buttercup, who had been watching them the whole time from the place at the punch bowl, growled like a rabid dog and crushed her cup in her hand, imagining that it was Princess' head. (Don't worry, it was plastic) She did NOT like how close she was to Zim.

"Uhm...maybe you've enough punch for one night." Said Bubbles, who was both concerned and slightly scared of her jealous friend, as she slowly took the cup away from her.

"Grrrrr...I'm gonna kill her." Said buttercup.

"Geez Buttercup, never pegged you for the jealous type. Isn't that usually the guy's job?" Said Blossom who quite frankly, found this kinda of amusing.

"You're not helping!" She snapped.

"Guys please. There's no need to yell at each. Buttercup, why don't you just ask them if you can cut in?" Said Bubbles who really didn't want to see Buttercup brake out in a fight. She wanted to enjoy the party.

"Because I doubt Princess will let me anywhere near Zim." Grumbled Buttercup.

"So we just need a way to separate them? Hmmm...now how do we do that?" Said Blossom.

Bubbles stroked her chin as she tried think of something to help her lovestruck friend. Then it came to her.

"I got it!"

"Huh?" Buttercup and Blossom said in union. Instead of telling them out load, she pulled both of them closer and whispered it to them.

"Are you sure that'll work?" Asked Blossom as they separated.

"Of course it will. But we have to act fast. Look!" Bubbles pointed in the direction of Zim and Princess, only to see her dragging him somewhere.

"What the? Where are they going?!" Buttercup said as she tried to follow them only to be held back by Blossom.

"Hold on Buttercup. We have a plan remember?" Said Blossom.

"But they're-"

"Don't worry, Blossom will follow them and contact you on the communicator when everything is set. Just be patient. After all, you want to be with Zim don't you?" Said Bubbles.

Buttercup sighed in defeat, knowing that her friends were right and that there was no point in arguing. "Fine..."

"Don't worry Buttercup. This plan is sure to work. You'll see. Now let's do this!" Said Bubbles.

"Right!" Buttercup and Blossom said in union. With that, they went off to execute Bubbles plan.

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