Everyone's mouth dropped. They just stared at us. soon shook his head and happily agreed to let her stay. Sophia was obviously scared to be around all these new people because she hid her face in my shirt. I need to tell glee club before they start jumping to conclusion. I think to myself.

"Hey Sophia." I say softly, rubbing her back until she looked up. "Britt-Britt is ganna take you to go get a slushie. That sound good?" she smiled and reached out for Brittany.

I started to walk into the room more, but before I got to the front of the class I heard Sophia, "bye mami!" I smiled and waved back at her, then watched as she left out the room in Brittany's arms.

I sat on the stool, and took a deep breath. "Hey guys. Well before you ask I'll just tell you." I say taking another breath. "Yesterday when I got home from school I saw Sophia on my door step bawling her eyes out." Gasps went around the room. "Yeah… she told me that her old mami and papi said that they weren't her parents anymore and dropped her off at my house. So I told her that I'll be her new mami."

Everyone's eyes looked as though they were about to pop out the socket. Considering the fact that I don't like kids, I'd be shocked by me too.

"We've really bonded over the past day and-and I'm ganna try to keep her." I looked down at the floor waiting for their response.

I cringed when Rachel spoke up first. "Santana I personally think she's a really beautiful child and that it's really sweet that you're going to keep her, but do you really think you're ready to take care of a child?"

I looked her dead in the eye, anger boiling within me, "of course I can take care of her." I know Rachel is just looking after me but I'm too pissed to care. I started raising my voice now. "I will not have her going through the foster care system!"

"Santana I-" Rachel started, but I quickly cut her off.

"She's my daughter now and I'm her mother, so nothing yall say is going to change that." When I finish my voice was well above 'getting loud'.

Just as Quinn was about to say something Brittany came in with her hand on top of Sophia's head, because Sophia's were too busy holding an extra-large cup of red slushie, smiling wildly at me.

"Mami, look what I got!" she says proudly. All anger that I had a second ago was long gone, and I was only focusing on Sophia, who had averted her eyes to the floor while walking slowly as to not spill her drink.

When she reaches me I pick her up. "I see baby. You tell Britt-Britt thank you?" she then gave me a look as to say "did you really just ask that damn question?!'

I laughed. "Okay, fine I won't ask anymore." She giggled. And then I finally realized that all eyes were on us. "How about I introduce you to everyone?" Sophia looks around the room, only to notice all eyes on her before she nods shyly.

After I had introduced Sophia to everyone the room was back to being full with music and voices talking about the latest school gossip. I needed to talk to so I walked over to him, Sophia still on my hip. I could tell she was still very nervous around everyone, because when I went to put her down, she wouldn't let me. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and whine. When I got them off and lower her, she kept her knees bent as so her feet wouldn't touch the floor. I finally gave in and picked her back up, resting her on my hip again.

"Ugh, really?" she just dug her face deeper into the side of my neck.

Once glee club was over Brittany, Sophia, and I made our way back to my house.

"Hey she's sleep I'll take her up to your room, ok?" Brittany says picking up a sleeping Sophia out of her car seat.

I was too exhausted to say anything so I just nodded my head and went to unlock the door, and locked it back once Britt was inside with Sophia. I took off my shoes and sat down on the couch with a loud sigh. I didn't bother to turn on the TV, the silence was more than welcoming so I just closed my eyes waiting on Brittany to come back down stairs.

I heard footsteps but did have the energy to open my eyes, I knew it was Brittany anyways.

"hey." She spoke softly in case I was already asleep. Mumbling a soft hum to let her know I wasn't. "She's sleep," she said while sitting down next to me pulling my head in her lap, "but there's something I need to talk to you about." I could hear the worried tone in her voice so I opened my eyes to look up at her. "How much do you know about Sophia?" the look I gave her made brit rephrase her question. "No no, I mean what all do you know about her past or her parents?"

My face softened as I sat up to face her on the couch. "Not much honestly… all she told me was that her old mami and papi didn't want her anymore and that they dropped her off at my house." The look on Britany's face was starting to worry me. "Why? Did she say anything to you?"

"no but, when I was giving her a bath earlier today after you fell asleep down here I noticed a lot of bruising on her legs and back. She was beating bad san." Brit said whipping the tears off my face.

"What did she say about the bruises?"

"Nothing. I didn't ask about them I wanted to talk to you about it first."

"Ok, well tomorrow I'll take her to the doctor and then down to the adoption agency and see about me keeping her." I said while standing up offering my hand to Brittany, pulling her up into a kiss. "How about we go get some sleep, I'm exhausted.

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