Hey guys so this is my first fanfic and song fic. I thought of this while listening to the song that it's based on, Remembering Sunday by: All Time Low.

So just some background info: This is set when Johnny and Kanda are searching for Allen in the manga so I think in the early 200 chapters.

Also if any of the characters are OOC sorry in advance.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own D. Gray-Man or Remembering Sunday by: All Time Low


*~Remembering Moyashi~*

Kanda's P.O.V.

Searching for the damn moyashi was starting to get really irritating. I am sick of all of the dreams I'm having about the idiot and all the drinking I've been doing at the bars is not helping. Why can't the stupid idiot be easier to find? I can't believe it's 2 o'clock, maybe I can find him if we go out now. I can't believe I actually miss the idiot. Will he be happy to see me if we find him? Wait what am I thinking I hate the moyashi why would I care if he was happy to see me?

I should probably just go back to sleep. Johnny seems like he has no trouble sleeping right now. Where are we anyway? All I can remember is being somewhere in France I think. That damn beansprout has us searching everywhere.

It's morning now and Johnny wants to see if we can go to a different town since his precious Allen isn't here. I seriously don't believe at how devoted he is on trying to find the stupid kid. Wait why do I care? I'm only doing this to repay him for what he did for me and Alma. But if so, why do I keep dreaming about how sweet and cute my moyashi is? Did I just call him my moyashi? I'm starting to loose my mind, what is wrong with me? I can't think about us in a relationship like that! I hate him and he probably hates me too. We fight all the time, so why do I keep wanting to make him mine? I'm loosing my mind, hopefully sleeping on the train will clear my head.

We're getting close! The people Johnny just talked to at the train station before we left said that Allen was here a few days ago! He shouldn't be far now.

Why am I getting so worked up? I shouldn't care this much, oh who am I kidding? I love the stupid idiotic moyashi. There I said it, I love Moyashi! The train ride was uneventful and we got to the next city without any trouble.

We walked around and asked some people if they saw Allen but none said anything important. Johnny thinks it's going to rain soon so we should probably head to a hotel or something to stay the night. The rain seems to be following us because it's almost rained in every place we've been too. Maybe the rainstorm is trying to find the kid too. Hopefully the storm isn't too loud I want to be able to mediate in the room without any interruptions.

Suddenly I saw a flash of white to my right. Is that the moyashi? I start chasing it to see if I could catch up and get a better look.

Allen's P.O.V.

This is the hundredth city I've been to and it's starting to get tiring. But I can't go back, everyone must hate me now for what has happened. I'm sorry Lenalee, I don't mean to make you cry about loosing another friend. I'm sorry Lavi, I hope you can forgive me for leaving again. I'm sorry Timothy, I wished we could have become better friends. I'm sorry Marie, Krory, Miranda and everyone else, I wished we could have spent more time together. And I'm sorry Kanda, I hope you are spending your time with Alma well.

As I walk in these streets I'm reminded of when I used to travel with Mana. Maybe I can earn some money by performing as a street clown or something. I really miss everyone back at the order. I know I can't go back but why do I want to? Is it because of something I left or maybe because I want to forget about my transformation and just become an exorcist again? I don't know but I have to stop thinking about it.

It started raining as I was walking and I swear I just saw Kanda but why? He should be in Mater with Alma, I sent them there a few months ago, why would he be here? I ran away just to make sure.

Why am I shaking? Is it because I'm scared that BaKanda will find me? Ya right, like he would know I was here. It's probably because I'm cold. I've been in the rain for a while but it feels good. Almost like it's washing away all of my troubles and memories from being at the order. I should probably get inside now before I catch a cold.

Kanda's P.O.V.

No it probably wasn't my moyashi. I don't think he'd be here right now. Besides it's raining now and it's late no one else in their right minds would be outside. Johnny's trying to get me to go to the hotel to get out of the rain. I guess I'll go. I hope we find the stupid idiot soon. Maybe we will.

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