Hey there! So, a while ago I said I was going to be making a generator Rex one-shot collection and now I am! This is a collection about Rex getting sick, hurt, rebooting, or any other ideas you can come up with :)

I will be writing some stories, but I want you guys (or girls :) ) to write other one-shots to Add to the collection!


This first story is written by the one and only YellowAngela, I hope you enjoy!

Slowly Rex became aware of his surroundings. There was a low hum of an engine of some sort. He tried to open his eyes. Big mistake. He felt his head explode in pain. He quickly shut his eyes and tried to keep from heaving. Throwing up would not be helpful right now. After the wave of pain passed he tried to remember what had happened.

He and Six was called to some EVO emergency or other. When they arrived it turned out to be a false alarm or so they thought. The area was condemned with buildings threatening to fall at any second. Not a safe place to be. As they were getting ready to go, an unexpected explosion brought down one of the buildings. Six had pushed him out of the way. The bricks just missed Rex.

When he had gotten up he realized Six was buried under the rubble. Rex remembered forming his smack hands and started to drill through the rubble praying that Six was okay but dreading what he may find. Rex swallowed roughly at the memory. He hadn't gotten far in his digging when pain exploded in the back of his head, then darkness. Now he seemed to be lying on his stomach in some sort of transport being taken God knows where while Six was buried under tons of bricks.

He fought back tears. Crying wouldn't help either. He needed to figure out what was happening, then he was going to make whoever was responsible pay… and dearly they will pay. Rex gritted his teeth. He tried to open one eye. When there was no pain he slowly opened the other. He lifted his head a fraction to look around. The room he was in was dim. He shifted and heard the rattle of metal. He looked towards the sound. He was chained to the floor. He jerked up. Not the best idea. He saw stars and the room started spinning. He held still, closed his eyes, and waited for the vertigo to pass. When the room stopped tilting he opened his eyes again.

"Awake finally," came a snide voice.
Ice ran through his veins. Hunter Cain!
"What do you want?" Rex tried to sound confident but his voice was hoarse and scratchy.
"Just to see you suffer before you die," he snickered.
Rex glared at the mercenary. Cain aimed a hand-held cannon at him and fired. A light surrounded him and all his nanites seem to scream, then thankfully he sank into darkness.

The darkness that enveloped him dissipated as a dull pain in his abdomen increased. The dull pain suddenly became sharp and shot through his body straight to his head. He was sure he screamed but some part of him was still detached. His eyes flew open when another pain shot through his back. He became aware there were other people in the room. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw that one of them had on brass knuckles. He realized he was now hanging from the ceiling by his wrists. The chain cut into them causing them to bleed. He swung around as the man with the brass knuckle punched him over and over. Rex was starting to have a hard time breathing. He started choking on something. The metallic tang in his mouth made him realize it was blood. Great he was going to be asphyxiated by his own blood. Gross.
Blessed unconsciousness started to claim him when he was hit with ice water. He sputtered and glared at the man holding the bucket.
"Don't want you to miss the experience." He smiled nastily.
Rex wasn't sure how much more he could take. He tried to summon his nanites to create something anything but they were surprisingly quiet.
"Trying to make something, robot boy? Well, you can't. Your nanites have been temporarily shut down." Another man taunted.
Rex said nothing but glowered at the men around him. Something he had learned from Six. The men laughed knowing there was nothing he could do.
"Let's try the electric prod." One of them held up a glowing stick.
"Come on boys, it's my turn." Cain walked in with a cat o'nine tails. He swung it and the whip caught Rex's back ripping his jacket and pieces of flesh. Rex cried out in pain.
"Not so tough without your powers, eh?" Cain grinned evilly. He raised his arm to swing again.

As Cain drew his arm forward, the whip caught on something. He turned around and looked. A dusty, disheveled Agent Six was holding the whip back. Cain tugged and Six released it suddenly causing the big man to fall.

When Rex saw Six, relief flooded him. Not so much that he knew he was being rescued but because his mentor was still alive. But he muttered, "About time," before passing out in pain.

When Rex woke up next, he saw his brother's face floating above him. He glanced around. He was in his room. He shifted and could feel all the bandages on his body.
"How are you feeling, mijo?" Caesar asked, worry evident in his voice.
"Like I fought a lawn mower, and it won." Rex's voice sounded raspy even to his own ears.
"Well, rest up. We got your nanites working again. You should be as good as new in a few days." His brother reassured him.
"What happened to Cain?" Rex asked almost too tired for an answer.
"Six took care of him. He won't be bothering you for a while."
By the time Caesar finished his sentence Rex was already asleep.
Caesar stroked his head gently before shutting off the lights and quietly leaving the room.