Hey there! This is a collection about Rex getting sick, hurt, rebooting, or any other ideas you can come up with :)

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This is another story written by YellowAngela as a gift to fanaticagenrex.

"I read fanaticagenrex's comment of missing Rex being heroic so I wrote this for him/her."


Esto está escrito para fanaticagenrex quien dijo que se están perdiendo de hacer algo heroico Rex. Espero que les guste esto.

This occurs sometime in season 2.

I do not own this show.

Rex slid on his face several feet before stopping and flipping on his back.

"Owww," he grumbled rubbing the dirt from his face. It's a good thing his goggles protected his eyes.

He quickly turned around and looked at the EVO. The two story blob of a creature with one eye and four tentacles was slowly devouring a building. Its rough hide prevented Rex's BFS from penetrating it. His smack hands had little to no affect as the creature absorbed most of the kinetic energy. . He formed his slam cannon. He grabbed some concrete from the ground and blasted the monster. The only thing it did was make the creature turn in his direction. He supposed it was better than the creature destroying more of the building. That was the last thought when one of its tentacles knocked him into a lamp post. His head slammed so hard against the pole that he saw stars. The pole snapped in half.

"Hope I don't have brain damage," he muttered.

"I'd say it was already too late," came Bobo's snarky reply on his comlink

"Shut up Bobo. You're not out here getting thrown around like a rag doll."

"That's because I'm smart," Bobo snickered.

Rex growled as he formed his fun chucks. He swung at the creature. The creature was quite nimble considering its size and weight. It merely moved back a few feet. Rex's fun chucks missed and smashed into a building instead.

"Opps." Rex winced as the building collapsed, "My bad."

"What happened Rex?" Six's usual flat voice sounded slightly exasperated.

"Nothing, nothing. Trying to contain and or cure the monster." Rex formed his punk busters and jumped high in the air. He spun midair and tried to land a devastating kick at the monsters eye. The monster batted him away with its tentacle and into the debris of the

building he had just destroyed.

A cloud of dust arose when Rex hit the floor.

"Mami, dónde está mi oso de peluche?" Rex muttered senselessly. He pushed himself up and shook his head. Wow, did he hit the ground hard. The sound of another building collapsing forced Rex to get up. His vision was blurred at first but finally readjusted until the two monsters became one again. What will it take to stop this thing? Maybe he could stop fighting it and just try to cure it. He made his sky slyder and tried to quietly sneak up behind it. No dice. The monster's eye disappeared from one side and squeezed itself out to the other so that it was now facing Rex.

"Ok, that was eww." Rex said just as he was hit by another tentacle. Rex made his bad axes and sliced off the tip of the tentacle before his body slammed into a water tower on top of another building. The tower collapsed and the water contained inside doused him. The small ensuing flood almost washed him over the side of the roof. Luckily he formed his smack hands and clung onto the edge just in time.

Rex pulled himself up and limped over to see if his bad axes had done any damage. He watched in frustration as the tentacle that he had cut off grow back.

"Arrgghhh." Rex slammed his fist several times against the railing of the roof.

A tentacle swept down on him. He immediately formed his block party. The tentacle fell down and shattered his block party. He left an indentation on the roof of the building when the creature lifted its tentacle. Rex groaned as he sat up. He coughed and blood came out. That can't be good. A shadow fell over him. His eyes widened as the tentacle came down again. He quickly rolled out of the way narrowly missing being crushed.

He'd tried all his builds except one. He got on his feet and formed his blaster caster. As the tentacle came down again Rex met it with his whip. When they touched Rex let go of an enormous electrical charge. The creature screeched as it pulled its tentacle back.

Finally, something that actually hurt the darn thing! He rescinded his blaster castor. Then he formed his punk busters and jumped off the roof. While he was still in the air he withdrew his punk busters and formed his blaster castor. As Rex neared the monster Rex hit it with all the electricity he had. The creature flinched. It drew back against the building it had been devouring and tipped it over, demolishing it.

"Aww, no,no,no!" Rex groaned. He hadn't need the EVO to create more debris. "Now, you've done it! I'll never hear the end of it from the old man."

"I hope you're talking about White Knight." Six's voice floated into the comlink in his ear.

"Of course." Rex hedged.

"Because I wouldn't lecture you, we'd just have to do more training… more difficult, painful training." Six noted.

Rex rolled his eyes. "Let me get back to you on that." Rex made a mental note to have internal monologues from now on.

The creature pushed itself up using all three tentacles. The fourth was limp. Rex got ready to attack. His cell phone decided to ring just then. It was his brother.

"Not a good time bro!" Rex exclaimed as he dodged a tentacle. He attacked with his blaster castor. The whip made contact but the electric shock seemed less effective this time.

"Rex, can you get a bio-organic sample from the specimen?" Caesar asked ignoring Rex's greeting.

"Are you kidding? What do want me to do? Ask him for a fingernail clipping?" Rex asked incredulously. He blocked another hit with his blaster caster.

"Something like that." Caesar obviously did not hear the sarcasm in Rex's voice or he was conveniently ignoring it. "It would be immensely helpful in my research. The creature seems to be hyper-sensitive to electric impulses."

"What? Why didn't anyone tell me this before?" Rex groaned.

"We did. Weren't you paying attention during the debriefing?" Holiday's voice was now in his comlink.

"Well, duh. Obviously not!" Rex grumbled as shocked the creature again.

"By the way Rex, your biometrics are dropping. Whatever you're doing hurry it up. Your builds are going to fall apart soon." Holiday told him.

"Of course they are." Rex sighed. Nothing could ever be easy could it? He thought as he blocked the tentacle only to be sideswiped by another. Rex flew into a car and his build fell apart. Not only did he leave a large dent in the car but he set off the alarm as well. The loud annoying siren just added to the overall feel of chaos.

Rex staggered to his feet. He gritted his teeth. He had to finish this quickly. He could feel his nanites tiring out.

He glanced over at the hydrant and some downed power lines. An idea came to him. He only hoped that cartoons have not lied to him.

He formed his BFS and sliced the hydrant off at its base. Water immediately spewed from the hole. He used one of his smack hands to form a solid stream aimed at the monster. He grabbed the electric power line with the other. Electricity coursed through his body. He gritted his teeth tighter and plunged the line into the water.

The electricity now coursed through the monster's body. It roared and struggled but finally it fell unmoving.

Rex dropped the power line. He stumbled tiredly over to the EVO and placed his hand on it. Familiar blue lines spread over the monster. The EVO got smaller and smaller until a naked man was left lying on the ground.

Rex touched his comlink. "Mission accomplished." Then he passed out.


When he woke up, he was lying on a medical bed in Holiday's lab.

Rex groaned.

"Welcome back to the land of the living." Six said with a small smirk.

"Whatever. What happened?" Rex asked.

"Well, after you cured the EVO you passed out. You took quite a licking." Holiday touched his shoulder.

"Yeah, but I keep on ticking." Rex joked before he grimaced.

"Get some rest. Your nanites have been working overtime to heal you." Holiday said.

"Self-healing rules." Rex mumbled before closing his eyes.

The doors slid open and Caesar walked in.

"Hey, mijo. Feeling better?"

"Not yet, working on it." Rex said with his eyes closed.

"Did you happen to get me that sample?"

Rex opened one eye incredulously. "Serious? A EVO used me as a punching bag and you're worried about a sample?"

"Well, Rex, I knew you could handle a little EVO. Besides having this sample could mean having to go face to face with EVO's less." Caesar said reasonably.

Rex sighed. "Left jacket pocket."

Caesar's eyes lit up. He went over to Rex's jacket and rummaged through his pocket. He pulled out the small tentacle tip he had cut off with his bad axes.

"You're welcome." Rex grumbled.

Caesar glanced at his brother. He put the sample into a plastic bag and walked over to his brother. He ruffled Rex's hair affectionately.

"For what it's worth little brother, you are furthering the cause of science and bringing us closer to the day where there will be no more rampaging EVO's."

"Whoopty-doo." Rex grunted but his face lost its sour look.

"Come on, let him rest." Holiday grabbed Six and Caesar's arms and lead them out of the room. Before closing the doors she shut off the lights.

"Sweet dreams, Rex." She whispered as the doors slid shut.