So this is Greye's birthday month so I had her give me a list of pairings she thought were interesting, for real and crack pairings and I'll post one a day until the day of her birthday (which is in 11 days). There will be romance, friendship and possibly some fem!slash (which would mean a fem!Harry). There is all sorts of pairings going on here and each one will be posted at the top and as the chapter name so if it isn't your cup of tea then you can just skip it, they aren't connected. They are Harry centric though :) also these aren't in any particular order, like from favorite to least favorite or anything just what I felt like writing for the day!

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Harry POV

I could have sworn that the walk was shorter than this. Thought Harry as he and his date made their way to Professor Slughorn's office. Pulling on his collar, Harry looked over to his gorgeous date. Wearing a three tiered dress of silver and a dusky pink that came to the knees with ruffles around the neckline, on anyone else it would have look absolutely ridiculous but on her it was just magnificent. Luna Lovegood. Someone Harry hadn't truly noticed until she stood by his side at the ministry the year before and offered silent comfort while he was grieving for his godfather. Watching her hair bounce across her shoulders Harry thought about how she ended up at his side tonight.


Not really wanting to attend this pompous event Harry had left finding a date until the last minute after taking Hermione was off the table. Knowing better than to risk his personal safety and try asking Pavarti, Harry spent his time looking over each of the house tables during breakfast. Slytherin was a no go for obvious reasons. Gryffindor was also a no because he didn't want to give anybody the wrong idea and anybody he could have taken as a friend was already taken, so that left Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. At Hufflepuff he would run into the same problem of Gryffindor of people getting the wrong idea and Harry didn't want to be responsible for a weeping Hufflepuff. Hmmmm so Ravenclaw…I'm sure a Raven would understand needing a date for only one night, right? At this thought Harry let his eyes roam over the Ravenclaws wondering if any fit his criteria. Seeing wild blonde hair sitting at the end of the table Harry mentally slapped himself.

Of course! Luna!

After the DA last year Luna didn't sit completely alone anymore but she was still pretty isolated which brought a frown to Harry's face. Getting up amidst the questioning looks from Ron and Hermione, Harry went over to the Ravenclaws and sat in the empty space across from Luna. Piling some ham and hash browns onto his plate Harry looked up to see that the other Ravenclaws were paying them no mind and Luna was smiling serenely at him.

"Hello Harry Potter." Luna said in her dream like voice.

"Hey Luna, how's it going?" Harry replied feeling at ease as he always did in Luna's presence.

"Oh fairly well although I see you still have a bit of a wrackspurt problem." Was Luna's response.

" I'll get on that Luna, thanks. Anyways I had a question for you." Harry said, slightly puzzled.

"If it's about wanting to go to Slughorn's Christmas party as friends I'd be happy to go with you." Luna said getting up. As she started to walk away Harry quickly rose and followed her.

"Hey Luna wait!" Harry caught up with her at the base of the grand staircase. At her inquisitive stare Harry smiled. Only Luna.

"Just wanted to say that I'll meet you at Ravenclaw tower at 7:30 okay?" Harry decided not to question how Luna knew what he wanted to ask her, it was Luna after all. He watched her smile and nod and as she went up the staircase Harry went back into the Great Hall and sat back down with his two friends.

Flashback ends

Over the next few days before the party Harry thought about Luna. How she was quite and thoughtful but strong and powerful, as evident in the ministry. She was also very loyal to her friends and to Harry that was very important, considering Pettigrew. Concluding his musings, Harry realized that he fancied Luna and now had no idea how to tell her.

So here they were, walking to Slughorn's party and it seemed that they had made it to the door while he was lost in thought. Deciding not to stall any longer Harry grabbed Luna's hand as it was about to knock.

Taking a deep breath Harry went for it.

"Luna I know that I originally wanted to come to this party as friends I don't think I want that anymore." Seeing the flash of hurt that crossed her eyes before she could hide it Harry realized he was starting to muck it up. "No no! I didn't mean that I didn't want to go with you I just want to go as more than friends. I mean…oh jeez Luna will you be my girlfriend" Seeing the smile on her face was enough for Harry to get over any embarrassment that he might have had, and he smiled back at her.

"I would very much like to be your girlfriend Harry Potter." Luna said leaning in to kiss his cheek.

Luna turned back to the door and when she raised to knock it wasn't until seeing the slightly puzzled look on Slughorn's face as he opened the door that Harry noticed that his hand was still tightly grasping Luna's. Nothing could wipe the grin off of Harry's face the rest of the night. Best party ever.

So don't expect all of them to be this long….this one just kind of got away from me. They will usually be around 500 words give or take.

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