This idea has been bugging me for a while, and hopefully I can execute it well. AusHun has been my OTP for Hetalia, and since it hasn't gotten a lot of love as of recently, I'm hoping I can help. It contains monsters, so if you're uncomfortable, I understand.

The bar was noisy and packed with people, Erzsebet noted. The Hungarian was out with friends, and while they were out for a drink and a chance to socialize, she was hunting. Erzsebet had become a vampire many years ago, but she could not remember the exact date. Regardless, she had gained many friends, and due to the extreme sensitivity to the sun (she could die from a slow death of burning alive during the day if she didn't wear a lot of clothes), she took up activities like swimming, fencing, weightlifting, and ballet.

She looked around, her stomach growling and aching for blood. In an effort to curve it, she finally decided to get a drink. She walked up to the bartender, asking for a cocktail. Unknown to her, a man was sitting close by. This man was unusual, for he kept an air of arrogance around him. And his curl, it stood up like an atenna on those old televisions. She shrugged him off, but she noticed that he looked cute. After being given the cocktail, she gave a quick sip, eyeing the other man. He could make an easy meal, and she felt confident that she could hold her liquor longer than he could. However...

The chatter was bothering the other man, and the loud music was making him lose focus. As Erzsebet took another sip, the noise started to get weird. She didn't know that the man near her was doing this, but the loud music became silent, and an original rock tune was playing. It wasn't as catchy as the other song, but it set people in an energetic mood. The bartender was confused, and Erzsebet scooted closer to the stranger. "You seem frustrated." She said, looking at him.

Those words made the man perk up, and he gave a nod. "Life has been a bit... challenging for me as of late." He replied, his purple eyes looking into her green eyes. She noticed that his accent was Germanic of origin, but it sounded flattering, melodious, composed. "And I suppose it's because of what?" She asked after a brief second of pondering. "I love my job, but I recently had to take a pay cut because of the economy, I felt it would be a good night to go drinking."

This made the Hungarian curious. "Oh? What job do you have?" She asked. "I'm a pianist for the local orchestra." He replied, giving a content grin. "However, the economy has not been in our favor. Yet people still admire us and what we do." Erzsebet's eyes widened in surprise. "Are you the Roderich Edelstein, the attractive pianist of the local orchestra?" She whispered and asked him, voice filled with surprise and awe. She was sitting next to a well-known man, yet she could take a chance at biting and drinking his blood. Roderich still looked very prideful because of his fame, but he was courteous and nodded. "My fans can be creepy." He whispered back. "What's your name?" He asked, now wanting to an acquaintance. The first step of getting his own meal was complete, and she was unaware.

Erzsebet gave a smile, and said, "My name's Erzsebet Hedervary! But some people call me Elizabeta." "Hmm, I like the first one better. Pleased to meet you Miss Erzsebet." Roderich said, extending his hand to shake. Erzsebet did the same, and as they shook hands, she noticed that they were soft, but the feeling was a bit weird. Roderich noticed that her hand was cold like ice, but shrugged off his worries.

He soon called another bartender over to ask for a beer, and asked if she wanted a glass. She nodded, her cocktail not meeting her tastes. She giggled and said, "I bet I can drink more than you!" "Nonsense. I may not look like a drinker, but I can hold my liquor quite well." He said, giving a small smirk. "Oh, it's on!" She said, giving a confident grin that shimmered against the light.

The two started their little drinking contest, and many glasses later, Erzsebet was still sober. Roderich was as well, giving a grin he would normally not give. He chuckled, and looked over at his watch. "It's gotten late Erzsebet." He said, giving a somewhat disappointed sigh. She pouted, but soon said, "I may need a ride from you. My friends are basically drunk, and I don't know if it will be a good idea for me to drive." A ride? This was the golden opportunity, something that made him push aside his personal Holy Grail. However, it made his normally pale cheeks go pink at the concept. "A-alright then." He said. After paying for both their drinks, the two walked to the parking lot. When no one was looking, she slowly stepped behing him, licking her sharp fangs. However, he found his car and opened the door to the passenger seat, foiling her assault. She thanked him before stepping inside and buckling up.

Once he got into the driver seat, she unbuckled and lunged forward, sharp fangs ready to pierce his neck.