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"But Dad!" Dudley whined loudly, following after his parent as the man loaded two more bags into the car. "I'm going to miss my shows on that dumb plane!"

Once of his favorite television shows would be playing their newest episode in just three hours, and Dudley had been waiting impatiently all week for the episode.

Vernon didn't seem to have heard him, mumbling darkly to himself without pause. He had been tense all morning, growling over the traffic, paranoid security, and foreigners. All of which they would have to endure by the end of the day.

Petunia answered instead of Vernon, a chipper smile on her gaunt face. She needed to appear as happy as possible, seeing as the two men of the house were too troubled by obstacles to be excited over the prospect of their travels.

"Don't you worry, pumpkin. Mummy made sure to have us leave during the beginning of the week, so you have plenty of time to watch the reruns when we come back." She assured, patting down his wispy blond hair, and herding him gently into the car.

"What about lunch?" He moaned, collapsing limply in his seat and making the car tilt ever so slightly. Petunia wasted no time buckling the huge child in as he did so, stretching over his bulging belly to force the seatbelt across.

"I'll starve before we get to America!"

Vernon tossed a few more bags into the trunk before shuffling to the driver's seat. He hadn't closed any doors or even finished packing the car, but his face was bright red and he was panting very heavily.

Petunia's lip quivered as Dudley continued to complain about food, turning to Vernon for assistance.

"Is there any way we can pack food for our flight? My little Dudders shouldn't have to suffer for our vacation." She cried, and the man's mustache twitched thoughtfully.

From experience he knew that the meals on planes were tiny and cheap, not nearly enough to keep a grown man like himself satisfied. His son inherited the same like for things of class, only the best would fit his palate.

Perhaps he could smuggle a few donuts in his coat? What could security do anyway? Arrest him for feeding his son? These days it seemed like the government was going out of its way to inconvenience him.

"How about this, son," The large man decided, his breath still heavy with exertion. "When we get to America, the first thing we'll do is take you to the finest restaurant. You can order as much as you like, the Americans know just how to serve a man." He promised, and Dudley was silent for over five minutes, mulling it over in his thick head.

As the family dealt with these trials, the things they left unfinished were fixed for them.

The door Petunia left wide open was shut and locked, the bags Vernon left on the porch were loaded inside the car, the food wrappers Dudley had spilled all around the car were plucked and thrown away.

Once everything was finished and ready, a boy opened the car's side door and hopped in.

He looked nothing like his family, the Dursleys. Not morbidly obese as Vernon and Dudley were, or long-necked and beady-eyed as Petunia was. He had shaggy black hair, glasses with more tape than wire, and bright green eyes.

The Dursleys ignored the boy, watching Dudley nervously as he continued to think about the deal Vernon had offered. If the boy rejected it, than they were in for a loud tantrum all the way across the ocean.

Finally, Dudley's slack face pulled taut enough to make a vague expression and he nodded slowly. Sated, the spoiled boy dug through the bag sitting next to him, and pulled out a game console. Ignoring his parents with ease, he began to play, jabbing at the buttons and watched the tiny screen avidly.

Petunia and Vernon grinned fondly at each other, relief in their eyes as they turned back around to face the street. As Petunia clicked her own seatbelt, Vernon looked back once more, this time glancing at the bespectacled boy instead of his son.

"Did you get everything, boy?" He demanded shortly, and Harry nodded quickly. He tried to adjust himself to look more respectful, pushing his glasses higher up his nose and brushing his bangs out of his eyes. However, this approach only seemed to encourage the man's disdain.

Flicking an eye over his ratty clothes and dirty face, Vernon sneered in disgust before turned back and starting the car. Despite being the one to give him most of his belongings, Harry's uncle always judged his appearance as though it were Harry's fault, always found it poor and troublesome.

The car spluttered to life, wheezing sadly as it began to pull the weight of the unhealthy family out of the driveway. Its tires sank low into the asphalt, its seats creaked, its engine whined. Though expensive, the car had a hard time pulling such burdens across the roads.

Harry turned to face the window, glad Dudley had placed his bag of video games between them. Now the boy wouldn't be able to punch and prod him during the ride, forever distracted as soon as his greedy eyes skimmed over his possessions.

He watched as the neighborhood whisked by, as they left the residential area in a flash. Harry thought he would see Privet Drive in five days, and didn't bother looking back once it had passed his side window.

Then again, if Harry had known it would be the last time he saw that house, he doubted he would have looked back anyway.

Harry hated his life on Privet Drive, his existence that revolved around pleasing his rude and mean relatives. He was tired of gardening, washing, mopping, scrubbing, and starving all the while.

He even had dreams of leaving that house behind for as long as he could remember. Of course, these dreams usually included a mysterious relative that loved him as no one else ever had.

Harry never could have imagined that he would miss Privet Drive, especially if he knew he would never see it again. But then again, Harry never could have imagined anything that would happen to him once they landed in America.

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