Can I just say you guys are absolute angels? Seriously, I've been gone for more than a month and not a single person has complained, you're all the best.

Now, onto the really depressing bit. Does anyone else find this notice pretty familiar? It's called the 'this author has some bad news instead of a new chapter' notice. I know they suck and most people don't read them, I totally get it. So like before, I've written the important information in bold so you can just read the bullet points. Thank you for your patience.

Guess who's computer broke again? Yup, and this time I had to wait until I could swipe my sister's before even telling you guys, which obviously took a while. My computer stopped charging last week (not the charger's fault either, which is pretty awful) and I haven't had the time to take it in yet. Anytime I manage to score someone else's computer it's strictly for catching up on my homework as my grades haven't escaped this catastrophe either. I wanted to tell you guys this with a slightly shortened chapter to soften the blow, but that's not happening any time soon.

I finally got my homework finished though, and have a few extra minutes to type out a lame excuse.

And do I have some insane excuses. There were more, including the ton of homework and my poor dog, but I thought I'd stick to the biggest reason you're not seeing the chapter I promised. My computer is broken. I was almost done with the next chapter, so hopefully once I fix my computer you'll see it soon.

Happy Halloween just in case, think of it as my own personal scare for you.

I'm so sorry, I love you all! I promise I'll get Megs and Harry out soon!