Fusions Fall

Just a note, the Fusions and Nanoes can speak and interact with the environment. Also the Nanoes can all be stored on the character and a max of three can be out at a time.


So maybe running head first into a mass of Fusion Spawns wasn't the best idea. Maybe it was suicide. Jake was still standing. Against every single odd.

"You crazy man." Nano Numbuh Five said looking at him.

"I still can't figure out how you are alive." Nano Dexter said scratching his chin.

"Pure determination." Jake said panting.

It was four years after Fuse had arrived. And only three months since Jake had awakened from his time travel incident. He had found a fallen KND agent who told him the situation. A few short fights later and he had killed Fusion Dexter. Now he was wandering the wilds looking for civilization. He had gotten a Fusion Meter from the agent along with an energy sword and laser pistol. Now he was recovering from the previous fight.

"Hey guys? You seen X? He's around here somewhere." Jake asked the two Nanos.

They both shrugged as Nano Alien X came running out of the trees.

"Hey X! I need some heal-" Jake stopped as a Junkasaurus Rex emerged from the trees.

"Sorry I got sidetracked." The nano said.

Jake scrambled to his feet and grabbed his sword. The monster looked down at him with curious eyes. Then deciding he was food tried to eat him.

Jake sidestepped it then jumped on its head and brought his sword down between its eyes. The monster roared in pain as it dissolved into Fusion Matter. Jake panted in the muggy afternoon heat.

"Okay now can I have some healing light?" He asked.

Nano Alien X raised his hands and a beam of light enveloped Jake restoring his strength. The human have a sigh of relief.

"Okay you three go rest." He said pushing a button on his Fusion Matter Meter.

He started walking through the rainforest and towards what he hoped was Civilization.

While Jake was walking through the woods the other four kids from the time travel Experiment were fighting in other parts of the world.

A boy named Tyler was fighting Fuse's forces in Peach Creek.

A girl by the name Jackie was defending Sector V.

The youngest, Alexis who was only eight, was helping out Dexter and Mandark in Tech Square.

The last, Kane, was wandering around in the wilds near Mount Blackhead.

This chapter will be about Tyler.

He was sitting in front of the doors to the Cul-de-sac. A pair of custom rifles were laid across his lap and he watched kids of all kinds entering and exiting the fort.

One of the kids stepped in front of him. He wore the Urban Ranger outfit but he had the look of a leader. Tyler looked out from under his Megas XLR ball cap and stared up at the boy.

"Hey! You should be helping us out!" He yelled.

"I'm not one of you. I do what I want. And what I want right now is to enjoy the day before I have to kill more of those monsters." Tyler said lowering his hat.

The other boy looked down at him in anger. He took out a knife and slashed it across Tyler's face, also cutting the hat in the process. A red line formed starting just below Tyler's eye and going to the corner of his mouth.

Tyler put his hand on the cut and frowned.

"I hope you didn't hurt my hat." He said darkly.

He took the hat off and looked at where it had been cut. He started shaking as he got to his feet grabbing one of his guns in the process.

"This was the last thing my little sister ever gave me! And you hurt it…" He said.

The ranger backed up as Tyler pointed the rifle.

"What's your name?" Tyler asked.

"Carl Xenopher." The ranger said quietly.

The line of people had stopped moving as they watched the confrontation. A very tall figure stepped out of the gate and looked over at Tyler.

"Hey man! Put it away. Eddy told you about this kind of stuff man." Wilt said grabbing Tyler.

Tyler sighed and put his rifles into holsters on his back. Then he wandered around the side of the cardboard castle still carrying the hat.

Wilt looked down at Carl.

"What did you do to set him off?" Wilt asked looking angry.

"I just cut his hat." Carl lied.

Wilt shook his head and ran after Tyler. The teenager was shooting Painsaws with his rifles, which were designed for either one hand or two.

Wilt watched him silently and leaned against a tree. Almost an hour later Eduardo came running up panting.

"Señor Wilt! There is trouble!" He yelled.

"What kind of trouble?" Wilt asked.

"Fusion trouble! Señor Double D says Megas is in trouble!" Eduardo said.

Wilt jumped to his feet.

"What!? Hey Ty! We got major trouble!" Wilt yelled.

Tyler turned and walked over.

"What's wrong?"

"Something's up with Megas." Wilt told him.

The three ran towards the nearest spring pad.

So that's the first chapter. Jake is gonna be the main character but the other four are important to. I'm not entirely sure how often ill update. Based on my other stories it will be a long pause then a bunch of uploads.