VividTenkai Operation

Chapter2: The Young Girl named Akane

Guren and the others stood as they lay eyes on a girl with maroon color hair with twintails, the girl was wearing a red and white track jacket with red buruma, black socks and red shoes. Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa started to whisper to each other while Guren stood looking at the girl with her hair moving gently with a cool breeze that came. She turns and sees Guren.

"Hey, I haven't seen you four around here before, are you guys new here?" She asked

Guren blushes at her a little then Ceylan snap him out of it.

"Umm, yea we are…" Guren said

"Hello there, I'm Akane Isshiki, nice to meet you…" Akane started

"Toxsa Dalton, at your service." Toxsa introduced

"The name's Chooki Mason." Chooki Introduced

"I'm Ceylan Jones." Ceylan Introduced

"Umm, Guren Nash." Guren Introduced

Akane smiles, Guren blushes again.

"Hey, want to come over to my place, got a good multiplayer game and got no one to play with." Akane ask

"A game, cool I'm up for it." Toxsa said

"Alright, game on!" Chooki said

"Come on Guren, stop staring off into space and let's get going." Ceylan said

Guren snaps back to normal again. He sees his friends leaving with Akane.

"Right, coming…" Guren said

Before he got going, Guren gets a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

~Ocean near Blue Island~

A purple energy field appeared and a group of Corrupted Robots came out with Vilius leading them. They charge to Blue Island.

~Blue Island Defense Post HQ~

In the base Lt. Mizuha Amagi readied a squadron of F-35 and an UNSC Pelican, soon they all took off and went to find the unknown source of energy.


Guren and his friends were following Akane to her place, just then the boys Core Bricks start to light up.

"Umm Akane!?" Guren called out

Akane turns to Guren and the others.

"Yea, what's up?" She asked

"We need to take a detour so catch you later!" Chooki said

Guren and his friends run off, leaving Akane.

"What's that all about?" Akane thought

Before Akane could piece it together she gets a call from the army telling her that she and her friends meet up at the Engine at once.

"Huh, I'll find out later…" Akane thought

She heads off to Blue Island.


Guren and the others reach an area we're they can change.

"Ready guys?" Guren asked

"Sure, just hope Akane is not too mad at us." Ceylan said

"She'll understand that we got things to do." Chooki said

"We did leave her hanging." Toxsa said

"We'll say sorry to her later, ok?" Guren said

"Right!" The others said

"Let's do this!" Guren said

On a point just next to the boys, there is a young girl standing on top of a building with long black hair and a purple scarf, she sees the 4 bright lights.

"Could it be those meddlers…huh?" Rei said

When the light dimmed down 4 color coded robots came out and flew to Blue Island.

"What was that?" Rei asked

"A good question, Rei." Said a jet black crow that lands in a tree next to Rei

"Are they the ones who are trying to stop the Alones?" Rei asked the Crow

"No they are not… who are those 4?" The Crow asked

"Easy…" Said a voice

Rei turns to see a boy with red eyes and spiky, pushed-back, auburn hair with long bangs covering one eye. He wears a tall-collared black jacket made of what appears to be leather. The jacket usually covers his mouth and has two buttons on each side that connect to each other and keep the coat zipped up. He wears long pants are made of the same material that his coat is made of. It is held up by a belt with a golden-yellow buckle. Also, he wears black boots. The boy's name is Gen Kurai

"Who are you?" The Crow asked

"I believe we can help each other out." Gen said

"What is it that you want?" Rei asked

"Power… to change this world" Gen said

"Another one who lost his world?" The Crow thought

~Ocean/Near Blue Island~

A group of 5 F-35s and a Pelican were flying right to the Corrupted forces.

"Pelican 256 break off and head back to Blue Island!" Mizuha ordered

The Pelican fired it engines and turned back to Blue Island. The F-35s continued ahead to meet the Earth's biggest threat. When the fighters got close to Vilius army, the pilots were shocked at the robots they saw.

"Lt. Amagi, are they Alones?" One pilot asked

"Don't know, if they are… better call the girls." Mizuha said

"Everyone look out, incoming!" Said another pilot

Purple beam came at the fighters, they all break and flew away in random directions.

"So that's the Engine…?" Vilius thought

Vilius continued to Blue Island until an F-35 fired a missile at him, but Vilius blocks it with his shield.

"If that is what you want, so be it!" Vilius said as he fired a bright purple beam from his trident and it hits the F-35 and destroys it completely

The Corrupted forces were attacking Blue Island; a few destroyers came out of port and formed a defensive line to stop the evil robots from invading the island, but the battle could end badly…

End of Chp 2