VividTenkai Operation

Chapter 4: VividBlue Operation and the Tenkai Knights to the Rescue

~Blue Island/Shore~

The 4 Pallet Suit girls stood looking at a big problem; Vilius went into Tenkai Titan Mode. Not only is he bigger, but has more power.

"Whoa, this is new!" Akane said

"It's way bigger now." Aoi said

"How can we fight something like that?" Wakaba asked

"So Cooollll!" Himawari said

"Himawari!" The other girls said

"Time to end you lives!" Vilius said

Vilius forms his Tenkai trident and fires a very powerful purple beam at the girls, Himawari uses her Colliders to try to block the attack and send it back.

"Ugg, this blast is so strong…" Himawari said as she struggles to hold the blast back

"That won't work on me, take this!" Vilius said as he fired an even more powerful blast from his trident at Himawari

"Waaaaa!" Himawari yells as she and her colliders goes flying to a building and the building exploded

"Himawari!" Wakaba yells out

"Don't worry about your friend; you 3 will soon be joining her!" Vilius said

"THAT IT, you are going down!" Akane yelled

"Let's get em Akane!" Aoi said

"Operation!" Akane said

"VividBlue!" Aoi said

Akane and Aoi enter the Vivid System, Aoi kisses Akane on her forehead and both girls turn into energy, later a tall girl with long light blue hair came out wearing blue armor with a white skirt and has blue head gear and leg armor.

"VividBlue Operation!" VividBlue said

"That's something you don't see every day." Slyger said

"First; where did those 2 humans go? Second; where is that human come from?!" Granox said

But before they could get an answer Vilius calls out to them.

"Slyger, Granox it's time to attack!" Vilius command

"Slyger, Tenkai Titan Mode, Activate!" Slyger said

Slyger transform into a brick and then grows 3 times its sizes, the giant brick turn into a body as parts attaches to the body, then 2 big claws attaches to Slyger's arms.

"As Vilius commands!" Slyger said as he finishes his transformation

"Granox, Tenkai Titan Mode, Activate!" Granox said

Granox transforms the same way, turns to a brick and then grows 3 times its size, then the giant brick turns into a body with parts attaching to the body and then a brick turns into a big halberd.

"For Vilius and victory!" Granox said as he finishes his transformation

"Akane don't look now but those other 2 robots seem to have gotten… um bigger." Aoi said inside Akane's subconscious

VividBlue look over and see that both Slyger and Granox are both in Tenkai Titan Mode; they're big but not as big as Vilius.

"Could be trouble if all 3 come at us." VividBlue said

"Take this!" Slyger said as he fired a powerful light green blast from his claws at VividBlue and cause a big explosion

"Ha, sure took care of that." Slyger said

Soon a bright blue light came out of the smoke and VividBlue comes out with the Vivid Impact.

"Vivid Impact, safety release!" VividBlue said as the Vivid Impact turned into attack mode

"Oh, big hammer…" Granox said

"Energy 200%, ready Akane." Aoi said

"Haaa, Vivid Impact!" VividBlue said as she slams her hammer on Vilius and creates a big smoke cloud

"Yes, that got it." Wakaba said

As the dust cleared Vilius was standing and VividBlue was no longer there, but Akane and Aoi were on the ground lay-out in front of Vilius, who stood over them like a T-Rex and a small rat.

"No way, evening Docking stop it." Wakaba said

"Now time to end you 2 once and for all!" Vilius said as he lift his right leg and ready it to stomp Akane and Aoi

But then a powerful blue arrow flies toward Vilius and causes him fall back away from the 2 girls.

"What!" Vilius said

Wakaba turns and see 4 robots stood tall.

End of Chp 4