After Episode 10 Acting Out Starring Chris and Samantha

Samantha: Chris can we talk?

Chris: Sure Sam but before you say anything sorry I disbelieved you and the others about Wedge being after me.

Samantha: Chris it's ok really but please don't think about being a film star ever again.

Chris: Got it.

Samantha: Anything else you want to say?

Chris: Yeah can everyone treat me as if I am a member of the Monster Buster Club?

Samantha: Sure.

Chris: You know Mr Smith was right MBC is meant to be secret for a reason I guess I just forgot that.

Samantha: It happens to the best of us.

Then the alarm went off.

Chris: Alien alert. MBC Power up!

Samantha: MBC Power up! Looks like you might get more respect now Chris.

Chris: I sure hope so Sam thanks.

Samantha: For what?

Chris: That talk. You're a good friend.

Samantha: You're welcome Chris.

The End