Harry Potter/X-Men Evolution Crossover

Pairing: Harry/Ginny. Scott/Jean. Rogue/Gambit.

Plot: After 4th year, Harry runs away from Privet drive with Ginny. They head to America, where they meet the X-men. Xavier allows them access to the mansion.

Start: ½ through Season 3, Episode 8: Self Possessed

Chapter 3 - Rogue X men

Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops, touched his visor with his hand and smashed Saber tooth through a wall. "Cornered at Branton and Taylor boulevard, I pushed him through a wall, And now we're going to finish this" He said, speaking into a microphone as several other kids came out of the reinforced car, including a blue looking creature, wearing a dark red/black suit with yellow gloves.

"NO" Said one of the others that was already here, as he stared into the hole the blast had made.

This man was tall, muscular and had a bit of a savage look. He was Logan, or as he was also known Wolverine.

"That's not Saber tooth, That's Rogue" He said as he held Cyclops back. The blue furred creature showed up. "How can that be?" he asked, with a German accent.

"I don't know, But it is. And she's not thinking straight." Said Logan, as he slowly walked through the hole in the wall.

Summers looked at the other kids who stood there."Okay, you four hang back and wait for the others. we don't want to spook her" He said as he followed Logan inside the building.

Looking inside the warehouse, they could see it was used for storage of several crates

"Rogue?" called Scott, hoping to get an answer. "Are you in here? Talk to me"

A few aisle's further, the savage looking Saber tooth, shifted into a young woman, who's hair was auburn with a white streak between them, she wore a see through green blouse, and a black halter top. One of her arms was fully exposed, as if the sleeve was ripped of her blouse. A black leather skirt with black legging connected wo thick combat boots. She wore dog collars around her neck and her wrist. Her hand were covered by black gloves and she was panting against the crates that were stored there.

"Tell me what's happening, we're here to help you" came Scott's voice again. Rogue held her head between her hands, as images of a boy with brown hair and a girl with deep red hair touched each other. The images followed each other very soon, and soon she was shifting into an exact copy of Scott Summers in his uniform.

A lone figure walked through the aisle's looking for his prey, when all of a sudden an exact copy of Scott Summers jumped down in front of him. Scott looked at his double in shock. "Hey Big shot, better help yourself" Said the duplicate as he blasted Scott with a red beam from his eyes.

Scott was pushed through a box of wood and yelled in surprise, as he fell down at the feet of Logan.

Logan extended his hand and Scott took it. "Ahh.. That hurts more than I though." He complained.

Logan looked around. "She's shape shifting, she could be anybody." The words had left his mouth as the whole warehouse started to shake. "Like Avalanche?" Asked Scott, as he and Logan were buried under several boxes. A tall boy with a black spandex suit with a helmet in his face showed up, before returning to the figure of Rogue, who held on to a rack to get her head together. "Help me" she said, her voice bringing over the fear and confusion she felt.

"We will Rogue, Just stay calm" Said Logan, as he and Scott climbed out of the pile of boxes that had fallen on them. "We're your friends" Said Scott. Rogue's eyes went wide open and several memories of a young goth girl came past her vision. Rogue's eyes went stormy white, and as she raised her arms she said: "I have no friends" before she shifted again. This time she shifted into a African woman with white hair, and started to call upon wind and lightning.

The other kids outside slowly backed away, as the storm inside the building blasted the windows broken and Scott and Logan were pushed though the wall. They landed on the street where a redhead with green eyes started to talk to Logan.

"We've surrounded the warehouse. What's wrong with her? She asked to Logan and Scott.

Scott held his ribs as if in great pain, and turned to his best friend. "It's like every person she ever absorbed is fighting to take over." Scott wanted to give her more information, but the roof of the warehouse was blown up, showing the African woman, shaping back into Rogue. With her hands holding lighting, and her eyes glowing red, she launched an red beam at the trio on the ground.

Jean Grey could only use her telekinesis to get herself, Scott and Logan out of there, before the red beam hit. She placed herself and them ten meters away from the impact zone, just as the blue furred human thing appeared with a puff of smoke.

"I think she's gotten control over all those powers at once, and it's not a good thing." Said Logan, just as a black jet flew right at Rogue, who could only move it with the powers of magnatism. The jet crashed and upturned several cars, before it laid on the street, next to a bus shelter.

Rogue continued to use the optic blasts from her eyes, to cause mayhem, and several of the teens who were there, all wearing the same black suit with an X on their shoulder and belt, were buzy dodging the beams of red light.

"Jean, Pull her down" Said Scott, and Jean Grey used her powers to pull Rogue down a few feet, before Rogue used the same powers on Jean, pushing her away. Scott in his anger fired again, but Rogue had some sort of shield around her, that prevented Scott's blast to hit Rogue. Rogue retaliated and shot a bolt of lightning back at Scott, who got out of the way just in time.

The street where Scott had stood was smoking, and Rogue looked down to the group of people.

Behind her the blue furred creature appeared with a pouf of smoke. "You're coming with me Rogue" It said as Rogue tried to remove it's limbs from her body. Another pouf, and they were gone, but a second later, Rogue re-appeared. Having ditched her passenger, who rolled over the ground below,Rogue was assaulted by several strong winds. The origen of the winds came before her in the air. "Rogue, I'm sorry, but I can't let you hurt any more people."

She moved her arms and a flash of lightning shot from a thundercloud into Rogue. Rogue was hit and for a second she looked like she was down, but she pushed her hand out, and with the power she had to control the weather, she manipulated the thundercloud to hit her opponent with three lightning strikes. Storm was falling and Jean Grey used her powers to prevent Storms death by falling out of the sky.

This was the chaos where Harry and Ginny appeared in. Their Port key had delivered them right into a battlefield. Of course, Harry and Portkey's are not a good combination, so Harry was once again on the ground, this time with Ginny landing on him.

"Welcome to America" Said Harry, trying to get Ginny of his chest and standing up. The moment he stood, he had to dive again, as a large man was pushed by some sort of lazers over the car where they had landed. Harry was not fast enough to avoid a injury, from the man's claws that tried to prevent him from hitting the heavily armored x-van.

Harry held his hand to his cheek, as he tried to stop the bleeding from the wound that he got from the man who hit the large van.

"Harry, you're alright?" Asked Ginny, as she stayed down near Harry. She pulled something from her pocket and started to rub Harry's cheek with it. "The twins gave me this, it's a healing paste, that will heal most cuts. They developed it for their joke shop."

"Well, I'll have to thank them once we have found my sister." Said harry, as he slowly looked around, trying to see where everyone was. Then he saw her, but at the moment he had seen her, she started to scream and shape-shift into several people, including a very large round boy, who made Dudley look like a bodybuilder, A woman with red hair and green skin, a feral looking man, A woman with the most beautiful red colored hair, and finally she reverted into her base shape. Of a girl with goth-looking clothes, auburn hair with a white bang it in and brown eyes.

She collapsed in the arms of the same man that gave Harry his injury. That man looked at another man in a wheelchair.

They were to far away to hear what was said, but as the group started to move, Harry and Ginny made their move to. Casting both on the girl who was in the arms of the large man, the tracking charms took hold without anyone seeing it. Harry also placed a tracking charm on the van, as the group pulled into it. Harry then felt a small tingle at the back of his neck and turned around. There upon the rooftops stood a red headed, green-skinned lady, who was looking at the van as it moved away.

"Ginny" Harry's call pulled Ginny out of her daze and looked at the same woman that Harry had seen, she to pulled her wand from her belt and looked at the woman. The woman saw two people looking at her, did a back flip and vanished into the night.

"Harry, who was that?" asked Ginny, still pointing her wand at the place where they had seen the mysterious woman. "I don't know Ginny, but we'll figure it out later. Right now I want to find my sister, and that means that we need to follow that van."

"Then we need to hurry, we can only follow that van for about two miles before the charm gets to weak to track." Said Ginny, her voice getting a little louder. Harry nodded and opened his trunk and picked up a piece of parchment out of his trunk, before he shut it again.

"Watch this Ginny" Said Harry as he touched his wand to the piece of parchment.
"I solemnly swear I'm up to no worldly good." Harry intoned, and before his and Ginny's eyes, the second edition of the marauders map appeared, showing the whole world, surrounded by a werewolf, a black dog and a stag.

"Moony and Padfoot made this. It's a aid that will help us reaching my sister." Harry said as he touched his wand to the United stated and it zoomed in to the town of Bay-ville. He tapped his wand again and to Ginny's surprise saw the signature of their tracking charms moving away.

"Come on Ginny, If we follow at 1.5 mile altitude, the muggles won't see us. We can use this map to get close to my sister." Harry said, already mounting his broom.

Ginny copied his actions and together they flew upwards and onwards.

It took them the most of the night and early in the morning to reach the van, it was parked in a garage, where several cars were parked.

"Harry, I know you want to visit your sister right now, but maybe we need to ring a bell or something like that" said Ginny. "Also, maybe we can get a bit of a nightrest, I know that I'm dead tired."

"Okay Ginny, We'll try it your way. It wouldn't be good if we just barged in." Said Harry, as he and Ginny walked to the gate.

Just as they climbed into the bushes, they heard a car stopping before the gate, and Harry told Ginny to be quiet.

From their place in the bushes, they could hear the voices of two females,

"What do you see now, Destiny? Is Rogue back in our future? Asked one of the voices.

"She is, but now a great darkness falls over you both." Said the other woman.

"What kind of darkness?" Asked the first woman again.

"An ancient mutant will be walking the world again. Your fate, Yours and Rogue's are is his hands."

The car drove away, leaving Harry and Ginny silent and fearfully for Harry's sister.

As soon as the car was out of distance, Harry ran to the gate and saw a button with a screen. Touching it, he was soon in contact with a African woman with snow-white hair.

"Hello, welcome to Charles Xavier's school of gifted youngsters. How may I help you?" She asked.

"My name is Harry Potter and I'm here to see my sister."Said Harry.