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I was a lonely soul, but that's the old me.

When she woke up at 8 AM that morning, the skies were dark, the thunder was rumbling, and the rain was just short of coming down upon the whole town. She was a fan of rainy days – evenings, most especially – and the thought that the place will be the next victim of the weather put a small smile on her face.

There wasn't much she would do today, she thought as she got up and walked to the washroom. She opened the faucet and let the cool water run into her cupped hands, and washed her face with it, waking her up even more. As she was wiping her face dry with a towel that hung nearby, she looked at herself in the mirror and wow, what bed-hair she had. But she didn't care because she liked it like that, her blue hair sticking out everywhere. It looked good on her.

Where was she in her thoughts? Oh, right, there's nothing to do today. Again.

It's the middle of the summer and the rains were just coming in. It's a relief for everyone, because the heat was killing them all and nobody could stand the steadily rising temperature each year. It made Tokaku Azuma happy, because it was her favorite kind of weather. It was nice to bask in its atmosphere because she was lonely.

Was that all there was to it? No, not really…

From her bedroom window, she appreciated not only the raindrops racing down the glass outside, but also the view. The city looked bleary each time it rained, and it reminded her of her solitude and her feelings. Her life was a boring, gray mass so far while everyone else's were full of life despite the storms. She could admit she was a bit jealous of people's happiness, but she didn't let it ruin her day. Those things would last for mere seconds before she was content in her solitary state again. Being lonely was cool and all, but that didn't last long.

Watching people pass by under different colored umbrellas was a stupid yet interesting way to pass the time on rainy days. All kinds of people made their way through the streets to find shelter, but at times her attention would be diverted to a person who was stuck in the rain without any protection from it, only to be helped out by a passing stranger who possessed an umbrella. They'd walk together for a while until the rain stopped or until one of them gets to their destination, and they'd part ways, never to meet again. That, Tokaku never knew.

It wasn't like her to think about love and fantasize about it. She's an assassin. Assassins don't think about these things! Then again, Altair Ibn-La'Ahad found love in a hopeless place. She could, too, if the Fates were generous to her.

Today was one of those days when this blue-eyed, blue-haired girl sought company. She never was one to approach someone else first, though. Someone else always did that job, and she was secretly happy for those moments.

Since there was nothing to do today, she decided to not waste her day rotting away in her house and get out there into the nice weather and hopefully into some company!

Tokaku wondered how the heck the last part was going to happen, though. She would look like a fool for expecting such things that only happen in fiction.

For a total of five minutes, she stood there in her washroom, staring at herself in the mirror or into space, contemplating where she would go this fine day. The coffee shop must be crowded by now, probably because people were starting to notice the bad weather. That pizza place down the street? Probably full, too. Everyone wants a good, warm pizza. How about the bookstore? Right, there was a book she just finished that had to be returned, lest she pay the additional fees for borrowing it for too long. Maybe she could find another series to start, or people to talk to who share the same interests…

Impossible, Tokaku thought as she made her way to her closet to find a nice pair of clothes to wear for this weather. Just like my name.

She settled for a grey hoodie, dark jeans, and her favorite pair of sneakers. Looking at herself in the closet's mirror, she decided to maybe just fix her blue hair sticking out everywhere with a few runs from the nearby comb before returning Assassin's Creed to the Myojo Bookstore.

"Nice weather, huh?" a worker in the Myojo Café asked her co-worker who was working on a customer's coffee. "It's the perfect time for reading, and coffee, and books! Did I mention reading?"

"Yes, you did, Nio," the co-worker replied, walking up to the serving table and announcing that the customer's order was ready. "You have a customer over there, too."

"Who, Haru?" the one named Nio asked, looking around the counter. "I don't see anybody."

"Short, blue hair? Gray hoodie?" Haru pointed out to the girl who was coming in partially drenched from head to toe in rainwater. "She's dripping wet."

Upon noticing the newcomer, Nio's mood switched to excited, just how the workers there were always supposed to be. "Oh, her! Thanks, Haru!"

"No problem," Haru sighed as she sat down on a nearby chair for a while. She listened as Nio complained. "So many customers so early in the morning! Curse this weather."

"Hey!" another co-worker called the blonde worker's attention. Haruki—that was her name, the one with the red hair, was waving to her. "No complaining in front of the customers!"

"Sorry, Haruki," Nio replied. Haru giggled as she tied two sides of her brown hair up in pigtails. "I'll get to work immediately."

Haru stood up and read the order that was given to her. She was surprised when her eyes came across a vanilla frappuccino.

"Who else drinks a vanilla frappuccino in this weather?" she asked no one in particular, but she didn't expect to get a response from Tokaku. That's her customer's name written on the cup.

"I do," she replied. "There's always room for something cold in my stomach."

"Ah," Haru said, a smile gracing her features. "We're alike, then!"

Tokaku looked a bit surprised. "You like vanilla frappes, too?"

"Nope," the brunette replied, shaking her head. "I like ice cream in times like this."

Haru watched as the blue-haired customer's surprised look turned into a happy one. "That's awesome," Tokaku said. "I'm not alone now."

"What? You don't know anyone else who eats cold food in cold weather? You're the first I know!"

Tokaku's smile turned into a full-on grin. "This is really great. Maybe we could… nah, nevermind."

The barista got to work on Tokaku's vanilla frappe before she could propose an idea, but she wanted to hear more of it. It wasn't everyday that someone with the same likes as her comes by, especially on a rainy day like this.

Haru loved rainy days almost as much as her blue-haired customer did. She didn't know it yet; that was something they could talk about if ever they would become friends. As much as she wanted to have a lot of friends in her lifetime, the Universe would turn down her pleas and keep her lonely a lot. She was still getting used to this new job of hers, and so far, it was going along well. Haru hoped that nothing would screw her relationship with her new friends – her co-workers—up.

"Oh, could I also order a cheese sandwich?" she heard Tokaku ask Nio behind the cashier. "I didn't take breakfast this morning…"

"Sure thing!" Nio replied as she punched in her order. "That'll be…"

Haru had finished making the frappuccino by the time Tokaku made her cheese sandwich order, and called her to receive her drink. "Vanilla frappuccino for Tokaku!"

By the time Tokaku had returned Assassin's Creed and borrowed Assassin's Creed II from the library, she realized that she had forgotten to take breakfast.

I'm an idiot, she thought. Kaiba was right. Ugh.

But here she was, sitting in the corner of the café that had the view of the streets in the rain. She didn't mind that she was a bit drenched from the downpour, just as long as she had her fill of a cheese sandwich and a nice, cold vanilla frappe. This was breakfast for her on special occasions such as a good rainy morning. She loved spending it in this café because the people were really friendly. None of them were like Haru, though.

This girl who served her drink and brought her sandwich to her table was like her. A common thing between them, and it was rare in their community. It was steadily growing, but people around here weren't like her. Not only was everyone into ice cream only on a hot summer's day, but they were also very sociable with each other. It seemed she was the only one who was alone –pfft, Tokaku, how could you tell that.

She turned her newly-borrowed book to Page 1 and started reading, but nothing was coming to mind. Surely, something was distracting her, but she didn't know what it was until she felt someone tapping on her shoulder.

"Excuse me," she heard Haru ask. "Maybe you want to use this umbrella on your way back? That's if you don't have any."

Tokaku turned around to get a better view of this umbrella. It was a small one, good for one person, and it was dark blue in color. Just what she needed for this weather! As much as she loved the rain, it wasn't nice to get all wet in it. So she accepted the umbrella from the barista's hands, and for a moment there, their fingers brushed against each other's.

"A-ah, um, thank you!" the customer exclaimed as she took a closer look at the name tag attached to Haru's apron. "Thank you so much, Haru."

Haru was surprised when this blue-haired girl said her name. "H-how do you know my name?!"

A pale finger was pointed to mentioned name tag, and the barista blushed. "O-of course…"

"Don't worry about it too much," Tokaku said as she extended her arm towards Haru for a handshake. Isn't that kind of boyish? Haru thought.

"I'm Tokaku," she said. "It was really nice meeting you today. Thank you for your generosity. I've never met someone who loved eating cold stuff in this weather as much as I do. I know it's pretty shallow, but… wow."

The brunette nodded and smiled as she took the outstretched hand and shook it. "I'm Haru, as you already know," she said. "It's really nice meeting you too, Tokaku!"

Tokaku rose to her feet, clutching her borrowed Assassin's Creed II book and the dark blue umbrella in one hand. She let go of Haru's hand.

"You can return the umbrella when the weather gets better," Haru said. "I have a spare—"

"I thought rainy weather's the best kind of weather," the customer said, accidentally interrupting Haru. "With the rainy season coming up, you'll see me here more often. I'll remember to take a spare umbrella with me next time."

Haru processed what Tokaku said and nodded in agreement. "We'll be happy to serve you again! Take care, and have a nice day!"

"You too."

With that, Tokaku left the Myojo Café and Library.

Neither Tokaku nor Haru felt so alone after that.