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Summary: It's you that's on my mind, that's what's up,she thought as she looked into Isuke's eyes, the same color as her own. They were so beautiful, but she couldn't keep that admiration up forever. It might ruin what friendship they had.

"Nothing's wrong," she finally replied. "If anything, it's the exact opposite."

*Everyone's on a first name basis here, just because.

"Time's up for you!" a girl with dark purple hair and turquoise eyes told Haruki as she tied up her hair and apron. "My turn to serve the customers now."

"Ah, finally!" the red-haired assassin sighed and sank down into a nearby chair, relief evident in her features. "And here, I thought you'd never show up. What took you so long, Otoya?"

The other assassin grinned at Haruki, as if it was secretive, whatever she did, wherever she was before here. "And what's with that look-"

"I just paid Shiena a visit at the library," Otoya replied, cutting Haruki's sentence. "I was helping her put the books back into their respective shelves secretly, but she caught me and told me to 'get out of there at once, you're not helping here!' She's so cruel…" she continued, mimicking Shiena's voice and making Haruki chuckle.

"Maybe because you're not doing a very good job at arranging those in the first place," the other girl said, reaching into her bag laying next to her for some Pocky sticks. "Did you even know what you were doing?"

The dark-haired girl scoffed. "Of course, I know what I'm doing! Putting books back into their shelves isn't hard! Maybe for her, because she's shorter than me…"

The snack-loving assassin bit a piece of a Pocky stick. "But definitely has more common sense to differentiate Sci-Fi from Romance..."

"Hey! Where'd that come from?!"

Haruki giggled as she chewed off another part of her snack. Information like this is supposed to be kept secret from the subject, but whatever.

"Heard it from… you're not gonna know!" she teased, effectively frustrating Otoya whose face was now flushed red.

"Argh! The only one who saw me at the time before calling Shiena was Isuke, so it's probably her!"

A hmm was heard from Haruki's direction, as well as a crunch and the rustling of plastic.

"Maybe you're right," the red-haired girl said. "Just maybe. You should just go get to work."

Otoya looked at the counter and saw that some customers were waiting, and she was negligent of them. She slapped her forehead and smiled.

"Yeah, well, do what you need to do and get out of here," she said as she waved at her co-worker. "You have to tell me how you got that info!"

Haruki reached into her pocket for her cellphone and waved it in the air back at Otoya. "All here! She e-mails me a lot." Lies.

"Didn't know you guys were that close already! Well bye!"


"Not in my case! Oh, wait, get your drink!"

"Ah, what a bother."

"That idiot messed up the order of these books! Now we have to re-arrange them…"

"I need a break."

Both Shiena and Isuke were slouched on the couches in the library, surrounded by many books of different titles and genres. They were almost done when that troublemaker Otoya decided to mix Sci-fi with Romance…

"A complete idiot," the brunette sighed, massaging her forehead. "I swear, when we get back to our dorms, I'll…!"

Isuke rolled her eyes. "What will you do? Smash her with books?"

"What's a better punishment for a girl who is in love with her scissors?" Shiena asked, and answered it: "Take them away somewhere, of course. Just like what she did with my glasses!"

"Why would she want to steal your glasses?"

"I… I have no idea! Mizorogi-sensei, why oh why must I be stuck with someone like her?!"

The pink-haired assassin crossed her arms and rose from her seat. "I'm stuck with someone who doesn't know the meaning of selfishness."

Shiena looked up at Isuke with a confused look. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Isuke shrugged. "I've no idea. We're opposites like that. It's what almost cost her life, you know. Luckily, she survived that…"

"I didn't catch the last part, what was that—"

"It's nothing, Shiena," the skilled fighter interrupted and walked towards the entrance of the café. "I'll just go get a drink. I'm really thirsty. Want to come, too?"

The girl with the glasses shook her head and forced a smile. "I'll just stay here and fix up the mess Otoya made. Don't worry; you don't have to stay or anything. Besides, it's next shift. Kouko and Suzu should be here soon."

Isuke nodded and waved at the other girl before she continued on. "Ciao, then, Shiena."

Then, as she turned around to open the door, she found out that it was already open for her. With Haruki bumping into her.

The only thing left to happen now was both of them tripping in the most unfortunate way. Isuke did not expect her clumsy roomie to be waltzing in with a cup of coffee-

And a hot wetness on her legs that was obviously coffee.

Give Haruki two seconds to retreat, but only one was given to Isuke to take this all in.

"What the hell, Haruki!" she sighed in a giving-up tone as she struggled to get up. This is embarrassing! What will people think when they saw her like this? Her skirt's now brown in color (and her legs were scalding hot) and there's another girl on top of her, doing nothing but gape in shock. "Watch it next time!"

The redhead got off of Isuke immediately after that, looking at the mess she had made. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth, but she didn't take another second to get a small red towel from her apron pocket and dab at her roomie's legs.

"Oh my god, Isuke, I'm so sorry!" she apologized. "I-I should've walked in with more caution—"

"You're too late," the pink-haired girl sighed as she snatched the towel and wiped her legs which were now red from the heat. "It's a good thing I'm used to hot water. Ah, this is annoying."

"I'll make it up to you!" Haruki exclaimed, scratching the back of her head in embarrassment. "Whatever beverage you like, it's on me."

"I'll just have whatever you got earlier," Isuke said as she threw back the damp towel at the Pocky-lover's face. "Too thirsty and tired right now to choose…"

"I can get you a change of skirt," the redhead offered. "Brought an extra one."

The other girl rolled her eyes as she stood, offering Haruki no help when the barista's arm was outstretched. She didn't deserve her help, especially after her clumsiness act.

When Haruki helped herself up, she refused to meet Isuke's glare which clearly meant just get it over and done with, or you'll die. "Yeah, I'll get right to it."

It wasn't a door slamming that met her ears, but it surprised the other assassin when she noticed Haruki's mood. She wasn't the type to mope around such a minor thing; both girls easily got over their small fights in the Academy and dorms. It was only recently when her roommate did things like trying to get closer or further away from her any second of the day, and this usually didn't bother her…

"Idiot…" she muttered to herself as she looked down at her coffee-drenched skirt. "You've been very weird lately."

Otoya's face lit up when she saw Haruki again, but it immediately fell once she noticed the aura the Pocky-loving girl carried around.

"Clearly, someone didn't have a good time in there," she muttered loud enough for only the sad assassin to hear. "Anything special happen?"

A groan was the only response as the redhead searched her bag for her extra skirt – the one she would be lending to Isuke.

"I see," the turquoise-eyed girl said and nodded in understanding. "Roomie trouble."

"Yup," Haruki said as she found a maroon skirt. "I accidentally spilled my coffee on her and we both fell."

"It's a miracle you have an extra skirt with you!" Otoya exclaimed. "She wouldn't have been pleased to go through the rest of the day with a wet skirt."

She heard her co-worker sigh and watched as she got a cup and poured some coffee. "This one, I will pay for later," Haruki announced to Otoya who nodded and got back to work.

I hope she likes it like this, she thought as she made her way back to the library, skirt and coffee in both hands.

She didn't want that accident to happen again, so she knocked on the wooden door that separated the two parts of the Myojo Café and Library and was about to turn the knob when she heard Isuke's voice.

"I got it," her roomie said and she immediately took two steps back. The door swung open and Haruki stepped into the library.

"Here," she said to Isuke, handing the skirt to her and putting down the coffee on a nearby table. "And I got your coffee. Sorry again."

It wasn't surprising for Haruki not to be thanked, but deep in her heart, she wanted it to happen. She quickly brushed aside these feelings when the pink-haired girl got her attention with a snap.

"Hey," Isuke said. "You've been acting weird lately. Is something up?"

It was Haruki's turn to roll her eyes, but it wasn't anything mean. She put on a smile to be sure.

"I just tripped over and landed on you and spilled coffee on your skirt, that's what's up," she replied and made her move to leave, but stopped when she felt a hand grip her forearm. "What?"

Isuke looked her roommate dead in her amber eyes and said, "You've been either avoiding me or trying to get close to me since days ago. This attitude is not you, Haruki. Is anything wrong?"

Haruki fought the blush making its way to her cheeks as she thought of her next words. Isuke Inukai was who she was captivated by since day one, and each night after she could not get her out of her head. No wonder she knew about Otoya's incident in the library earlier; she had been there watching Isuke from behind the shelves and she happened to see the girl with the dark hair. No wonder she lied to the same girl earlier after her shift; anything from Isuke was all she wished for, aside from that family fortune thing after she takes Haru Ichinose's life. No wonder she was "acting weird lately": she wanted to get closer to this amazing girl but was afraid to do so.

It's you that's on my mind, that's what's up, she thought as she looked into Isuke's eyes, the same color as her own. They were so beautiful, but she couldn't keep that admiration up forever. It might ruin what friendship they had.

"Nothing's wrong," she finally replied. "If anything, it's the exact opposite."

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