This fic was an idea I got when I was listening to Kryptonite by Three Doors Down and reading another fic of this pairing. This will be a Heero/Rei fic and another pairing I won't mention yet. That means a Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon crossover. There will be less involvement in the senshi timeline then in the Gundam time line. But don't think I'm just gonna throw them together. There is a process for everything. So just hold tight. Also I will post as I finish chapters and this is gonna end up being a long fic.

So, on with the story

You're My Kryptonite ~Prologue~ ******************

Two attentive bodies standing outside the massive oak door, their ears pressed indignantly to the smoothed and polished hard wood, brunette hair hanging in their eyes, they remain silent, listening for any sound from the other side of the door. Each squinting in overzealous concentration. Was that a muffled voice or just another common noise of the old mansion? They press their faces harder against the door as they strain to hear anything but only causing to distort their faces more then they already were.

As keen as their senses are they curse the damn defective door for not allowing them to hear or at least coming with reverse-peepholes preinstalled. Though they continue to strain their hearing abilities for any clue as to what may be occurring with out them and their 'Award Winning' presence. Not to infer that they aren't great beyond great. Just that one is rather illusive and mysterious and the other is somewhat boisterous and aggressively indignant. They are quite a pair. Perhaps even, unlikely.

Tension mounts along with frustration as they yearn for knowledge of the preceedings. At this point, they are mere inches apart with both hands pressed against the smooth surface and their cheeks reddening from the force they are applying to the door. If it were any other situation, they would most likely be unnerved by the feel of the others breath on their own face, the way they are locked on to each others eyes, looking deep into them, the way their bangs brush together. But not now, as they don't even notice amidst their concentration. Any other passing by would surely get the wrong idea as to what is going on.

Before they have a chance though, to either give up hope or burst through the door, loud foot steps are heard through the massive barrier as someone is running at full force across the room, quickly followed by the distinct sound of flesh against flesh. Perhaps punches being thrown. The two listen more intently as to gain insight as to who's throttling who. The ruckus continues for several more moments to the nature of one simply pounding the other. No actual fighting taking place. To the two brunettes amusement, it's a more then likely a much anticipated, ritualistic ass kicking.

One is in the motions of cracking a smirk when an exertive grunt echoes through the door. Resembling the sound of someone hauling a great weight. They both knit their eyebrows in confusion but aren't left with much time to wonder.

They are thrown back from their positions of spying, by a body slamming, unceremoniously against the door, causing it to rattle on its hinges. Nearly seeing them ripped from the walls. They glance at each other as the body grunts, landing on the floor with a very unpleasant thump. They both cringe at the pain that body must be feeling.

"I'm glad that wasn't me." One of the brunettes whistles innocently as they stroll back down the long corridor.


That's all for the prologue!~

I have the first eight or so chapters written, I'll post as I get them typed. This story is on no set schedule but I'll update as I make progress.

Also, some chapters will be short and others will be long.