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I didn't mind it when they told me I was different. I didn't mind it when they started taking me to various doctor. I didn't mind it when they poked and prodded at me with their intrusive hands and asked me questions till my mind ran dry. I didn't mind it when they numbed me with their various drugs and had me sleep the days away. But this? It irritated the fuck out of me.

"I don't wanna go to group therapy Dad," I grumbled as my mother fussed with the collar of my shirt.

"Eren, it's for your own good. We didn't make you take anger management classes because Jean would be there, so please just do us this one favor. Who knows? Maybe you'll make some new friends, eh?" my father asked me with a smile.

"I'm not gonna sit in a room full of crazy people and talk about my feelings Dad. I hate people. You know I'm not a people person."

My Dad frowned, "And that is the reason why you only have a hand full of friends Eren. You're young, and you need to socialize. It's only healthy. Tell him Carla."

My mother cupped my cheek and smiled at me. Her light brown eyes softened as they settled on me, and I had to fight back a smile of my own, "Eren, baby, just do as your father asks please? I know you don't want to go, but it's for the best. Try and be nice to the other kids okay? That's all I ask. It would be wonderful if you made some new friends. It gets awfully lonesome around the house when you only ever invite Armin over."

"Okay Mom, I'll go to the stupid group therapy," I huffed, wavering at my mother's smile.

My father shot my mother an appreciative look and he ruffled my hair playfully, "Thank you son. I'll pick you up after school's out and drop you off at the class, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah yeah," I said as I swung my book bag over my shoulder, "Mikasa?" I yelled as I opened our front door, "Hurry up, we're gonna be late to school."

"I'm here Eren," she replied softly.

I turned around to look at my sister. Her cropped black hair was neatly brushed and framed her pale skin nicely. Mikasa had on a plain white shirt, a black skirt, black flats, and her signature red scarf. One strap of her back pack lazily hung off her shoulder. The simplicity of my sister's clothes did nothing to hinder hear natural beauty, and I had gotten into many fights to defend my sister against unwanted suitors, although she could throttle anyone who dared cross her path. Her face was as blank as ever, but her coal black eyes held the faintest bit of emotion as she regarded me with her ever soft voice. Mikasa looked nothing like me, or my small family. She didn't have wide green eyes like my father and I, and she didn't have chocolate brown hair, but I loved my sister anyways. Adopted or not.

I twisted the doorknob opened and shouted my good byes to my parents. My father, Grisha Jaeger, would drive us to school occasionally, but I preferred to walk. My father's car was always a mess with paperwork and smelled of cough syrup, and various other medicines, due to his job as a doctor. Carla Jaeger, my mother, was a stay at home housewife. She always wore a bright smile, unless she was scolding me, and kept our home spotless. We were a typical family with a working father and stay at home mother. Mikasa was the dutiful daughter, who excelled in everything she did, but was quiet in nature. I suppose I fit the bill of the rowdy fuck up son. I shrugged my shoulder, my best friend—or rather only friend, Armin exited the house across from us, and joined us on the sidewalk.

"Eren! Mikasa! Good morning!" he shouted as he waved happily. His bright blue eyes were as excited and innocent as ever, and his small arms clutched a fat stack of books to his chest. He wore a simple grey shirt with a mathematic equation on it, dark wash jeans, and black converse. He had a brown messenger bag filled with books strapped across his chest. His blonde hair was halfheartedly brushed and hung off his pale face. Armin wasn't very gifted in the fashion department, much like me. I threw on a plaid shirt and black jeans, and my beat up shoes without much care or thought. My mother often scolded me for my sloppy appearance but I didn't mind. I didn't go to school to impress anyone.

"Hello Armin," Mikasa greeted him in her soft tone.

"Hey Armin, need help?" I asked the small blonde as he struggled with the books.

"I'd appreciate that!" he laughed as he handed me a few of his books, "I was up late last night studying for the history test. My parents told me to sleep, but grandpa stayed up and helped me."

"Why bother Armin? You're like, a genius," I said as we walked to school.

"Grades are important Eren! I need a 4.0 to get into the college I want," Armin said with bright eyes.

I sighed, "I know. But like I said, you're a genius; you'll get accepted to any college you want. I for one, am not gonna worry about that stuff anytime soon. We're still freshmen, after all."

"I know," he said as we crossed the street and headed toward the dreaded Titan High School. Hoards of faceless students blurred passed me as Mikasa, Armin, and I walked into the school. There was mindless chatter and laughing and I rolled my eyes. I was desperate to get out of the cage society trapped us in, while those idiots reveled in it.

I fumbled with my locker, which was atop Mikasa's and next to Armin's. I pulled out the books I was supposed to take home last night to study from and stuffed them into my back pack. I pulled out a few notebooks that were filled of doodles instead of notes, and threw my math book in my locker, so I would have an excuse to leave that boring shit hole. When I was finished, Mikasa, Armin and I walked off. Mikasa and I headed to our own level English class while Armin was across the hall at an AP English class. The boy was an over achiever. If he didn't insist on a higher level of learning, my father could have arranged for Armin to be in classes with Mikasa and me. Instead, Armin and I only shared lunch and P.E. together, while Mikasa's schedule was identical to mine. If my father had not arranged for Armin and Mikasa to have classes with me, I would have been completely alone, and without any friends.

My parents constantly nagged me about many things, but they never stopped harping on my lack of friends. When I was younger, I would often coop myself up in my room away from the world and silently play with my toys. When Armin's family moved in across the street from us, my parents had been delighted and they became even more excited when they found out the Arlert family had a son my age. They were probably shitting rainbows buy the time Armin and I had naturally become friends, despite our parents' constant pushing. Armin was different than the other kids. He had his heart set on exploring the world, much like his parents. His father was a pilot, and his mother a flight attendant, and his grandpa a veteran soldier. He would excitedly tell me stories about their travels and show me pictures in his various books. I became enamored with the world outside my home town just as Armin was, and together we swore to leave our small town one day to see the world.

I waved to Armin as he headed into his class, and I begrudgingly walked into my own. I walked past the other kids and took my normal seat on the right, at the front of the class, closest to the door. Mikasa took her usual seat behind me, and as the other students piled in, the class on my immediate left stayed empty, as usual. Everyone had quickly learned to sit as far away from me as humanly possible, due to all my "problems". As the bell rung, our English teacher, Mr. Shadis began droning on about Shakespeare as I doodled in my notebook. My parents told me I was a good artist, but I thought otherwise. The sketches they had seen were simple and lifelike, such as flowers in my mother's garden, or a bowl of apples. But the sketches in my notebook were of everyone in my stupid fucking school dying horrible deaths. As I glared at Jean, who was eyeing Mikasa up from the back of the room, I sketched him choking to death on a barrel of hay, like the horse he was.

I was so caught up in my drawing that I almost didn't notice the class room door swinging open.

"Sorry I'm late sir! I'm new here and I couldn't find the class and big brother and Farlan drew me this really crummy map to follow but I couldn't understand it!" an excited female voice cried.

I lazily lifted my head to find the source of the shrill voice. In front of my desk stood a small, red headed girl with bright green eyes. Her short hair was pulled into two pigtails, and she had a pink bow in her hair. She wore a baggy bright blue sweater, and tight jeans. On her feet were knee combat boots. She was eccentric to say the least. She was pretty I supposed, if you were into the annoying, loud in your face type, which I definitely was not.

"I guess it's alright Miss…" Mr. Shadis began.

"Isabel Mongolia!" she said pointing a thumb at herself.

"Right, well Miss Mongolia the only seat is next to Mr. Jaeger there, so get settled in. I expect you not to be late ever again though," Mr. Shadis said with his angry voice and death glare.

"Yes sir," she said as she gulped and took the empty seat next to me.

The girl nosily pulled out her notebook and began to drum her fingers on the desk, and bounced her leg excitedly. I let out an aggravated sigh and continued to doodle, focusing on Jean's strained expression as he choked to death. Out of his nose I drew leaking blood. To add a bit more flavor to my masterpiece, I drew a horrified Marco Bodt discovering Jean's body, although Marco himself was a saint. The world was once again lost to me until I heard Mr. Shadis slam a textbook down on Connie Springer's desk for sleeping. The sleeping bald boy had shot up immediately, and his faced flushed with embarrassment. The boy was one of my sometimes friends, and I sent him a sympathetic look. Everyone else laughed while I rolled my eyes Shadis as began talking about a project on a novel of our choice after the laughter died down.

"Groups of two or three, you have a week before it's due," he said, "Pick your groups wisely, don't pick someone like say Mr. Springer, who might slack off and land you an F. Once you've picked your groups, you runts may rearrange your desks, but I expect them to be placed in their normal order before you leave. These projects better be creative, surprise me runts. Don't disappoint me."

The other students began to excitedly chatter and move around their desks. The groups and pairs were formed just as the social hierarchy would allow, which meant if Mikasa wasn't in my class, I would've been working solo. I turned my desk around to face Mikasa, who wore her same emotionless expression. She pulled a book out of her book bag and began to quietly read, knowing well that I wouldn't be starting the project until it was almost due, which would result in Mikasa doing much of the work. We sat in silence until a shrill sound burst our bubble.

"Hi there! I'm Isabel Mongolia, and I'm new here. I don't really know anybody and you guys seem cool. Can I work with you guys?"

I looked up from my notebook and found myself face to face with the excitable red head who busted into class late. She was slightly bent over and stretched across my desk. She was so close to my face I could feel her breathing. Her wide green eyes stared into my golden ones expectantly, and I frowned. I could feel Mikasa glaring at the girl silently.

"No," I growled as I leaned away from the girl.

"But why not?" the girl pouted as she placed her hands on her hips.

"I already have a partner," I said, glad the loud girl had given me back my personal space.

"But everyone else is already paired up," she argued, attacking Mikasa with wide, puppy dog eyes.

"Eren, let's let her work with us, just this once," Mikasa said.

"Yessss! Thank you!" the girl squealed.

I shot Mikasa an angry glare as the loud red head pulled her desk over towards us. Mikasa shrunk a bit in her seat and rested a comforting hand atop mine. Angrily, I pulled away, but Mikasa didn't falter. She was always doing this. Always babying me with her soft words and silent eyes. For a girl that once beat up a gang of boys in our neighborhood for giving me a black eye, she was awfully motherly. She would coddle me, just as my parents did. But no matter how much I would try to push her away, she would always stick by me, like my shadow.

I was grateful for that, I suppose, because I could always count on her. No matter how much Mikasa babied me, I never let my anger get the best of me when I regarded her. I would yell at her, and berate her, but I would never lay a hand against my sister. And even if I did, I was more than certain she could kick my ass. But even as I yelled at her, and tore her down with my angry words, Mikasa never wavered. She would stay by my side and accept my anger with grace, all the while maintaining her ever expressionless face. She didn't argue with me, like my mother would, or lecture me like my father would. No, not Mikasa. Never Mikasa. She took my anger like a champ.

"So you already know, my name is Isabel, what are your names?" Isabel asked as she settled into her seat.

"I'm Mikasa, and that's Eren," Mikasa answered, knowing full well I wouldn't speak.

"Well hello Mikasa and Eren! Are you guys like, dating?" Isabel asked.

I rolled my eyes. Mikasa tugged on the scarf around her neck as she answered, "No, he's my brother."

"Your brother huh? You guys look nothing alike! That's alright though, cause me and my big brother look nothing alike too! I guess we have something in common," Isabel laughed.

"We are nothing alike," I murmured, already starting to hate the loud, red headed girl.

"What was that?" Isabel asked me.

I looked at the girl with a disinterested expression, before doodling once more. The girl shrugged her shoulders and began engaging Mikasa in a very one sided conversation. Although I feigned disinterest, I obversed the new girl carefully. I already had a perceived perception of the Isabel, but I watched her, just to back up claims. I was pretty good at judging a person's character even though I never spoke to anyone. It was something I learned to do when I was younger, and constantly monitored by the doctors. It was an awkward time in my life, but I didn't really mind it.

I obversed Isabel as I drew and I added a few new observations to my mental note of her. She was a happy person. She often spoke of her big brother, although she never stated his name, a boy named Farlan Church, and Uncle Kaney. She was naturally confident as she presented her projects ideas to Mikasa and I. She eventually settled on a power point slideshow, after much deliberation. As I previously noticed, she was loud and demanding, but overall, she was a decent person I supposed. When it was almost time for class to let out, I silently adjusted Mikasa's desk for her, and began to rearrange mine. As I fixed my desk, Isabel jumped in front of me with a wide smile.

"Hey Eren, even though you don't talk much, I think you're pretty cool. Thanks for letting me be in your group!" she said cheerfully.

I blatantly ignored the girl and sat silently at my desk until the bell rung. I ignored Isabel again when she excitedly waved at Mikasa and I before running off to her next class. When I looked at Mikasa, she shrugged. With the red headed nuisance out of my way, the rest of the day when off without any issues. Mikasa stayed by my side as my quiet shadow, and ignored the rest of the world. Or maybe the world ignored me? I guess it was a matter of perception, but I liked to believe that I was being defiant, and ignoring the mundane world around me.

At lunch, I ate my usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chocolate milk my mother packed me, and chatted animatedly with Armin. Connie Springer, the bald headed slack off, sat at our table, along with Sasha Braus, who became my half acquaintance when I was partnered with her in home ec instead of Mikasa last semester. Hanji Zoe, an eccentric girl with a sloppy ponytail sat with us as well. She became friends with Armin in their AP biology class, and to be honest, I didn't mind the strange girl. She was ridiculed by a lot of other students, but she was genuinely nice, despite being a bit annoying. Historia Reiss, a short and kind blonde girl sat with us as well as her wolfish girlfriend Ymir. Historia was Armin's cousin, and the only reason we put up with her fouled mouthed girlfriend was because Historia herself was so sweet. Annie Leaonhart, a girl I met at the hospital, also silently sat with us, along with her friends Reiner and Bertolt. Annie was quiet, Bertolt was level headed, and Reiner was loud and bursting with life. Jean and Marco sat at the end of our table, much to my annoyance.

I suppose I could call them my friends if I wanted to. We hung out at school, and whenever my mother forced me to, I would go out with them to various social gatherings. But I never invited anyone but Armin home. We all texted, but I never talked to them on the phone. In fact, I had no intention of keeping up with any of them after graduating. They hadn't known me when I was younger, and worse off. If I were to have another episode, I would highly doubt any of them would visit me in the hospital, but I allowed them to occupy my time. When I got to high school, my parents told me it would be a grand opportunity to make a new identity for myself, instead of being "the school freak". Since I hadn't known any of the other kids except Mikasa, Armin, Annie, and Jean, when I was younger, I was able to be something other than the school weirdo to them. These were the few I could handle without going berserk. The least I could do was be friendly I guess.

"Another PB&J sandwich Eren?" Reiner asked, "You're so lucky your mom makes your lunch! The cafeteria food tastes like ass."

"Yeah, she packed me some leftover lasagna too," I said with a shrug.

"Lucky bastard," Reiner laughed as he bit into his apple.

"Agreed. You're fucking lucky mommy takes such good care of you and Mikasa," Ymir said as she scarfed down what appeared to be chicken.

As I glared at the brutish girl, Historia sent me an apologetic look and chastised Ymir, "Behave," Historia scolded her while wagging her small finger in an authoritative manner.

"I don't think the cafeteria food is all that bad guys," Sasha said with a mouth full of food.

"That's because you'd eat anything," Connie said, making everyone at the table, including me laugh, "I'm not kidding guys. One time Reiner and I told Sasha that my dog's treats were cookies, and she ate the entire box."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Sasha said, swiping a piece of bread off Jean's tray.

We all laughed again, and I could feel myself relax a bit. My mother said that I was always hot headed and angry, so it felt nice to have a group I could feel relaxed with. After lunch was over, I slipped back into my antisocial shell, and waited for the last class of the day, and the best class, gym. We didn't do much work in gym class, and we always got to do something entertaining. Most of my lunch group was in my gym class too, which wasn't a bad thing.

We played a rousing game of dodge ball in gym, and I had an excuse to knock Jean around with a bunch of inflated balls. I spent a majority of the time defending Armin, and attempting to defend Mikasa, who turned into a one woman army after Bertolt accidently pegged me in the gut. After I was hit, we engaged in an all-out war, laughing all the while. I ended up with a bloody nose, Bertolt got a black eye, and Marco split his lip protecting Jean. When gym class ended, I took a brief shower and got redressed. I was all but dragging my feet by the time the bell rung and school was out.

"Why the long face Eren?" Armin asked me with a concerned look.

"My dad's making me go to group therapy," I spat.

"Eren, it's for your own good, you know that," Mikasa said as she fiddled with her scarf.

"I agree with Mikasa Eren. It might be a good thing for you. You'll be able to let off some steam and meet some new people."

"I don't wanna meet new people," I grumbled as we weaved through the other students. A few people bumped me, but I bit back my anger when I felt Mikasa tug on my sleeve.

"Eren, don't be like that," Armin scolded me, "Your dad isn't trying to make you angry. He just wants to help. This could be a good thing for you if you would only try—OOF!"

Armin was cut off mid-sentence as a small, dark haired figured collided with him. The person didn't even stop as Armin fell to the floor and dropped the books he was carrying. He turned around and regarded us with a careless expression and kept walking. For that brief moment, I stared at the asshole, memorizing his slate grey eyes, high cheekbones, and black undercut. I may not have a chance to smack him now, but I vowed to knock the little twerp out for running into Armin without even batting an eyelash. Mikasa pulled Armin to his feet as I collected his spilled books and papers. Anger coursed through my veins as small tears filled my best friend's eyes. I wanted to punch the little fucker in the throat.

Armin sniffled softly, and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. Mikasa quietly tugged him along as we exited the school and walked to the school parking lot. I was still seething when we left the building, and Armin tried to shoot me a reassuring smile.

"I'm okay Eren, just forget about it," he said, wiping the remaining tears from his eyes.

"I'm going to beat his ass," I said, completely disregarding my best friend's words.

"Why Eren? Amin said he was okay, and for all you know it could have been an accident," Mikasa asked softly.

"You and I both know it wasn't a damn accident. He didn't even apologize!" I yelled.

Mikasa sighed deeply and crossed her arms around her chest, her stoic eyes met my angry eyes, and I sighed as well. I knew Mikasa was telling me to heed Armin's words and let it go, but it was difficult. When we were younger, the other children always picked on Armin and I had always defended the small blonde. Old habits die hard. I was going to continue my argument, but I stopped when I saw Armin's grandfather pull into the parking lot. He gave us a happy way, and lightly honked the horn.

Mikasa grasped Armin's arm and tugged him into his grandfather's direction, "We'll talk about this later Eren," she said and pressed a light kiss to my forehead.

I grunted in response and angrily rubbed at my skin, to wipe away Mikasa's patronizing kiss. Armin waved to me as he and Mikasa got into his grandfather's car and I waved back with an angry huff. I felt my shoulders slump when I felt a familiar large hand clamp down on my shoulder and a familiar baritone voice.

"How nice of Mr. Arlert to drive your sister home for me, don't you think Eren?" my father said and he smiled and waved the car off.

"Mhm," I said in a bored tone, as I turned around to face him. He was dressed to the nines, as he always was. He wore a casual button down and black slacks. His glasses were perched on his tired eyes, and his hair fell neatly around his face.

"Are you ready to go son?" asked my father as he tugged my backpack off and swung in over one of his shoulders.

"I guess."

"Oh come on Eren, don't be like that," my father said as he patted my back.

"Like what?" I asked angrily as a few other students snickered at me.

"Watch the tone young man," my father said in a warning tone.

"I'm sorry," I huffed as I crossed my arms, "but it's kind of hard not to be so sour when you're babying me in front of everybody."

"Babying you?" my father asked as he opened the car door for me and sat my bag on my lap.

As usual, my father was as oblivious as ever, I rolled my eyes and he climbed into the driver's seat, "Never mind."

My father shrugged his shoulders as he turned on the car and pulled out the parking lot. We drove to the therapist's office in silence, aside from my occasional angry sigh. My father regarded me with a somewhat sympathetic expression, even though it was his fault I had to attend the session in the first place. It felt a bit like betrayal, considering that I hadn't had an episode in a few weeks now. But perhaps everyone was right, and maybe it would be for my own good. After all, my father was a doctor; he should know what he was doing, right?

An angry scowl set on my face as my father pulled into the parking lot of the therapist's office. I hated therapy, and I hated people. My scowl darkened when my father pulled me out of the car and into the building. My head hung low as he grasped my hand and tugged me along, like I was still a toddler. He checked into the front desk with a wide smile.

"Hello Dr. Jaeger," the receptionist said cheerfully as he signed me in, "and hello to you too Eren."

I glared at the woman, angrily and she laughed, while my father apologized on my behalf. I growled when my father grasped my hand and led me to the session room. When we entered the room, I was snatched my hand away from my father and crossed my arms angrily. The room was fairly large, and hand a circle of chairs with a small stool in the middle, along with a white board, and a large oval shaped desk in the corner. The room had one window and light blue walls. At least it wasn't all white, like some sort of insane asylum.

I surveyed the room as my father chatted with the group therapist Dr. Pixis. I recognized a few people, such as Mike Zacharias, a guy junior at Titan High who liked to sniff people, Erwin Smith, who had some kind of OCD, Thomas Wagner who had a nervous disorder, Jean, the horse faced bastard that had major anger issues, and Annie. Annie and I met eyes and nodded, in our own unspoken greeting.

I turned my head to check the rest of the room, and the faces blurred together until a small, dark hair figure in the corner caught my eye. He was chatting with a tall boy with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair. The shorter boy seemed awfully familiar. He wore a bored expression, with half lidded grey eyes. The realization snapped within me instantly and I clutched my fist. That was the little bastard who ran Armin down after school was over. He was lazily leaning on the wall, with his arms crossed. I wanted to go over to the little twerp and knock his short legs out from under him.

My father must have noticed me staring, and he put a heavy hand on my shoulder as I silently fumed, "What's wrong son?"

I gritted my teeth, and clenched my fist even tighter when the boy with the grey eyes looked up at me and smirked. He whispered something to his tall from and laughed. His laughter was a soft baritone, and it pierced the air around me. I felt my nails cut into my skin as I continued to angrily clench my fists and stare at the boy with the grey eyes. His tall friend leaned down and whispered something with a strained expression, and the boy's emotionless face lit up with the smallest hint of amusement. It felt like they were laughing at me, and I felt the anger inside my build up. I could feel my father's worried eyes fixed on me as I shrugged his hand off my back and stomped over the short boy. His lips curled into a small smirk.

His mouth opened slightly as I stood over the short bastard.

"Hey shitstain, need something?"