A/N: Ok guys this is a no war story but with a slight twist. So let me explain as I said it is a no war but it's not about Tris, it's about my OC character Eva-Marie Artaga that I made up. I have had this story in my head for months! I will right about who she is and how Tris and the gang come into this story so are you guys ready?

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(So this takes place three years after initiation. I will put how old everyone is when I'm done writing this. Eva-Marie is a former Erudite she transferred to dauntless one year before Tobias did. She married her husband, Aaron Artaga, who also was an initiate the same year as Eva-Marie, but he was a Dauntless born. She has three older brothers, Mason who is the oldest transferred to Dauntless, they're parents were so infuriated at him because they both despise Dauntless. So does her other brothers, the second oldest Dylan stayed in Erudite along with the third oldest Matthew. Her parents thought she would stay too but in her heart she knew she was born to be Dauntless!)

AGES: Eva-Marie Artaga 22, Aaron Artaga 22, Mason Green 26, Dylan Green 25, Matthew Green 24, Tris Prior 19, Tobias Eaton 21, Christina 19, Will 19, Uriah 19, Shauna 21, Zeke 21, Marlene 19, Lynn 21, Lauren 21


I wake up to the feeling of kisses trailing along my neck, I open my eyes to see Aaron smiling at me. "Hi." "Hey." I respond back. He stokes my hair and it's only then when I realize that we are both naked from our night of bliss. "Remember we have our last meeting today before the initiates come in two weeks." Aaron finally says. " Are we going to train the transfers like last year or are Tris and Tobias going to do it." (Tobias trusts them with his secret) "They decided to let us do it again this year, and I can't wait to terrorize the transfers this year." Aaron admits. "Why do we have to get up 6:00 am, I barely got any sleep last night." I whine. "Well that's what happens when were both Dauntless leaders." he says.

I get up to go to the bathroom to get ready. After I'm done putting on my black long sleeved crop top and dark grey jeans, I look at myself in the mirror and see that I'm no longer the smart mouth, glasses wearing, quiet little, Erudite girl from six years ago. I no longer wear glasses, I've also got some muscle too, I also have a tattoo of an infinity symbol on my left inner wrist, it stands for me living what felt like an eternity in Erudite. I dyed my brunette hair blonde after initiation, but of course my family never visited any of those six years, so they would be surprised if they ever saw me. Of course they also freaked out when I called and told them I would be getting married. They hate Aaron even if they never even met him and they also hate Mason's wife, Lilly. Sometimes I wonder if my parents will ever accept me and Mason as they should. If they were going to freak out about how different I look, then surely they'll go mad about Mason having a four year old daughter, Cadence. You know when an initiate comes to Dauntless they change their appearance sometimes, so of course my brother also dyed his hair blonde along with me. He also has a tattoo of an eagle on his right arm and another tattoo of the Dauntless emblem on his back. He says the eagle stands for freedom and how he always wanted to leave Erudite because our parents pressured him. The Dauntless symbol is obvious enough why he got it.



Were on our way to the meeting along with my brother, who is also a Dauntless leader, and with Tris and To-Four, as he likes to be called. The five of us reach the conference room, as we enter we already see Max. "Come in sit down, we have to discuss something about initiation."

"What about it." Tris says.

"You guys know that how four faction leaders of each faction goes through initiation of one of the five faction's initiation every five years, well this time it's Dauntless' turn to host now." Max explains.

"So will we have any safety precautions now?" Aaron asks

"They want to go through our initiation to get the Dauntless experience, so I say no precautions." Tobias says.

"But what if there are casualties?" Aaron inquires.

"Hey it's their fault for trusting us with their lives." Tris chirps up.

We all laugh when we hear this. "Actually by my calculations there is only a 15 to 1 ratio of anyone dying." I start to say.

"So basically only a 13% percent chance of anyone dying." My brother finishes.

"Ok captain obvious' do us a favor and leave the Erudite talk at home." Tobias says.

"Sorry, it slips up from time to time." We say in unison

"Well now it's settled you all can go now." Max concludes

When everyone is on their way to the cafeteria, I pull Aaron aside.

"Aaron I need to talk to you."

"What about?"

" Well you know how Max just explained that four faction leaders of the four factions will have to go through initiation, well it just do happens that my whole family are all Erudite leaders."

"Hey calm down okay, I don't care if your parents like me or not, but you need to reconnect with them, promise you'll try."

"Ok Aaron."



Were in the cafeteria, making as much noise as possible, when Chris says she has an announce. "Guys I have to say something , I'm pregnant!" "That's wonderful!" we all say

"Congrats Will!" Tobias says

Who knew after six months of marriage those two will already be expecting. That reminds me of how long Aaron and I are married, four years, I can already remember our wedding day! I just can't wait to see his reaction when I tell him I'm pregnant too.


As I'm cleaning up the kitchen I feel a sudden urge to vomit, it's a good thing I went to the bathroom because five minutes later, I start regurgitating. As I walk out of the bathroom I notice the calendar on the wall and that's when I gasp. Realization hits me, I'm late, my period is late.

That night I was thinking of ways I could tell Aaron, when I decided I should just tell him at the right time and place.

Afterwards Aaron and I decide to go near the bottom of the chasm, I decided that this is the right place to tell him since he proposed to me here. "Aaron I have something to tell you!""What is it Eva?"I take his hand and place it on my abdomen and say "I'm pregnant!""Eva that's wonderful!" he says as he picks me up and spins me around!

"How far along are you Eva!" "Just two weeks." " Then you'll be one month pregnant when initiation starts!" "Are you going to tell your parents?"

"Ummm.." " Eva-Marie you have to!" "But I'm scared they'll disown me even more"

" Eva look at me , I love you Eva and I want to have this child with you" " You need to tell your family" " I'll try" I said to myself more than to him.

As we go back to our huge apartment we start to think of baby names. "Do you want a boy or a girl?" Aaron asks. "It doesn't matter as long as she's healthy." "Aha so you want it to be a girl." "It doesn't matter what the gender is we will love them no matter what" I say a little bit more firmly this time.

Aarons hand has been wrapped around my stomach ever since I told him the news. When we get inside our apartment Aaron puts me up against the wall and starts kissing my neck on my sweet spot, just below my ear, then he starts going down, and he picks me up and takes me to the bed and says " We better enjoy this while we can, because when your parents get here there are going to be a lot of interruptions." I giggle when he says this and he continues from where he left off!

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