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"Young Master! Young Master Rikuo!" A male in his late teens turned around to face the one calling him. A breathless Yuki Onna to be exact.

He smiled fondly as he placed a hand on top of the snow Yōkai's head, cherishing the slight cold touch that she was known for. "What is it now, Tsurara."

"You forgot your lunch," Tsurara held out a bento. "If you didn't take it, mother will be sad. And getting her out of the depressed state is hard enough."

"Right, thanks." Rikuo took the bento and placed it in his bag. "Speaking of lunch, aren't you going to school too, Tsurara?"

The Yuki Onna sighed. "It's not like I'm not going to go, but I have last minute chores and I have to check up on my Hyakki Yakō as well."

"Alright then, don't over exert yourself." The reverse pudding brunette said, giving one last pat on the Yuki Onna's head before going off. It had been 6 years since the grand battle against the Nue and the Night Parade. His Night Parade, his Hyakki Yakō. Nothing out of the ordinary, other than petty evil Yōkai here and there. So in short it had been a peaceful 6 years, well as peaceful as it could get with your troublesome Grandpa pulling pranks on everyone and eating other people's food, or even frequenting a dine n' dash more often than not. Life couldn't get anymore peaceful than this. Rikuo sighed, not bothering to hold back the smile that broke out onto his features, he had long since gotten used to his Grandpa's antics.

"So it is Nura!" Rikuo turned around, surprised to see his friends from Middle School. The whole of Kyojûji Paranormal Squad, aside from Yura and Tsurara, were present. And it was none other than Kyiostugu, the Founder and Leader, at the front. The brunette stopped in order to wait for them to catch up. "I'm surprised to find you here of all places, Nura!"

"I could say the same to all of you." Rikuo laughed, nodding towards the group. "I only came here since it was closer to home."

"So we've all come to that conclusion, huh." Maki spoke up, a fond smile appearing on her features.

"So we have." Torii agreed whole heartedly.

"How'd you guys get into University?" Rikuo questioned. "I know that Kana must have studied hard for it, but what about you guys?"

"Well I got through with my many connections, and excellent grades!" Kyiostugu boasted.

"Rich brat." Maki muttered. "But seriously, Nura, that hurt y'know? Both Torii and I studied our butts off in order to get into this University."

"But it should be farther from where you live." Rikuo thought out loud.

"Seriously? How can you be so dense!" Maki muttered again. "Is this guy seriously the Leader of all those monsters?"

"They aren't called monsters, Maki," Kyiostugu spoke up reprimandingly. "They're Yōkai, and Nura is the Supreme Commander of all those Yōkai. Right, Nura?"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear that from you!" The duo began their one-sided bicker, making most of the group sigh exasperatedly.

Rikuo turned to Shima. "And what about you, Shima-kun?"

"Me? Well I got a referral to the soccer team here, so when I found out that Kyiostugu was headed here, I decided to enroll myself as well." Said teen replied, a hidden pride directed towards his soccer skills. Rikuo smiled at his friend's enthusiasm, he had forgotten how lively it was to be around them, and he missed it.

"I'm glad," Kana spoke up, half to herself.

Rikuo turned to her curiously. "Glad about what, Kana-chan?"

"Eh? Ah... um, about how we can go to the same school again." The girl replied, slightly ruffled with the immediate attention. "You know, since you hadn't attended High School, we thought that you wouldn't show yourself to the public again... after those events..."

The brunette teen chuckled at the uncertainty in his childhood friend's voice. "Well I ended up doing a lot of things these past three years, and was home-schooled most of the time."

"Home-schooled?" Maki spoke, breaking off from her bickers with the former Investigation Squad Captain. "So your high grades from Middle School must have skyrocketed through the roof by now, huh."

"That's... a bit overboard, Maki-san." Rikuo laughed sheepishly. The group burst out laughing, as they made their way to the opening ceremony.

Kyiostugu then spoke up, the tone if excitement was unmistakable. "Why don't we re-establish the Investigation Squad again!"

"Are you serious? We'll fall behind in our studies!" Maki argued.

"I can pull some strings," Kyiostugu countered. A full blown smile broke out on his features. "Besides, it'd be cool to hang out like we did back in Middle School!"

"I think that's a good idea." Torii said.

Her friend turned on her, shocked. "You too, Natsumi?!"

"I haven't been on most of your Yōkai hunts, so I'm in." Shima seconded the idea. "It's a good way of passing time before soccer season starts."

"Well when you put it like that... why not?" Kana placed her bid. "Even though I still am scared of such things."

"Kana, you do know how those two sentences contradicted each other, right?" Maki pointed out the juxtaposition, the rest silently agreed.

"What about you, Nura?" Kyiostugu turned to his long time idol. The group patiently waited for Rikuo's answer, their gazes boring into the brunette.

"Aha~ well I don't see why not." Said teen beamed at them.

Kyiostugu then faced Maki, non-existent sparkles rolling off of him in waves. "Now that just leaves you, Maki! So how about it? Will you come?"

Said girl grumbled incoherently before muttering her answer, a light dust of pink covered her cheeks. "Well, I don't see the harm of joining..."

"YES! The Kyiojûji Paranormal Investigation Squad is re-established!" Kyiostugu cheered, causing everyone to break out smiling. Even Maki smiled slightly, watching the over-excited teen cheer loudly.

"Let's get to our seats, we wouldn't want to be late at the opening ceremony." Rikuo pointed out, heading towards the University. The rest followed, engaging in the conversations like back in Middle School.