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"Can't I just stay here for free?" Isabel cried out as she was pushed out of the apartment lot.

"No! For a person who doesn't have any money, I want nothing of it! Now scram, good-for-nothing hoodlum!" The land owner yelled, slamming the door in the girl's face.

Isabel pouted, mimicking bitterly. "Good-for-nothing agent. Hope you die a slow death."

She turned and walked off, drawing out a list of homes she could get in. Chuckling grimly, she crossed off the previous spot. "24 off the list; 30 more to go, huh… Well hope is still shining for me, no need to be so depressed about it! Alright! Let's go house hunting!"

She then set off, the Sun still high in the sky.

"Nura-kun, can you please answer this question?" Rikuo snapped out of his dazed state and looked over the question written on the board. Everyone began whispering, but were soon silenced with the teacher's call. "Quiet, Nura-kun?"

"Ah yes, the answer is 27." The teen answered, ignoring the shocked stares and the chatter that had started again when the teacher announced it was correct.

"So your grades skyrocketing wasn't a lie, huh." Maki whispered to Rikuo. The latter chuckled sheepishly.

"As expected of the Great Yokai lord of 100 Yokais!" Thankfully, Kyiostugu didn't yell it out like he usually did. Though it was louder than a whisper.

"Kyiostugu-kun, do you have anything to say to the class?"

"No, ma'am! I was merely going over a problem." Kyiostugu covered up swiftly.

"Has he ever been that good at lying?" Torii questioned, slightly taken by surprise at the cover up.

"He's done it many times in High School." Shima explained. "He'd get in trouble for sounding so hyped for no apparent reason, he then thought of a way to let it slide."

"Let me guess, those random hyped moments were for his idol." Maki snickered.

"You got that right." Shima grinned. The group burst out laughing, earning themselves a detention. Rikuo merely sighed before attacking his classwork.

"But-!" A slam of a door cut Isabel off, causing the girl to start pouting childishly. She stuck out her tongue out. "Hope karma gets you back ten times over!"

She sighed and turned to walk off, crossing off another name on the list. "Five more to go… I guess it wouldn't do any harm to continue…"

Shrugging, Isabel went off in a random direction, running a hand through her now messy hair. Not stopping, she took off her bag and rummaged through it taking out a granola bar to munch on. An empty stomach was never in her good graces, besides, it allowed her to think more clearly than concentration ever did in her life. "I wonder if I could use some kind of exorcism on them… better not, Gramps would kill me if he ever found out I did such a thing."

Her thoughts soon drifted back to the brunette she had met earlier today, then onto the garden that she had seemingly destroyed in that mode of hers again. "I swear, nothing good ever comes out of it."

Stopping in her directionless way, Isabel pondered on the garden for a while longer. She then set her destination to head back to that manor of the scary (in her opinion) brunette. "Might as well fix it before he sets that angry girl on my trail…"

Despite her good intentions, Isabel had reached the manor an hour later. Luckily there wasn't anybody around to watch her break in on someone's private property; that would've been troublesome. Looking around the said garden, Isabel started cleaning up. "I just hope I get this done before the owner's arrive."

Detention was the same as when he was in Middle School, stay in class, do some classwork, help clean up, then when everything is to the teacher's satisfaction, you'll be let off from detention. He hoped that in the future he wouldn't have to attend the detention sessions, since being the leader of the Yokai needed most of his attention; not to mention that he was being drained every single time his subordinates tried to do something they weren't capable of. The very thought of it was draining.

But that wasn't what weighed on him heavily. His friends had decided to come over after the detention session, it's not they couldn't take care of themselves, he they could handle Yokai properly, he honestly did. But the encounter with Isabel last night had completely ruined the garden, and for them to see something like it would make them go on an investigation to find the culprit. He sighed, he knew his friends way too well for him to just write it off as nonexistent.

"Hey, Nura! What are you day dreaming about?" Kyiostugu called out from the side of the group, grabbing Rikuo's attention.

"Nothing, just wondering about the state of my house, that's all." The latter answered, smiling slightly.

"You make it sound like a tornado went through your house." Maki pointed out.

"Not exactly a tornado." Rikuo sighed.

"Then you think a burglar broke in?" Torii suggested.


"How can a burglar break in Nura's house when it's filled with Yokai?" Shima questioned. A bantering then occurred between the group of friends, all giving their own ideas on Rikuo's daydreaming. The latter sighed again, then noticing that they were nearing his house. Taking a closer look, he noticed that the wall had miraculously been repaired, from where the ogre had crashed through. A dreading feeling entered his gut, the others couldn't have come back now, could they?

He turned to his friends. "I'll be checking up on something at my house, so just make your way there leisurely. I'll meet you guys there."

He ran towards his house, leaving no room for objections. Upon entering his property, Rikuo expected to be yelled at by Tsurara and the others for leaving such a mess. But to his never ending surprise, he didn't find a single Yokai on the premises, instead he found the figure, Isabel gardening on the far side of the wall. He then made his way towards her. "I thought you said that you wouldn't want to stay near this house."

Isabel jumped up startled, whirling around using the gardening spade as a defensive weapon. She had slightly relaxed when she recognized the brunette. "You are Nura-san, right?"

"You have that correct." Rikuo nodded. "But what are you doing here, Isabel-san?"

"Um… a trip down guilty lane?" She answered lamely.

"I see, and you were the one who fixed up the entire garden?"


"All by yourself?"

"Is it that hard to believe?"

"Seeing as there was a wall smashed down, alongside a whole bunch of craters in the ground, yes that is."

"Right, well all you need to know is that I fixed up the garden like it was before. And that it has repaid the guilty deed that I had." Isabel replied dryly. She was supposed to be done before anyone entered this place, looks like the wall took too long to repair. "And now since you caught me red-handed, I shall now leave."

"Now, hold on a minute." Rikuo stopped the girl, stepping in front of her. "Why not stay for a while, I still have some questions for you."

"If it's about my family heritage then, no, I don't know anything." She let out a breath, crossing her arms. "Didn't I say that earlier?"

"Yes you did, but that's not what I want to know." Rikuo shook his head. Wrapping this up quickly is what he intended to do.

"Then what do you want to know?"

"I want to know about you." Rikuo continued but was interrupted by the calls from the entrance.

"We're here, Nura!"

"This place never ceases to amaze me."

"You got that right."

"Oh who is that, Nura?"

"His girlfriend probably."

"Nura has a girlfriend? This is a first!"

Rikuo sighed heavily, he'd better get this straightened out before any misunderstanding start to arise. He was a little too late however, Isabel, herself, took the initiative to clear it up in her own way. "Who you calling his girlfriend? I have no intention to be with this guy! Honestly, can't a girl have her dreams in romance, you nuts in a nutshell! My heart is yet to be reunited with my soulmate!"

"Hope this doesn't get too out of hand…" Rikuo massaged his temples.