A/N: Two years and I provide you with a short drabble. Oops. My writing style has improved drastically over the two years and I hope that people enjoy my writing more. I hope to write longer pieces for this fandom sometime soon, but I haven't watched the movie or read the book since I updated BoB back in... sometime in 2012. I'm also engrossed in another fandom, but I hope it can lessen its hold on me so I can provide my faithful readers and fans with more stories.

Rating: M for mentioned sexual situations, slightly dark themes, and many other things.

Pairing: Dallas Winston/Ponyboy Curtis.

With all that out of the way, two years later, I hope those who read this enjoy it!

Trip The Darkness

Follow me, follow me
As I trip the darkness
One more time
Follow me, follow me
I awake from madness
Just in time

Lovin' Dallas Winston was a disease that ate away at every part of you until there was nothin' left.

He grips your hip so hard that you're going to have bruises in the mornin', he breaks you in ways that you couldn't imagine. When he wants somethin' from you, you give it to 'em or face the consequences.

It doesn't matter if he loves you or not. He's a mean, tuff hood first and foremost, and somethin' as measly as love isn't going to stop his true nature (his words, not mine).

Despite his shortcomings, despite the bruises I have to hide from the gang and my brothers, I wouldn't give him up for anything in this world.

He makes it so I can't live without him and deep down, I'm only mildly surprised that somewhere along the line, I became okay with that factoid.


There's one time where I see the caring side of my… I don't know what to call him. Lover is too damn sappy, boyfriend sounds weird, and I know we're more than friends with benefits. I have ta come up with a new term and it takes time, but eventually, I settle on "boyfriend with benefits".

Still weird but not as weird as plain ol' boyfriend.

As I was sayin', there's one time I see the caring side of Dallas Winston. Whenever one of us gets jumped by the Socs, he's right there, ready to bust some heads at whoever hurt us.

It's the worst when it was me. His lips would pull back to a snarl, his eyes would become wild, feral things, and his fist would clench at his side. It was at that moment, even through a cloud of pain, that I knew he would always be there to protect me.

Yeah, he left bruises on my skin sometimes, but they were nothin' compared to the ones the Socs left on us. They never hurt like the cuts they gave or the broken bones.

They were bruises that were in the throes of passion and nothing else. I know that.

I also know that if anyone else found out, they'd think it's an abusive relationship and make me leave faster than I could blink. Two people, specifically, come to mind—my brothers.

As Dal bites my shoulder and empties himself in my body, I think yes, he's made it so I can't live without him.

I'm still okay with that.