Yuki had just come back from summer vacation and was sitting in her dorm dressed in her school uniform,

when there was a knock at the door .

she opened it, and there stood Zero he greeted her. 'Hey, your father told me to come and get you ; Zero said, and they walked to school Head Teacher's Offices and were lectured about what to expect this year, yuuki nodded.

'ok then Dad. we have to head to class! she said, as yuuki sat down, she was greeted by her Roommate, she smiled and greeted her back.

The day went Quick and Yuki and Zero worked Hard at school doing there Lessons and duties as school guardians.

at the end of the day they stood in front of the gates getting ready. suddenly the gates opened out walked 7 students in white uniforms.

' Who are they? asked Amy, walking up to her two friends. Emily was with her. 'That's the night class. said Zero.

Emily just stood there wondering .

what makes these teenagers different? suddenly she noticed the day class was going back to there dorms. 'Hey Amy; she said lets get back to our dorm .

'But we still have a Job to do ; Amy said.

Remember what Rossi wants us to do? yes; keep a eye out for anything fishy; said the blonde girl.