Cross Academy and NCIS

Crew We have a case. There has been a lot of missing students at cross academy and I am going under cover. Gibbs walked into the chair man's office oh hello you must be the new teacher. Yes I'm Mr. Gibbs Hello Today we have a new teacher said Yuki,s friends Yori and zero, we herd he is very good looking said the short blond hair girl.

The 3 sat down and a man walked in he had salt and pepper hair and a goatee hello class! I'm your teacher Mr. Gibbs. Oh wow your rite he is nice looking. Ok so your last teacher Mr. toga was teaching you about mid evil history as he gave a small smirk. He noticed 2 students were asleep hey can someone wake up those 2? Sure but no one mess's with zero said one student he is grumpy when he is awake as one of the boys backed away from Zero, hey kid wake up as Gibbs poked him and he mumble something about killing someone. Wake up Zero kyuro!

Zero saw the teacher with his hand on him hey teacher didn't anyone tell you about personal space! Yes they did but you need to be awake when I'm teaching you. Sure I already know this stuff; my parents taught me this stuff before they died. The bell rang and Yuki woke to the noise oh gosh I have to go on patrol as she jumped out of her seat… Mr... Gibbs looked at his watch.

Gibbs went outside and saw 7 students coming through the gate in a white uniform Gibbs came next to Zero so who are these students? This is the night class.

Yuki looked back and saw Kaname and her cousins kain and hanabusa oh hi said the blond hair boy that had bright blue eyes as he came and gave Yuki a hug it's nice to see you to Hanabusa.

Gibbs noticed all the girls were starting to circle around Yuki and Hanabusa. hey girls I can't help that I like Yuki better than all you others said The one known as Hanabusa. Hey enough fooling around said Zero it's time for you to get to class. I hope the night class is easy to handle. The head master mentioned that they came from very rich families.

Gibbs walked into class and saw the night class was all sitting in the dark.

Ok class I'm your new teacher as he wrote his name on the board like he did with his first class may I have all of your names? Hanabusa Kain Ruka Kaname shiki well that's actually a small class he said to himself ok class tonight it looks like we are going to be doing some history as he looked at his book with a shock in his face as to what they were learning I was told that most of you students are very smart and that you have already learned some of this the students just agreed well I am going to try and make the class short for tonight Gibbs noticed that every one almost worshipped Kaname Kuran for some reason .

Kaname are you a prince? No not that I know of as he laughed I'm just the last living of my family oh I'm sorry … don't be sorry said Kaname it was so long ago .

Ok enough about Kaname, s family history aren't we here to learn history? Yes let's get back on topic... ok we are going to be learning about your ancestors known as the pureblood they are called that because they had never killed anyone wow I wish I had met someone like that said Gibbs.

The agent looked up and saw Kaname looking outside the window like he was bored um Kaname are you paying attention to what we just were talking about? Yes you just talked about pure bloods. Oh Yuki what is I going to do with you said Kaname as he was talking to himself. Class was over and the night class went back to their dorms Kaname bumped into Yuki! oh hello Yuki, class got out early and why don't we take a little walk.. Well I would love to Kaname. Don't worry I will even tell headmaster it was my fault if you get into trouble. Ok just this one time!

Hey Kuran what are you doing with Yuki? Asked a student well what does it look like we are talking, gosh some people can be so dumb. Those girls can never take no for an answer! Yes I know what you mean I have to deal with them as much as you. Well that night yuki went to her dorm.

Kaname told Kain he wanted him to keep guarding Yuki.

Yuki was walking to school and saw the tall Red hair vamp standing outside of her class.

Hey Kain why are you following me so much? I am just following orders it's just going to be me being your guard and yes I'm a bit grumpy because I need a little nap. Hey don't worry you can take a quick nap while I'm doing my home work. You sure you won't tell Kaname? I won't run off and tell Kaname.

That day after lunch she went to her dorm and so did the red hair teen, Kain collapsed on her bed. While Yuki was trying to figure out some of her math problems.

Kain got off of the bed he could not take his golden eyes off of Yuki while she was fighting with her pen. Come I think Zero is here to get you. Wow it's that late. Well if you are going to be my guard then I have to keep you from getting in a fight with Zero you don't have to worry my lady! As he gave a small bow to the small girl.