Chapter One

"Think about it!"

"I will not have such ridiculous talk in my office today."

"Ask him yourself!"

"Out of my office, please. Otherwise, I will have to remove you personally."

The hedge clipper death scythe was at the ready, but Ronald wasn't having that experience today, or ever if he could help it. The idea wasn't that absurd though.

"Will!" Ronald exclaimed.

"That's Mr. Spears to you," William corrected sternly. "Now, get out. I have some paperwork to finish."

Ronald narrowed his eyes, ready to turn green with envy. Sighing, he retreated back to his own office to wrap up the end of his shift by submitting the activity logs of the those who have died today.

It was in the hallway he passed the vermin, but he gave the reaper a cold stare as they passed.

"My my, someone's had a rough day." The pest returned his look, making the skin crawl from beneath Ronald.

Knox was growing increasingly annoyed with that reaper. That reaper was the only one who could get away with calling Mr. Spears Will, and he was the only reaper in this entire association in which William T. Spears would cover for, seemingly willingly. Jealousy was becoming a part of Knox's everyday life. The favoritism around here!

William sat in his comfortable chair, newly arrived since yesterday, ready to wrap up his paperwork for the sets of soul collection last night. As he lay his fingertips upon the final grammatical punctuation mark, he only needed to look to his right.

"Good evening," he greeted the reaper now atop his cleared off desk, leaning in. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Oh honey there are plenty of things you could do for me. That's not why I'm here. I'm here to inquire the status of the new death scythe models. Any dates to testing them yet?"

Will brought up his inbox, finding a new note about it as of two hours ago. New death scythe models were the greatest break a reaper could ever hope for. Springtime was the best for this reason, especially if the models were interesting and they could take some out for a practical skill spin.

"The dates are set to be a month hence," William announced, looking back at the red reaper, who was smirking. Pushing up his spectacles, William sighed as Grell Sutcliff was giving him his best pleading look. Grell had been marvelously well behaved, but he already knew why. It was for this opportunity.

"Oh come on Will, I know it's you plus one...please?" Grell was pleading. Sighing again, a smirk came across the black reaper's face.

"All right," he agreed, sending Grell into a cheering position. This happened nearly every few years, Will would give in and take Grell with him to the testing grounds. It was the only time of year when he and Sutcliff actually saw each other consistently for a solid few weeks. That is, unless the red reaper had gotten himself into some major trouble.

The reliable thing about Grell was that Will could always count on him to provide demonstrations and profiles that were near to perfection. Paperwork was never Grell's forte, but that was all right, as long as they met in the middle with the follow ups. This was why William T. Spears always gave in to Grell's pleading eyes, every single damn time. For Grell, it was all a matter of getting to Will first, before anyone else could ask him, but behind closed doors, William would always think of Grell first before anyone else for a project like this, which was now becoming a more frequent activity.

"Oh my, yes!" Grell exclaimed, jumping over the desk and crashing into Will, embracing him tightly and sending them rolling backwards into the file cabinet. Luckily, the new chair was well equipped for such an impact. "Thank you so much! I look forward to this every time. When do I need to fill out my information?" He looked back up at Will.

William shook his head. "I'll take care of that. Any updates on your current residence or the like?"

"Nothing you haven't heard." Grell stood up again. "Done for the day?"

"Just wrapping up, why?"

"Curious that's all. Perhaps you'd like to take a walk or have dinner?" Grell asked in hope.

"As much fun as it sounds, I cannot. There's still a lot of work to be done," Will replied. Scoffing, Grell was walking towards the door, stopping to look behind him briefly.

"See you when the month is out, Will," Grell said. Will knew exactly why this pleasure of Grell's behavior was occurring. He wasn't jeopardizing the future for a short term screw off. If only he could get that out of the red reaper every time.