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Chapter Eleven

"We're here." Undertaker leaned back to embellish them with his cackling voice.

Undertaker's shop was right around the corner of where a construction was currently taking place. Therefore, the longer route was necessary, leaving them with about an hour's travel, but they had finally come to its end.

There was no movement by the coffin, so Will thought he'd knocked that reaper out good. Grell stood back with Undertaker after Spears handed him off. Once he pulled back the coffin, Knox was right there, wide awake and with his arms crossed.

"Get up," Will spoke, but the disdain rang clear. He scoffed, sighed and sat himself up.

"Do you understand what you have done?" Will asked. There was no reply from Knox. He actually looked intimidated and freaked out. Who wouldn't in the presence of William T. Spears after he had done something wrong?

Knox looked at him apprehensively. "Attempted murder," he replied.

"Correct," Will said. "Your misconduct could have resulted in the death of a reaper. You could have, at the very least, confronted the issue with Sutcliff face to face. Instead, you deliberately broke into my home and tried at both our lives. Sanctions must be issued. I am ensuring your demotion status for at least a few years time. Your deathscythe will be confiscated and you will work overtime for me during this period. After your time is determined and served, I will decide where you go from there."

"Yes Sir," Knox said, sighing.

"You are also being place on restraint and your interactions with Reaper Grell Sutcliff will be limited or within my presence. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good," Will sighed. "I need not ask why you decided this was a good idea. Off you go with the Undertaker."

Undertaker turned, giving off a wide grin of approval.

Ronald Knox jumped out of the coffin, asking what Undertaker could possibly want of him, to which Undertaker's laughter intensified as he introduced Reaper Knox to corpse preparation. This is where he would start.

Grell didn't move as Knox passed him, but their eyes met. Will observed Grell was not angry with Knox, though he expected Grell would have been. His stare told a different story, one that included Grell's desire to heal and feel disdain for Knox in future social settings, not revenge for what had been done. He just wanted Knox to leave him alone.

Spears approached Sutcliff, meeting the reaper's gaze with a gentle eye.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"I'm fine," Grell replied, looking back at Knox and Undertaker. "I don't exactly feel prepared for any more surprises, though."

"Understandable," Will said. "How are your stitchings?"

"Bloody tight and messy," Grell replied.

"Why don't you clean up? Take off your vest and shirt, they'll need to be washed as soon as possible," Will said.

Within the confines of the washroom, Sutcliff stripped himself of his entire upper half. Blood was nothing new, even his own, but when he laid the clothes aside, he was forced to look upon himself and that hideous scare that bore from his left cheek. Not only did it hurt like a bitch, but it was done by that dreaded Reaper Knox. Will would surely punish him rightly, yet Grell couldn't get over this wound as he washed it out thoroughly, no matter what the pain he had to endure.

For being in a hurry, Spears was a rather excellent seamster. The knots tied at both end were secure and unwavering, no matter what Grell did. Rather impressive to suit the Shiginami's hand that performed such a task outside of his current job experience.

A knock came at the door, startling Sutcliff briefly.

"You've been in there for quite a while. Are you all right?" that was Will's voice.

"Yes, I'm fine," Grell opened the door to reveal a less bloody grim reaper.

"You look much better," Will remarked, looking straight at the stitchings. "Looks like there's no infection."

"No, I didn't see anything either," Grell replied, sighing.

"Oh for God's sake Grell, you look fine," Spears said definitely. "The scar will heal and there will be nothing left of it by the end of the month, you know that."

"For an entire month, I will look like this," Grell said. "That's precisely the problem. I'm the reaper who was nearly reaped by an amateur, with a large gash on my once wonderful face to prove it too. I don't think you understand, Will." Turning away for a brief moment, Spears collected his thoughts.

"You are still expected to continue your work. I suggest you ignore the gossip. If it makes you feel any better..." he sighed, unable to believe he'd be saying such a thing. "...you look perfect to me."

Grell looked up at him, and Will knew that's exactly what Grell needed to hear right now.

"You, you really think that?" he asked. Will adjusted his glasses.

"It's not what I think, it's a statement of fact," he tried to retaliate, but there was no going back on it now. Grell threw himself against Will, a smile back on his face and with a close hug to match.

"Oh Will, I could never stay mad at you for anything!"

Spears returned the embrace, knowing this is what Grell needed, God knows he never got it regularly and without a small ego boost, Grell was just not himself.

"You were upset with me?" Will asked.

"For letting Knox get into your apartment, a little bit hon," Grell admitted.

"I'm personally annoyed by that intrusion as well. It will never happen again."

"Yes, I'm sure it won't," Grell was still hugging him. "Do I have to stay here tonight?"

William hadn't thought about that, but perhaps that was because he already had the answer to his own question.

"No," Will said. "You may return with me if you wish."

That was simply speaking his own mind, knowing Grell would hate to be alone right now. The two said their goodbyes to Undertaker after Sutcliff's clothes were laundered properly and the bloodstains were taken out. Last they left Knox, he was accentuating a mangled corpse with pink dyes, the bounder over his shoulder every step of the way.

Climbing into bed, Grell caught a glimpse of Will putting down a curtain to cover up the broken window. As he laid down to sleep, Spears changed and made a quick call to let the office know he and his guest would be arriving into the office late tomorrow afternoon.

"What are we up to tomorrow?" Grell asked as Will lay his own body down on the other side of the bed.

"Record-keeping. It was supposed to be done tonight but the reapings were rearranged. No matter, it's just a little overtime," Will said. "I'm sure we can accomplish that on our own. Of course, I'll have to rearrange your list of souls as well."

"Hmm, more overtime thanks to me again...Sorry about that," Grell said, looking the other way.

"Not your fault, this time," Spears replied. "Try and get some sleep."

William turned onto his back and Grell on his right side, facing Will. Closing his eyes, Spears knew he'd fall asleep for sure within a few minutes. Tonight was quite the affair.

Upon his waking, the room was shaded in black from the curtains he'd put up, making for an easy wake up. As he yawned, he could feel more pressure upon his chest than usual and that's when he opened his eyes, revealing Grell Sutcliff leaning against him with one arm over Spears' chest. Will placing his index and middle finger just under his jawline, confirming Grell was still pulsing during his sleep, experiencing even a few irregular heartbeats as he body continued to heal itself.

His eyes were closed, and his spectacles sat on the table near the other bedside, but for the time being, he was back against Will since last night most likely.

"Will?" the reaper mumbled, his eyes slitting open ever so slightly.

"Yes, Grell?" he asked, looking down at him.

"Do we get to go reaping tonight?" he asked sleepily and obviously oblivious, positioning his hand to touch Will's face.

"If you want," he replied, his mind already alert and focused for the day ahead of him. A reaping would mean less for those on staff tonight.

"Good...I love reaping together."

Yes, today promised even more overtime.