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Just Another Fangirl

Beth sighed happily as she sat across the common area eating her lumpy oatmeal. She watched as Carol and Daryl sat close together, speaking with those around them as their shoulders brushed against one another. Neither seemed to acknowledge the other's presence, but small secret smiles occasionally graced their faces. Carol stood suddenly, reaching for Daryl's now empty bowl without needing to check if he was finished or not, giving him a small grin as he handed it to her. Briefly their eyes met; a look passed between the two as rough fingers subtly caressed her small delicate ones just before Carol pulled back and moved to drop the dishes off at the sink.

Yeah, if this were some TV show, they would so be her ship. Such a display of love, for those who cared to look close enough, could send the most pessimistic into fangirl glee.


Never one for touching, Daryl's heart sped up as he pulled Carol closer to his body. His mind just catching on to his actions as her head suddenly rested upon his chest, her tears soaking into his shirt. Heat scorched his body as his arms encircled her, placing his palms flat across her back.

Dixon's don't do hugs, briefly jittered across his mind as he pulled her in close, resting his cheek upon her crown. Daryl's breathe stuttered, before inhaling deeply, catching the scent of wood smoke and wildflowers that clung to her hair. Grasping her tightly to him as her sobs ripped into his tattered soul, hoping against hope to assuage her grief.

Air to Breath

He knew nothing about kissing. Not one damned thing. Yeah, he'd fucked women when he needed to, whether to appease his brother's fear of him not being man enough, or his own desperate need for release, but never had he wanted the intimacy of kissing. That was too far past his boundaries.

But her soft blue eyes staring up into his with such hope, need…love made him want to press his lips to hers. To feel the hot pang of desire rushing up his spine as she tilted her head allowing him more access. Her tongue swiping gently at his mouth, moist and hot, seeking entrance.

He needed her like he needed air to breath. The walls he'd erected crumbled.

"Carol," he breathed lowering his head to capture those beautiful lips.