So, here's a little more. I have no idea if it's any good, but decided to post anyway and hope some enjoy.

Great love to my beta, Tam a.k.a spikeslovebite, without you I would have never attempted writing all those years ago. Also a huge thanks to all of you who read. You are the only reason we authors put our work out there hoping it will make you feel.


Carol couldn't help herself, it seemed. The need to get a reaction out of him, see him turn red as he looked at her shoes. To see him shy and fidgeting as he ducked his head to hide a smile was all too little and more than enough.

Those feelings she pretended were nothing but friendship grew steadily every moment they spent in each others presence. She shivered as she felt his eyes on her, protecting her. It caused heat to pool in her gut and left a tingling warmth in its wake, even in the stark cold they had to endure during the winter months on the road. Knowing he cherished their friendship more than any other made her dreams of his sweat soaked skin sliding against hers more appealing by the second. Carol had stunned herself the first time bawdy words flew unwillingly past her lips one afternoon after his hunt.

"What ya doin' with that thing?" Daryl asked, eyeing her.

"Petting it, what else?" Carol snarked as she stroked the fur of the baby rabbit he had found after killing what was probably the mother earlier that morning for them to eat.

"It's nothin' but a little rodent, woman. What's so special 'bout it?" he retorted.

"I've never felt anything this soft," she answered.

Daryl's hand moved toward the little bunny, one finger stretching out to stroke its head as it lay content in Carol's lap. Her mind leapt to a place it should never have gone, causing heat to rise in her cheeks, spreading down her neck and chest.

"Oh…Yes, Dixon, stroke that softness," she sighed breathily.

"Stawp," he drawled, averting his eyes while he blushed furiously, a small grin replacing his ever present scowl. Daryl brought the hand he'd been using to pet the tiny creature up to his mouth and started gnawing on the skin of his thumb, but never left her side.

And Carol discovered teasing could be extremely fun and knew she could never give it up.