Chapter 2




To Tsuna's pleasant surprise, classes were not just relaxing (god knew how to compare Reborn-taught lessons to normal ones), but for the first time since forever, Tsuna found himself genuinely interested in the lesson content… even with the over-abundant usage of octopus themes.

However, what came as a slight surprise was the fact that Koro-sensei had been the teacher for every subject. From guiding students through chemical reaction and mathematic equations, to giving the odd quizzes in English and then transitioning to Japanese without half a beat of uncertainty. He held a textbook with one tentacle as he wrote on the board, but Tsuna had a feeling he had already memorised every page, regardless of which subject it was on.

In that area, Koro-sensei really reminded him of Reborn. But he'd rather go through a year's worth of the former's lessons than even 1 hour of the latter's… whatever Reborn was trying to pass off as teaching for the day.

Before long, the familiar chime of bells had Koro-sensei paused mid-sentence. Oh, it's already break, Tsuna realised. Here in the old campus of Kunugigaoka Junior, it was a far cry from the lessons that Tsuna spent most on glancing at the hands of the classroom clock and urging it to move faster.

"It's lunchtime," Koro-sensei said cheerfully as he slid open a window panel. "Sensei will be trying out some chocolate in Switzerland." There was a look of true anticipation and Koro-sensei seemed to drool. It wasn't hard for Tsuna to note Koro-sensei to have a sweet tooth.

"As usual, please call me if there's anyone who would like to assassinate me."

With the parting words, Koro-sensei disappeared in a burst of pure speed. Mach 20, isn't it? Tsuna dropped his head onto his desk, half-envious. If Tsuna could be as fast, maybe he could run away from all things mafia at that speed too.

Then again, Reborn would probably find him, and drag him back to whatever chaos that was currently being stirred, and Tsuna would be feeling five times the pain and misery. And Gokudera would have already destroyed three blocks of buildings in the presence of Yamamoto without Tsuna mediating (read, begging Gokudera to stop while Yamamoto just laughed and cheerfully adding another line to push his buttons… sometimes Tsuna suspects the baseball player was doing it on purpose— no, he definitely was doing it on purpose.), and then Hibari would bite Tsuna to death because, Namimori or not, Hibari was just as bloodthirsty as always to find any excuse to fight. Then Ryohei would be crashing into the scene and of course Mukuro would be there if Hibari was, with Chrome lurking near, and ohmygod Lambo would either be creating more chaos by provoking Gokudera, or demanding more grape candies, or—

Did they realise I've been sent on an extended trip?

Tsuna could already see the ruins of whichever town that has the unfortunate bestowed by his Guardians. And the damage repairs. And the towering paperwork, which Nono had, very gleefully, dumped onto Tsuna. Something about having the responsibility for his own Guardians, and all.

It had only been the first day and Tsuna was already dead inside.

Footsteps and the rustling of cloth. Someone was approaching. "Yoshi, right?"

That immediately got him an internal wince.

"No, no. Call me Tsuna please," Tsuna replied on reflex. Lifting his head from its position of a faceplant, Tsuna blinked at the sight of—

An Ikemen.

There really wasn't any more suitable word to describe.

"Tsuna, then," he said without hesitation. "I'm Isogai Yuuma, class representatives with Meg, ah, Kataoka Meg there."

He waved, and across the room, a brunette met it with a smile and nod at Tsuna.

A-another ikemen. Ah, ike… megu.

"If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask, okay?"


Even the classmates here were much better than those in Namimori. It wasn't much dilemma for Tsuna to forcefully shove all his potential problems into the back of his mind. If Reborn wanted to send him for something that was basically like a vacation for him, he'd better make sure he enjoyed every last second of it. Peace and normalcy were pretty much non-existent in Tsuna's world, after all.

"Ah, and, after this, we're going to try to assassinate Koro-sensei, wanna join us?"

As if this classroom is anything normal!

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