In the basement of the cabin Red was silent for a moment listening to the creaks of Granny's rocking chair. The needles clicked together as she worked the yarn from one needle to the next. Granny was knitting a blanket for Snow and Charming's child, Red knew she should be elated but in honesty, she wasn't. She couldn't help but feel that love was something she couldn't have in her life. She loved Peter, she only wish she could've told him that. It wasn't her fault that she ate Peter, she couldn't have known that she was the monster the entire town was looking for. Red brushed the tear that fell, she knew there were other wolves like her but she wasn't sure if that could work either. She wanted to be free to love whomever she wanted but with such a horrible past how could someone find it in themselves to love her in return?

On nights where the moon was full Red couldn't bring herself to leave the basement. Even with her red cloak against her back she couldn't feel truly safe from the beast within. The wood above her groaned as Granny stood from her chair. Red knew already that the door to the basement would open and Granny would scold her until she walked up the stairs. The door swung open and Granny stood at the head of the stairs, "Come on up now girl, it's time to stop moping."

"Coming Granny." Red said in defeat. Maybe she wasn't ready for love now but that didn't mean she couldn't be ready for it later. Granny was right, it was time to stop moping. When she reached the top of the stairs Red wrapped her arms around Granny. "Thanks." She said.

Granny tightened her arms around Red, "I know this is hard Red." She admitted, "But you'll learn to control the beast within in time. Don't let the curse ruin your life, use the curse to better it." She left Red's arms and returned to her rocking chair. "I've left a book for you on your bed. I think you'll find its contents will help."

Red pulled her cloak tighter and moved into her room, on her bed was a book. It was worn but looked well taken care of. She lifted the leather cover and found that it was her Granny's diary. On the very first page in messy scribbling's she read, 'a wolf like me'. Red smiled and ran her finger over the words, maybe this diary could help her control the beast within, who better to learn from then her Granny.