After escaping the castle, fleeing the guards and jumping in the river they were both soaked through their clothes. Mary insisted they continue through woods, the guards would still be looking and inns would be their first stop. Mary sat in her smallclothes by the fire Bash built and warmed her hands. A part of her still wished with all her heart that she could return to the castle, wed Francis and become Queen of France and England but she couldn't risk the chance of a prophecy not after what happened to Aylee. She loved Francis, and because she loved him she couldn't ever return.

"Mary?" Bash asked returning from the brush. Quickly, Mary covered herself. "Sorry I didn't mean to."

"No it's okay." She sat back down onto the log. "We should warm ourselves by the fire—we will need to continue on soon." Sebastian moved forward removing his jacket and placing it next to the fire. "I'm sorry I've dragged you into this mess."

He sat on the log across from her, "I would've fled regardless." He admitted, "Now I just have better company."

Mary smiled but quickly frowned, "Francis will hate me."

"You said it was very important for you to go, he would have to understand that. Besides, I'm not sure anyone could ever hate you Mary."

"Catherine does."

"Well Catherine hates everyone." Bash laughed.

Mary felt the warmth of the fire on her skin, "Do you think we will make it to Scotland Bash?"

"We'll try." He said, "Tomorrow I can go to the stables and buy us a horse, we'll continue through the woods till we reach the docks and we will find our way onto the next ship to Scotland."

"It's okay you know. If you leave now I'll understand."

Bash shook his head, "I would never."

Mary watched him. There was never a question to her before, Francis or Bash. She had a marriage pact with Francis and wanted to believe it could work between them. She remembered the moments she had with Bash after finding out about Francis and Olivia but she always thought she had kissed him because she was hurt or vulnerable—or drunk but she knew it wasn't just that. Bash cared about her, truly cared. There wasn't a forced marriage between them and she didn't feel like she had to be somebody she wasn't. "Thank you Bash." She smiled. "I'm not sure how well I would've been on my own out here but you're right it is good company."