Mary smiled at Sebastian bashfully. They both stood opposite of each other in their wedding garb after being ushered into the bedroom for the marriage consummation. The ceremony was beautiful, and though at first Mary wondered if she could ever get past her love for Francis and wed Bash she realized now that she could. Mary could hear the jostling of people outside their doors eagerly waiting for them to emerge wedded and bedded. She couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

"Is everything all right Mary?" He asked.

"It's..." She bit her lip, heart pounding in her chest. "It's just that - I'm not quite sure why I'm so nervous." She admitted.

"We don't have to do this."

Mary crossed the room and placed her hand on his. "It isn't that Bash. We are wed now and this is to be expected but I can't help but think they'll throw the doors open and laugh at us."

Bash smiled, "Half of them are drunk and would hardly remember it even if they did." He took a seat on the bed and Mary sat next to him, "We can take this as slow as you'd like Mary. You know I love you but I also know that you love Francis. I don't want to rush you into anything."

"I do love Francis and it's quite possible that a part of me always will, but I am quite fond of you as well. It was I who kissed you in the field." She said, "I know that I'm the one who put you in this place and it wasn't fair of me but I think this will work." She took his hand and placed it palm side up on her lap. Gently she traced an M and an S across his palm. "But we are wed now," She interlaced her fingers through his, "and together we will reign." Mary turned towards him and softly brushed her lips against his.