Transformers G-Prime

Chapter 5: More than Meets the Eye pt.5

The two girls bolted away screaming. Justin was about to grab Aelita and bolt, but was caught completely off guard when the motorcycle turned on and started moving all by itself. Unexpectedly, Justin yelped and grabbed the handlebars tightly as the bike did a wheelie and turned to face the charging vehicles. The blue motorcycle instantly charged towards the sports car trio. Aelita ran over to Cliffjumper and hopped in, with the two following the motorcycle scout and driving after them.

Justin's only reaction was clinging on tight for dear life and yelling. Arcee lifted her front wheel up as she gunned it through the space in-between the two Vehicons on the right, and towards the street. As soon as her tires hit the road pavement she kicked up her speed. Arcee and Cliffjumper both zoomed down the street with the Vehicon trio now in hot pursuit.

"Do not let go," Arcee instructed.

Justin yelped as he stared at the dashboard with a shocked expression. He was taken by surprise from the feminine voice that came out of nowhere.

"Who said that?!" Justin cried out.

The blue femme did not answer. She instead accelerated her speed as the Dodge Challenger chased after her. Justin glanced back to see the three amethyst/onyx vehicles still gaining on them. After getting over some of his panic, he decided to take action.

Justin reclaimed his hold on both handlebars as Arcee took a fast right turn at an intersection. As soon as the femme hit the straight, she accelerated even faster. The teen boy gritted his teeth hard as a mixture of shock and fear were plastered on his face.

After putting some distance between the three Vehicons, Arcee and Cliffjumper slowed down and pulled into an alleyway. When the two came to a complete stop, Justin immediately dismounted her and backed away slowly, as Alex hopped out of the car as he ran to him, while Justin was still facing her.

"W-w-what…are you?" Justin stuttered.

Arcee glared at Justin and Alex, mostly Justin, with her headlights. "I don't exist. Tell anyone about me, my comrade, or Aelita, and I will hunt you down." She threatened acidly.

Justin took a quick glance at the Dodge Challenger, wondering if it could talk as well, but also to look at Aelita. She seemed completely stunned, not because she was frightened about the talking vehicles, but maybe because she knew that he knew the bike could talk. He returned his attention back to the blue bike to see she was slowly inching closer to him, gesturing for him to leave. Seeing no other option, Justin and Alex did as she wanted and ran down a separate alleyway. But when they ran down that way, he took a quick glance at Aelita, and then was gone.

Aelita slid back in her seat, as Cliff apologized, "Sorry, kiddo."

"It's for the best," Arcee radioed in.

With the human boys gone, Arcee and Cliffjumper hit the throttle and raced down the pathway. Just in time too. As they went donw the road, she adjusted her mirrors and could see the Vehicon triplets still going after them. But then she noticed a police car turning in the ally, and driving straight for her. She wasn't worried though. The Earth authorities would escort them to safety out of the roard war going on. However, fate had other plans. She caught a glimpse of the cop car turning down the alleyway where Justin and Alex had gone down… and saw the Decepticon symbol on the rear.

"Scrap!" She exclaimed.

Aelita leaned on the dashboard, "What is it?"

"Decepticon! The cop car!" Arcee radioed. "It's going after the boys!"

Aelita paled as she gasped, "No…"

"Not if I can help it," Cliffjumper radioed.

Cliffjumper instantly u-turned and gunned his engines towards the three incoming black cars. The red warrior timed it right as he jumped into the air, and transformed, grabbing Aelita in the air. Arcee groaned, as she u-turned as well, speeding after them, as she leapt off Her back tire made contact with the Vehicon's hood and allowed her to leap over the second one behind him. After clearing both of them, she changed course down the alleyway perpendicular to the one she was in.

As Justin and Alex were running, they were unaware that Barricade was making his way through the other driveway, hoping to cut off at least one of them. All of a sudden, both boys' ears picked up on the sound of car engines. Justin glanced back to see one of the scary, mauve colored cars with ebony highlights pursuing them.

'Great, this day just keeps getting better and better for us,' Justin grimaced inwardly.

Alex turned around, and saw the mauve vehicle coming after them, as Alex ran into an alley way, as he picked up the pace. Justin saw the move, as he stated, "ALEX, WHA…?"

"WE'LL SPLIT UP! HE CAN'T COME AFTER BOTH OF US," Alex responded back. But then suddenly, the mauve vehicle went after Alex, as he cried out, picking up the pace of his run, "I swear, I don't know what you guys want, but I have no connections with the mafia whatsoever! Not even my friend has them either!"

Suddenly, the sounds of a familiar motorcycle engine got more noticeable. Arcee quickly slipped by the Vehicon through a gap between the drone and the wall. The motorcycle drove up to Alex's side, and lessened speed, as she demanded, "Hop on!"

"Oh, sure. Why not," Alex retorted sarcastically. But then asked, "Promise you wont end me?"

"If I don't, they will," Arcee retorted.

Alex mounted the seat again, and then she quickened her speed. The duo zoomed out of the alleyway, and down the street again. But then he asked, "What about Justin?"

"Don't worry. A friend's on the way," Arcee reassured him.

Back with Justin

During the separation, Justin ran into an abandoned building to get away from the persuing vehicles. Luckily, he had lost the strange muscle cars coming after him as soon as he ran into the warehouse. Though, he was worried they had stopped going after him, and just went after Alex instead. Though, he hoped that wasn't the case, as he stopped in his tracks, and looked behind him.

"Oh man, I can't get this pit out of my stomach," he grimaced. "I gotta go back after him."

And he was about to, until he heard a police siren from behind. He turned around to see a police car approaching him, as the boy sighed in relief, "The police. Awesome. They can help." He ran for the vehicle, not noticing the officer wasn't slowing down. "Officer! Officer! I need…"


The police car turned to pass the boy, and opened the door, smacking it into him. Justin flipped to his back, and crashed flat on it in a heap; a little worse for wear at the moment. He groaned, as the door closed back up, and the vehicle stopped, as he stood back up, clutching his chest, "Ugh! Right in the chest and stomach. And… I think the heart too. Oh man, that hurts." He wobbled over to the driver's section, and spoke up, "Why'd you do that? I was coming ot you guys for help!" But then he stopped, as he noticed the driver wasn't moving at all. Not even turning to see him, to which Justin was a little worried, "Um… you okay?"

Suddenly, the car started shaking, causing Justin to back away, as it suddenly split apart and started changing, much to the boy's shock. Once it was done changing, the police car had transformed into a sixteen foot giant robot. Its body was colored black and purple, with white pieces of the police car showing on the back, arms and a little on the legs. The back tires were relocated on the back, and the two front tires had been converted into the palms of the hands, with sharp claws clawing at the ground after its transformation. The grill and headlights red and blue became the pelvic region, as the chest had the headlights and toothed grill of the car. On his back were two sharp spines as his shoulder pads had one spike each. His head was colored black and purple, with the gray faceplate had purple glowing eyes, and sharp teeth, twisted into a grin as he looked at Justin.

"Never been better, Mister Seyvont," Barricade chuckled darkly. "And maybe you can help me out."

Justin paled, as the sudden shock of a car transforming into a giant robot came to light. He turned and sprinted out as fast as he could, ignoring the surging pain from his sore abdomen. He turned around, and saw that the giant robot hadn't made a move to go after him. he thought that all it could do was just kneel… until it got up, and chased after the boy. And despite the fact he had made good distance, the giant's size actually wasn't in his favor, as he caught up to him in five giant steps. Barricade knelt over, and flicked Justin into a scrapped Mini-Cooper, smashing into the windshield.

Justin coughed up from the hit, as he looked up, the giant looming over him, as he groaned, "Ugh, this is not my day…"

Barricade knelt down, but slammed both his fists on the road on both sides of the Cooper, as he leered down a startled Justin as he interrogated, "Are you Justin Seyvont of 3145 F Ave?"

Justin managed to speak out again, "Wh-What are you talking about…?"

"ARE YOU JUSTIN SEYVONT OF 3145 F AVE," Barricade roared out a second time.

Justin meekly nodded, "Y-Yeah…"

Barricade huffed, as he continued on, "Where is the Autobot Cliffjumper at this moment? WHERE IS THE ARK!?"

Justin managed to seen an opening, and ran under Barricade's legs, evading the giant robot. The Decepticon tracker turned around, as he roared out, "Get back here!" And pursued after him yet again.

But just before he could chase after, a familiar red Dodge Challenger sped through the window of the warehouse, smashing through and speeding forward once it landed back on the ground. Barricade didn't react in time, as Cliffjumper slammed into the Decepticon's leg, causing him to trip and crash on to the ground. Justin stopped his running once he heard the crash, and turned around to see the Dodge Challenger speeding up to him.

He paled at this even more, as he gulped, "Man, the possessed Challenger? Oh man, this isn't my day."

Suddenly, the car slid to the side, as it came to a stop nearly a foot away from Justin. The door opened, as Aelita scooted to the driver seat, as she pleaded, "Justin! Get in, quick!"

Justin hesitated, not sure if he should, until Cliffjumper spoke up, "You wanna live? Hop in, J-Man!"

Finally, Justin sucked it in, and ran for the vehicle, as he hopped in. The door closed, as Cliff sped out of there as fast as his tires could take him. Barricade got up and saw the Challenger Autobot take off, as he roared out, "COWARD!" And jumped as he transformed into vehicle mode, and sped after them.


On the Street

The trio of Vehicons were closing behind Arcee and Alex. Alex looked back and to his shock, he saw some sort of laser weapon deploy out of the side of their hoods. Without warning, a barrage of red energy blasts was fired upon the two of them.

The femme took evasive maneuvers as she went side to side, avoiding the blasts. Alex was freaked out from this sudden turn of events.

Arcee took a turn that got them on the main freeway along with many other trucks, cars, and vans. She knew that it may not have been wise to get on the highway, but it was the quickest way to a place where there would be no prying human eyes.

Alex breathed heavily, bringing in much needed oxygen. He relished this short moment to calm his body and nerves. Once he caught his breath, he eyed the bike's dashboard.

"Why are those guys shooting at us?" He asked.

"There's no 'us' kid. And they're not guys," Arcee replied harshly.

Not far behind, Cliffjumper had made his way to the freeway, with Barricade chasing after them. His sirens were blazing, making it easier to clear the roads as well as no one interfering with the chase. Meanwhile, Justin was silently freaking out, as he looked to the calm but determined Aelita, as he asked, "What the heck is going on? Why is your car talking? And that police car; how did it…?"

"They aren't vehicles, they're Cybertronians," Aelita replied. "From the planet Cybertron!"

Justin blinked at that, as he felt a bit freaked out, "Cybertron? What you saying, like they're robots from another planet?"

Aelita nodded, "Nearly 3 billion light years from the Milky Way." But then Aelita looked at Justin, who seemed silently freaking out, but asked, "Um, are you okay?"

Justin's panicked face turned to annoyed, as he stated, "Look, I'm not stupid. There's no way that or this car are aliens. And I'm having trouble believing what I just saw. Some stuff like that couldn't be built." He scratched the back of his head, as he grumbled, "Maybe Japan could do it, but not this advanced."

"Sounds like this kid's going through a hard time taking this in," Cliffjumper stated.

Aelita looked to Justin, and asked, "Justin? Are you going to be okay?"

Justin sighed, as he looked to her, "Three muscle cars tried to run me and Alex over, your car and that motorbike spoke out, a police car slammed its door into me when I ran to get help, the said police car transformed into a robot and knew my name… and now you're asking me if I'm okay?" He slouched in his chair, as he sighed, groaning, "I don't know if I'm ever gonna be okay after all this."

"I know I'm okay," Cliff pointed out. "Whoa. Hang on!"

Cliffjumper reared in traffic as they made their way through the freeway. They figured the three would lose the police car, but no such luck, as Barricade was tailing them like wildfire.

He turned to another runway, connecting to where Arcee and Alex were. Justin caught a glimpse at them both, as he waved to him, to get his attention. Alex did the same, but seemed a little bit freaked out about all this. But around the time, they saw the three purple cars still chasing after them. All of a sudden, out of the corner of their eyes, both boys spotted a yellow and black camaro zooming down the freeway. It came up to the side of the police car in front and slammed into it.

The force sent the car uncontrollably to the side of the road. It made contact with the wall of the freeway, causing sparks to fly everywhere and causing serious damage to the vehicle's paintjob. This gave Bumblebee more than enough time to accelerate forward and provide a barrier between the other Vehicons, Cliffjumper, and Arcee.

"Friend of yours?" Alex asked.

"Family," Arcee simply replied.

They continued driving down the highway, looking for an exit. Justin and Aelita glanced back momentarily to see one of the ebony and violent cars drive up and slam into Bumblebee's side. The young scout lost control and was forced off the road, and skip across the highway railing. The Vehicon trio picked up their speed and started regaining ground on the Autobots and the teenagers riding with them.

Not Far

Raf was sitting in between an incomplete bridge, near the drain way, as he was playing with his yellow and black race car. He wanted to come over to Justin's for another racing gaming day, but found he wasn't there. It must have happened when someone had somebody else in their life. Namely it was probably that Aelita girl that Justin had met. She was a little bit out of it, almost like she was seeing the world for the first time. But it seemed okay, since he knew Justin probably needed a girlfriend; his sister kept pestering him for one. He figured that maybe Macy or that new girl, Aoi, would have been the girlfriend, but apparently blue-haired anime girls did it for him.

His cellphone began to ring, as he stopped playing, and answered, "Hello? Hi, Mama. I'll be back home soon. I promise. Love ya." And then hung up, and went back to his game.

However, that stopped, as he heard engines roaring close by. Not far from him, Cliff and Arcee spotted orange cones laid out across the exit to an empty, unfinished highway ramp that was still under construction. They both scanned closer to see that there were no workers present around the sight. It was the perfect place to come out of hiding and throw down with Barricade and his flunkies. The exit appeared to over a thousand feet ahead of them.

When the two Autobots came across an empty stretch of freeway, Arcee and Cliff gunned their accelerators towards the exit. They slipped by in-between some orange cones and up the bridge. Ben's eyes widened once he saw the incomplete bridge up ahead, and that the motorcycle didn't appear to be slowing down.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Justin asked loudly in a panicked fashion.

"Don't worry, Justin," Aelita reassured him. "They know what they're doing."

At the last minute, Arcee changed course towards the side of the bridge. She lifted up her front wheel whilst Alex hung on for his life, and jumped over the railing, with Cliffjumper following after them. Justin wasn't hold back a fearful yell as both vehicles speedily rolled down the outward slope of the ramp. As soon as they approached a drop off, Arcee and Cliffjumper went flying into the air.

The motorcycle and Challenger landed on their tires with a hard thud and skidded to a stop. Alex shakingly got off the bike, as he fell on his knees, but cried out, "LAND!" And began kissing the ground, as he rubbed it, "Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you so much…"

Justin shakingly got out of the car, clutching the sides, as he nearly vomited, while Aelita ran to his side, "Justin? Are you alright?"

But Justin politely shooed her back, as he groaned, "You might wanna step away before I make a mess of the area…"

"Not on me, you won't," Cliffjumper stated.

But then everyone, minus the vehicles, took a gander once they heard the clanking of something being dropped. They all saw Raf there, with his jaw down in awe of what had happened a moment ago. The only audible thing he managed to say was, "Whoa…"

Alex got back onto his feet, as he replied, "You have no idea…"

However, their attention was then drawn to the sounds of revving engines. They all looked to the side to see the three black cars parked thirty yards in front of all of them. But it was the next thing that really took the breath away of the three boys.

Strange gear shifting sounds were made as parts of each car broke into pieces. In less than a second, the cars had shifted into bipedal robots. They had the same color scheme as their vehicle forms: purple with a touch of black. They stood at least twenty-five feet tall and their faces were only a red, horizontal visor.

At that moment, Raf ran over ot Alex, as Justin's breath nearly left his lungs, as he gapped at the sight. Despite of what he had just seen, this still surprised him completely. But he and the other three boys were brought out of their thoughts, as they heard transforming sounds emanating from behind them. They all turned around, to see both the blue motorcycle and red challenger break up into pieces and shift around. Once the process was done, both a male and a female robot were present.

"I hope you boys brought a medpac with you…" Cliffjumper said as he smashed his fists together.

"Because this ends here, 'Cons," Arcee finished, as she and Cliff charged straight for them.

The Vehicons shifted their right lower arms to blasters and began letting loose a barrage of red energy blasts at both fo the Autobots. The two warrior dodged the fusillade of Energon blasts with ease and experience.

The kids ran to the side until they approached a drainage pipe sticking out of the side of the bridge slope. They hid at the opening, as they watched the battle unfold in front of them. However, the teenage mechanic grew fascinated by what was transpiring before him. He stayed put by the pipe and watched both Cliffjumper Arcee fight the Vehicon trio.

Raf finally managed to speak out, as he asked, "Who… or what are they?"

"Talking cars that transform into robots… or maybe the other way around," Alex gulped. But then he and Raf looked to Justin, and asked, "What do you think, man?"

Justin managed to spill out, without saying much on doubt in his voice, "They're alien robots from a planet 3 million lightyears from the Milky Way Galaxy that can probably transform into vehicles."

Both Raf and Alex looked to one another on that, as Raf asked, "Really?"

Justin shrugged, "It seems kind of plausible now, since they don't look like they were made in Japan." Aelita had to stifle a chuckle from them.

Cliffjumper did seem to be doing damage, but not Arcee, as she seemed more like a lightweight fighter. After punching one in the face repeatedly, she back away when she saw that it wasn't doing much good. The Vehicon triplets took aim and fired countless rounds of Energon blasts at the two.

Arcee started performing backward somersaults to avoid the discharges. After four backwards flips, a stray blast hit Arcee in her left shoulder area. She cried out as she rolled backwards from her momentum. Cliffjumper punched the guy that shot at her, "That ain't no way to treat a lady!"

Suddenly, the teens heard the sounds of a powerful engine drawing nearer. They looked up and right on cue, the same yellow and black muscle car from before drove off the side of the incomplete bridge. Just like the others, parts of the car broke apart and shifted into a yellow, bipedal robot with black highlights.

Bumblebee fell right on top of a Vehicons and delivered a wicked haymaker into the one that was standing by it. Raf even watched with awe as the yellow male looking bot fought the three, featureless purple drones. Arcee was holding her aching helm, still recovering from the stray shot she took. Cliffjumper shot at one of the Vehicons, sending them flying.

Bumblebee took a step back for a moment, but heard a crunch sound, as he went wide eye. He looked down and lifted his foot, revealing that he had crushed Raf's radio toy. He looked to the humans, to which Aelita spoke up, "bumblebee! That was Raf's!" and then she pointed to the now calm Raf.

Bumblebee looked to him, and blurred out an apology, "BR-BWRRRR."

Raf held his hands up, as he assured the yellow Autobot, "No problem. Really."

Suddenly, the teens were drawn to another roar, as they heard a police siren, and saw a police car coming at them. It was charging right at Bumblebee, as it transformed in the air, as Barricade attempted to tackle Bee, but he grabbed him in midair, and threw him over him, and into the other Vehicons. However, Barricade got up, and fired a round at Bumblebee, causing the yellow Autobot to stumble a bit, as Barricade ran to him, and pummeled him as he fell to the ground.

Barricade aimed his blaster at him, as he looked at the fallen Autobot, "End of the line, Autobot…"

"Leave him alone!"

The Decepticon stopped, as he turned to the source of the voice, which was Raf, as everyone else looked at him. But Barricade's glare only caused Raf to squeak out the next sentence, "Please?"

Barricade's attention was now turned to the kid, as he was prepared to get him… until a black CMC truck transformed into a buff robot, smashing him across the face. Meanwhile, Aelita managed to snap the boys out of their stupor, as she led them to an open sewer entryway into the wall. "Here, get out of here," Aelita advised them, with Raf getting in first. "This will lead you back to the town without them noticing."

"You don't have to tell me twice," Alex replied, as he hopped on in.

But as Justin was getting in, he looked to her and asked, "What about you?"

"I have to stay nearby with my friends," Aelita stated, earning a confused look on Justin's face. She nodded, "I know they're machines, but they're much more than what you see."

'More than meets the eye, I guess,' Justin thought, but then looked to Aelita as he asked, "Well, then when can I see you again?"

Aelita looked saddened for a moment, and then back to Justin, as she replied, "Never," and then kissed him quickly on his cheek, as she closed the door behind them.

Alex grabbed the stunned Justin, as they bailed, "C'mon, man. Move it! The farther we are away from the giant robots, the fast we live!"

Justin didn't argue, as the three boys were making their way out of there as best and fast as they could.

Back in the battle, Barricade was about to order a full assault, but it was abrupt when Jazz and Bulkhead made the scene. Transforming, the two joined the group of four, turning the tide, as Bulkhead smashed his fists together, daring for another move, "Who's ready to rumble?"

Being the smart one, Barricade ordered, "Retreat, Decepticons!"

They didn't hesitate, as they transformed and turn tail, speeding it out of there like there was no tomorrow. Once they were long gone, Bumblebee sighed in relief, as Ironhide got the kinks out of his neck. Arcee looked to him, Jazz, and Bulkhead, as she asked, "What kept you guys?"

"Traffic," Bulkhead answered.

Jazz whipped his brow, as he defended, "For a small town, it has one big freeway. You'd think something that big, they'd at least go a little bit faster."

Back at the Ark

After the battle, to which Barricade had called out a cowardly retreat, the Autobots had made their way back to the Ark. At the time, Ratchet and Perceptor were diagnosing both Bumblebee and Cliffjumper's systems; making sure there was nothing wrong with them after the fight. Although Ratchet was repairing the missing horn on Cliff's head, as Arcee was giving the detailed report about the fight.

"And Barricade and his goon squad would have been scrap metal, if the kids weren't much of a distraction," Arcee stated.

Optimus arched an eyebrow, as he looked to her, "Kids? You mean humans? How many?"

"Three. All of them boys, boss bot," Cliffjumper said. But then he winced, "Ow! Hey, Doc! Be more gentle, alright?"

"It's a miracle you're even capable of feeling anything, Cliffjumper," Ratchet stated, as he finished repairing the horn on Cliffjumper's head. "Alright. That should do it." He then put the equipment down, as he brushed his hands clean. "Alright, Aelita. I need to do a quick diagnostic. Make sure you're all right and…" But blinked, as he looked around, "Aelita?"

But Bulkhead tapped his shoulder, as he pointed to the main screen of Teletran 1, where Aelita was currently. Sitting at the human-made console station on the stair level, as she was looking at screenshots of the outside world. She seemed saddened as she looked at the photos, which kind of earned confused looks on all the Autobots.

Bumblebee beeped out, "BRWR~?"

"Yeah, good question, Bee," Jazz asked. "What's gotten her so down in Sad City? I thought she'd be happy that Cliff's pullin' through."

Cliff seemed to figure it out, as he deduced, "Ah, I think I know what it is."

"She misses the outside world," Perceptor asked.

Cliff shook his head, as he replied, "She misses him."

Optimus turned to Cliffjumper, as he asked, "Him?"

"The human boy who patched up Cliff," Arcee replied, as she crossed her arms. "A guy named Justin Seyvont. Works at a scrapyard."

Ratchet cringed, as the very thought crossed his mind, "What kind of barbarian would live in a place full of dead machines?"

"A guy who can fix them, apparently," Arcee commented. "He works part time as a mechanic."

Optimus was silent for a moment, as he tapped his chin in thought, and came to a decision, "And you say that the Deceptions believe him to be an ally, causing them to go after and question him?"

"Pretty much, Big Bot," Cliffjumper said, as his horn was back in place. "Otherwise, Barricade going after him was probably his way of blowing off steam from getting a daily dose of Bumper-Kicking from us."

Optimus then sternly looked to the screen, as he replied, "If the Decepticons are targeting us… those they believe to be our allies, are at great risk."

The Next Day

Antigo High

Justin was walking down the stairs of the high school, as he tried to wrap around his head on what had happened yesterday. The chase, the robots, everything. But mostly the robots, as he tried to process it all through. He had spent all night last night looking through all the websites for anything. But the only thing that came up was that impressive robotic model of that Gundam in Japan. Though that was the only thing close to what he saw. There wasn't anything at all of what to find. He was hoping to talk to either Aoi or Macy would help him out on that, but none of the two girls were present at all to talk to. Right now, he was just hoping Alex had been calm enough afterwards

At that moment, he passed a girl his age of Indian descent, with dark red auburn hair that matched her skin, brown eyes, slender figure, and wore a yellow mini skirt dress with long sleeves that nearly covered her hands, bright yellow stockings that went up to her thighs, yellow sneakers, a blue broche on her neckline, and a dark yellow belt that looked like Batman's utility belt. She was working on a laptop on something unseen.

As Justin passed her, Justin spotted Alex and Raf nearby and wlked to them. Though as he got there, he saw Alex shook up a little. He figured he was still razzled about what happened yesterday, as he spoke up, "Alex? You okay? Look I know that what happened yesterday was freaky…"

"And it's still happening," Alex nearly whimpered out. "They're here…"

Justin arched an eyebrow, as he saw the same colored sports cars, the Yellow Camaro and the flashy sports Porsche driving up. The Yellow Camaro pulled up to Raf, as it opened the door. It suddenly beeped and blurred, as Raf smirked, "He wants us to get in."

"All of us," Alex guped.

"Nope, just me," Raf said, as he calmly hopped in.

Justin then asked, "Wait. How do you know that?"

Raf turned to him, and innocently shrugged, "He told me." And then he and Bumblebee drove off.

Alex arched an eyebrow, as he huffed and crossed his arms, "Well, there's no way I'm following him. ain't no way…"

But then Jazz pulled up, as he opened his door, and replied, "What's crackin', homey?"

Then suddenly, Alex hopped in, as he smirked to Justin, "Catch ya later. I'm cruisin' around in a Porsche." And then drove off, with the radio blazin' a hip hop tune.

Justin blinked as he concluded, "Well, I think that I should…"

But then stopped, as he saw the Red Challenger, as well as the blue motorbike coming towards him. He paled, as he suddenly bolted out of there. Though this didn't go unnoticed, as the Indian girl saw this, as she raised an eyebrow, "What's he in a big hurry for?" And then put her laptop away, as she followed suit.

Justin managed to duck into an alleyway, hoping ot lose the two vehicles, and he did. He sighed in relief, as he leaned on a wall to catch his breath. But it was short lived, as the Dodge Challenger pulled up to his right, startling the boy, as he slowly backed way, even when Aelita came out of the car.

"Justin, it's alright. They won't hurt you," she assured him.

Justin then asked, "Okay, then what are you doing with them?"

Aelita then shyly remarked, feeling awkward on the situation, "Well… they're my um… family."

Justin went wide eye, as he asked, a bit shocked at that, "Wait. You're a robot too?!"

"No man, she's just as human as you are," Cliffjumper replied, slightly startling Justin at that moment.

Justin frowned, "You really need to give people warning about that; I'm still not used to talking vehicles that turn into robots. Or the other way around."

At that moment, Arcee approached him from behind, as she spoke up, startling him to turn around and face her, "Relax, kid. None of us are gonna bite."

"How about punch, kick, or shoot," Justin asked.

"Look, kid, there's a whole lot you and your friends don't know about," Arcee replied.

Justin walked past her, ignoring Cliffjumper and Aelita, as Justin replied, "No, I get it. I didn't see anything. First rule of Robo Fight Club: you don't talk about Robo Fight Club." But then he got serious, ignoring the fact that the two were transforming, as he stated, "But what none of you understand is that I don't want a bunch of crazy talking vehicles following me everywhere around town, trying to get me killed in something I don't understand."

But once he heard the transforming sounds, he turned around to see both Cliffjumper and Arcee transformed into their robot forms. He sighed, as he rubbed his forehead, "I don't think I'll ever get used to this."

"Look, J-Man. Believe me when I say this: we don't wanna get you involved in this either," Cliffjumper replied. He then stated, "But the big boss needs to talk to you and your friends."

"What Cliff's saying is that your safety is exactly why Optimus Prime is requested your presence, Justin," Arcee translated.

Justin blinked at that, as he asked, "Who? Wha… what's going on?"

Aelita walked up to Justin and held his hands, as she pleaded to him, "Justin, it's my fault you got involved in this. You, Alex, and Raf may be in danger, because you three are the only ones who have ever seen the Autobots or Decepticons. And because of that, the Decepticons might hunt you down."

"DUDE! What are you waiting for?"

They all turned around and saw in a corner, the same Indian girl smiling uncontrollably, as she gushed out, "This is the coolest chance of a lifetime!"

An awkward silence hung in the air as the four stunned occupants, two organic two metallic, looked at the fifth occupant, who was just smiling with excitement at hand. Until finally, Arcee stated, "Scrap."

"We really need to hide better now and then," Cliffjumper replied.

Later On

They had been riding for over thirty minutes, with Justin, Aelita, and the other girl driving inside Cliffjumper. As they were driving, Justin had to ask, as he pointed to the girl, "And why are we bringing her along?"

"Rules, kiddo," Cliff replied. "Besides, we couldn't leave her there. She'd start tellin' her friends."

Suddenly, something up ahead, at the end of a 'T' intersection, stood a massive rocky mesa. The teen couldn't help but stare at the large mountainous structure for a short moment.

Justin assumed they would all begin slowing down and turn either left or right at the end of the road. However, the teen boy was caught off guard when neither, Cliff, Arcee, Jazz, or Bumblebee didn't slow down, and instead ran off the road, towards the mesa wall!

"Hey…whoa!" Justin yelled as they continued speeding towards the rock wall. "Guys, that's a wall!"

"Yeah, we know," Cliff stated, sounding rather calm.

"That means the road's gonna end," Justin advised.

"Yeah, we know. Hehehe," Cliff chuckled, loving the moment of suspense for the kid.

Instead of slamming into the plateau, a giant blast door quickly opened and closed behind them. Justin's eyes widened as they rode into a large tunnel. A tunnel made out of golden yellow metal. A few seconds later, they drove into a large command center with ceilings over a hundred feet high.

Justin gasped from the awe-inspiring sight of large computer terminals, an orange and white robot, and a green bulky robot. As soon as Cliffjumper, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Jazz came to a smooth stop, Justin and Aelita exited out of Cliff, as did Sari, thus allowing him to transform to his full, twenty-one foot height. At the same time, Alex and Raf exited out of Bumblebee and Jazz which allowed them both to transform to their heights.

While the super-powered trio marveled at the Autobot command center, Ratchet and Bulkhead looked between the humans and Cliffjumper, Arcee, Jazz, and Bumblebee with confused and shocked expressions, the latter feeling more from Ratchet.

Ratchet examined the number of humans, and counted the obvious new addition, as he looked to Arcee and Cliffjumper, "Four? I thought you said there were only three?"

Cliffjumper shrugged, "You know how humans are. They multiply like that other earth creature: Rabbits."

"Cool your engines Ratch, I'm not exactly thrilled about this either. But I am following protocol." Arcee replied in an annoyed tone.

Arcee stepped away from the teens while they continued to examine their surroundings.

Suddenly, the Indian girl's eyes immediately locked onto the green hulky form of Bulkhead. She took a few steps closer to him. She was intrigued with these talking robots that transform into vehicles.

"I'm Sari. Sari Sumdac," the girl introduced herself to Bulkhead. "What's your name?"

Bulkhead fixed his optics on the girl and replied, "Bulkhead,"

"I'm guessing you're the heavy hitter around here," Sari deduced. The guy who likes the smash things,"

"I'm a Wrecker. Smashing things is my specialty." Bulkhead punched his fists together for emphasis. But he stated, "Though… not all the time."

Then it was Raf's turn, as he asked, "So if you guys are robots… who made you?"

"Probably Japan," Alex stated, as he crossed his arms. "Definitely Japan."

Ratchet scoffed at that, as he grumbled, "Pul-leeze."

"Uh, guys… I don't think they're from Japan. Let alone from this solar system," Justin took to heart what Aelita had told him a while ago. "I think they're from another planet."

"What do you know? The boy figured it out," Arcee crossed her arms.

"Actually, Aelita told me yesterday," Justin replied, pointed to a shied Aelita.

But at that moment, Justin, Aelita, Alex, Raf, and Sari felt the concrete floor shake. They all turned around, and the four new kids were surprised to see a towering thirty foot tall robot with broad shoulders, lean waist, and a red and blue paintjob, with attributes that indicated his vehicle disguise was a highway truck. The four new teens looked on in awe at the sight of the massive automaton.

He looked down, as he asked all around, "Are you Justin Seyvont, Alex Foxx, and Rafael Jorge Gonzales Esquivel?"

"They know our names," Raf whispered.

"They know your name," Alex asked in shock. "I could barely remember all of your name."

Justin managed to speak up, as he gulped, "Um, yeah… and you are?"

"My name is Optimus Prime," Optimus introduced himself. "We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the Planet Cybertron. 4 billion lightyears away from the Milky Way Galaxy."

"Oh snap they are aliens," Alex replied.

"Surprised much, homies," Jazz smirked.

Optimus then made introductions around, "My First Lieutenant: Jazz."

Jazz nodded, as he made introduction, "Gotta admit, this planet ain't Cybertron. But with all the hip hop, break dancin', and street land space, this planet so far is a cool place to kick it."

Justin blinked, "How did you guys learn to talk lingo on our planet?"

"We have learned many of Earht's languages, sarcasm, slang, and euphemisms from your information center referred to the World Wide Web," Perceptor spoke up.

"Our Science Officer, Perceptor," Optimus introduced, as he directed to Ironhide. "Our Weapons Specialist: Ironhide."

Ironhide went cowboy on the draw, pulling out both his cannons, as he smirked at the teens, "You feelin' lucky, punks?"

The kids gulped at that, as Aelita sighed in embarrassment, hiding her face in her hair, as Optimus calmed his friend, "Easy, Ironhide."

Ironhide holstered his cannons, as he shrugged, "Just kidding. I just wanted to show him my cannons."

"Our Medical Officer, Ratchet."

They looked to him, who frowned at Justin, as he stated, "Optimus, perhaps for Aelita's safety, we should keep her and the Justin boy separate. I've got reading on the boy's pheromone levels suggesting he wants to mate with her."

The two teens looked to each other and then away, as they hid from each other their blushing faces. Optimus ignored the doctor's overprotective nature, as he continued, "You've already met our current Wrecker, Bulkhead. And our scouts: Bumblebee, Arcee, and Cliffjumper."

"Okay, now that we all know each other," Justin stated, as he finally asked, "The big question is this: why are you guys here? And who were those jokers that tried to kills us yesterday?"

"We are here to ensure your world isn't destroyed by the Deceptions," Optimus replied. "And to ensure Megatron doesn't conquer Earth as he did Cybertron."

"Mega-who?" Justin asked.

"Show them, Perceptor," Optimus advised.

Perceptor nodded, as the scope on his shoulder whirred to life, and pointed at the ground. Suddenly, holograms of a metallic alien world showed around the teens. It was like they had been transformed into a new world altogether. "Our planet was once a powerful empire," Perceptor explained. "Peaceful and Just."

But then the landscape became ruined, littered with destruction and death. And all around them, robots fighting robots were all shown, as Perceptor continued, "Until the time of the Great War. The War fighting over control of our home world through bickering debate on its leadership and future. It was the war that we were betrayed by one who was once one of us. Megatron: Leader of the Decepticons. All who defied them were destroyed. The war finally consumed the planet, and we were forced to abandon home to survive. Megatron followed us to earth, were both ships crashed 4 billion years ago."

The introduction was over, as Optimus took over, "We awoke a few months ago due to planetary tremors. And since then, the war has started over in secret on this planet with no knowledge of it whatsoever."

"But why haven't they left the planet," Sari asked.

"They can't," Aelita explained. "Their ship is as much damaged as our, albeit they can still be airborne. The reason they're still here is that during the war millions of years ago, they made Energon farms and deposits on different worlds to turn the tide of the war. This planet is the biggest and richest in deposits of Energon ever. And in a war, the one with the most Energon, is the one who will survive and win the war."

Justin then looked towards Optimus. "So what does Megatron have to do with any of us?"

"Megatron has not been heard of since we were awakened from our stasis months ago," Optimus replied gravely. "But if his return is imminent, as I fear, it could be catastrophic."


Back at the Nemesis

The Decepticons warship, the Nemesis, flies high above the Earth. Inside the bridge, the room is dark and dimly lit by purple lights on the ceiling. Computer terminals are positioned to each side of the room with Vehicons manning them, keeping the ship's functions optimal and monitoring the planet.

Soundwave strolled down the pathway to his current commanding officer, who was still standing at the front of the bridge, looking at the Earth below.

"Soundwave," Starscream noted.

The silent Decepticon's visor suddenly depicted a horizontal zigzag line that was constantly moving whilst different series of sounds emitted from it. A twisted, evil grin formed on Starscream's mouth as he listened to the high frequency signal and the message embedded in it.

"That signal is emanating from deep space." He remarked as he turned to face Soundwave. "I would hate to waste the Energon…unless…you are for certain."

Soundwave simply nodded.

Starscream then focused his gaze towards the Vehicons at the monitors. "Then lock onto transmitted coordinates, and activate the spacebridge."

The drones did as they were told as they typed a series of commands into the computers.

Earth's Orbit

The Moon

Decepticon Space Bridge

Floating outside Earth's orbit was a giant ring like structure. Sharp metal/rocky spikes protruded from the outside of the circumference, while the insides of the ring were plated with smooth metal.

Without warning, the ring apparatus began to activate as turquoise lightning appeared inside the opening. Seconds later, a humongous, swirling greenish-blue portal opened up inside the spacebridge ring.

Not a moment later, a silver alien jet with purple highlights flew out from the spinning vortex. As soon as the craft had put enough distance from the spacebridge it amazingly broke apart and shifted into a bipedal robot.

The main color of the mech was silver with purple highlights. Its shoulders were broad and had three spikes sticking out from each one. A lethal looking fusion cannon was mounted on its right arm while its helm appeared like a helmet with two spikes sticking out from the sides of its face. The actual face of the robot was grey and scared and its two eyes were blood red. There was an air around this mech that spoke cruelty, pure evil, selfishness, and cunning.

And just the sight of him was bone chilling to say the least.

All in all, this mech was a warrior, and a deadly warrior at that. But not just any, he was Megatron, the supreme leader of the Decepticons, and the one responsible for the Great War of Cybertron that led to its destruction.

"Decepticons!" Megatron roared violently at first, and then calmly spoke with a hint of darkness in his words, as he looked down on the planet Earth, "I have returned."

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