Hey guys new chapter up! and I decided to involve Palutena in the next chapter following her inclusion in the game but I won't spoil how exactly...ON WITH THE FIC!

Charizard's blood was boiling...a lot hotter than usual.

Greninja had insulted him and his friends the day prior. And since morning he's been looking high and low for him to challenge him to a battle. "Hey Char-" Was what several of the other smashers said when they saw him but were all cut off by him speeding past them without replying.

"Greninja...YOUR DEAD!"Charizard yelled with venom while flying through the hallway so fast he created a large draft behind him which made Ness fall on his back.

"What's with him?" The PK user wondered as he saw Charizard smash through a window.

Master Hand is gonna make him pay for that window.

Greninja is seen meditating on a pointed rock in a lake in the middle of a forest with a little sun light making its way to the lake.

Suddenly Charizard came crashing down on the ground right next to the pond in a similar fashion to how he did it in the trailer. This sent a wave of air and ground at Greninja who lumped off of the rock and landed on the opposite side of the pond to Charizard.

"What do you want?"Greninja asked coldly. "I challenge you to a fight" Charizard yelled putting a fist in his palm."Why should I waste my time?"Greninja insulted coldly which resulted in Charizard using flamethrower only to have it blocked with a water shuriken.

"Fine"Greninja gave in and kicked Charizard in the neck and followed up by striking him with his water sword and used water jet to avoid a flamethrower.

Charizard used rock smash but Greninja sent every single rock back at him.

The flame pokemon then tried to fly up to get an advantage but an axe kick from Greninja sent him right back down with a thud. He was about to stand up when Greninja threw him horizontally upwards and was hit with his water jet attack and hit a tree, roughly, the size of him. He suddenly got an idea and rippped the tree out of the ground and throws it at the ninja frog.

Greninja countered this by slicing it in half with his water sword.

"Weakling. I haven't even been trying."Greninja mocked. Charizard roared in anger and headed straight for him. Greninja counted on this so, with extreme speed, he grabbed one of the flame pokemon horns and said "I am superior to you. This is what happens when you battle someone who is more skilled than you" He then repeatedly used his water sword on the orange dragon and threw him in the air,jumped up and repeatedly used night slash from several different directions with a finishing Night slash sending him straight down into the unforgiving ground.

Charizard barely had the strength to open his eyes, but when he did Greninja had sent a Hydro cannon directly at him. This had launched Charizard into the very same lake that Greninja was meditating on. The only part of his body that was dry was his tail. Thank Arceus my tail's still burning. Charizard thought.

"If you dare challenge me again even your tail won't remain dry"Greninja threatened. Charizard tried to get up but the sheer pain of his bruises and the minor blood loss from a few cuts stopped him from doing so.

All he could do was watch Greninja walk away as he didn't even think about helping the poor fire type. Reckless fool Is what Greninja now thought of Charizard.

Charizard ,seeing no other options, wheezed out a "Help...me...please" and then it all when black. The last thing he saw was a light eminating from the sky to the ground in front of him.

I hated writing charizard get hurt like that but it was best for the storyline so hope you enjoyed!