Kate POV

Me, Garth, Hutch, Lilly, Candu, Scar, and Claw spent 10 days searching for Humphrey.

"Gahhhh, we'll never find him." Candu yelled.

"He couldn't have gone that far, plus he's an omega, he's bound to come back home after he realize he can't survive out here." Scar said.

"Or he could be dead." Claw added.

"He's not dead you guys, so shut up." Garth said walking over to me and kissed me.

After Garth did that Lilly growled at him and walked off.

"What's her problem?" Hutch asked.

"I don't know. She's been like that for past 15 days. And every time i try to talk to her, she tells me to shut up and walks away." I said feeling sad for Lilly.

"Well let's get going." Garth said.

We found Lilly sitting by a river crying Garth asked what's wrong but she shrugged him off.

Lilly POV

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. As Ithought about Garth as we're walking in the back of the group. Humphrey was thinking right when he left, and now his old pack members are trying bring him back to his misery. Fuck them, fuck them all.

I wish I left with him. That's much better then suffering at the pack.

As we walked Hutch slowed he's pace to talk to me.

"Hey, Lilly." hutch in a happy tone.

"What the Hell do you want?" I said.

"Whow, if your sister heard you talk like that she'd flip." Hutch said a little loud.

"Liked she give two shit about what I say. She's just worried about Humphrey and her cock sucking husband." I said.

"Okay Lilly you better stop before she hears and freaks." Hutch said.

"Hutch, Lilly, whatcha talking about?" My sister asked walking towards us.

"Lilly is cussing a storm." Hutch said.

"What, Lilly you never ever cus." Kate said looking surprised.

"Why do you care what I say?" I yelled.

"Mom and Dad aren't going to like what heard when Hutch tells them." Kate said.

That FUCKING little BITCH makes me so angry...

"And Lilly you know better to say words like that." Kate said.

"I'v had it with your preppy Ass personality you whore!" i screamed at her.

"I'm not a ... a ... a Whore you are!" Kate yelled.

"Yeah says the Slut." I said

"Why are you being so mean to me all of a sudden? I don't do anything to you." Kate yelled.

"You did do something to me. You stole something that was mine. And you want to know another thing I you and Mom and Dad. I hate all of you!" Lilly yelled.

After that I walked away from them.

Here is the 3rd ch enjoy.