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Nurse Katrina Jones, her parents, Harvey Keith, and Garret Wilson and associates are mine - creations of my imagination

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Summary: The final showdown takes place.

A Blast from the Past - Installment Ten by: LAGC


Part Twenty-eight :The Preparation

"Okay team. The weasel is coming here. Good! Saves us the trouble of going there." said Hannibal. The guys looked at him expectantly. After a quick consult, Hannibal turned his ice blue glare to Katrina.

"As for you, Nurse, I'm too much of a gentleman to tell you exactly my opinion of you or to handle you the way traitors should be handled. However, your parents are innocents in this mess and we do care about them. So you've got ten minutes to round 'em up and get them safely away from this war you've brought to their door. Now get out of my sight, and don't even think about warning Keith or I promise you I WILL forget I'm a gentleman!" That last sentence was delivered in a growl that made B.A.'s growls sound like kitten purrs.

Katrina simply nodded coldly and mechanically then fled the apartment. They could hear her hollering for her parents as she ran to the store. Five minutes later the Team saw her load her disheveled parents into her car and speed off.

The guys set to fortifying the store to set up a surprise for Keith. Once all the preparations were complete the Team assumed their positions. Hannibal sat defiantly on the front stoop. B.A. was stationed on the roof. Murdock was at the back door. And in a bit of a déjà vu, Face was in position by the front window. When he saw the memory pass over Murdock's face, the Lieutenant said, "Remember, it's safety glass now," and flashed his most convincing smile. Murdock grinned in return. Now it was time to wait.

They didn't need to wait long.


Part Twenty-nine: The Implementation

Hannibal chuckled at Keith's dramatic absurdity. At exactly high noon, the cockroach and Wilson screeched to a halt in front of the store. The two goons pounced from the car and glowered at the Colonel. Hannibal sat lazily on the stoop with his feet resting upon a milk crate.

"Be careful gentlemen, or the zoo will come looking for their lost gorillas. You best lumber back to your cages now." taunted Hannibal

Keith was seething but very cockily approached the stoop.

"Ya think you're so clever don't ya Smith? Well you're gonna see you're NOT!

Now guys! take these creeps out!" he screamed as he cowardly took cover behind his car.

A couple of minutes of silence followed. Keith cautiously raised his head over his car.

"Yeah, fellas, take the creeps out." chanted Hannibal as he slowly rose from his seat.

"Sure thing, Colonel." responded Face and Murdock in unison as they appeared at the door and flung two barely conscious goons onto the street. They were the ones Murdock had dubbed Red and Two Thug.

"Here's the other Sucka, Hannibal," rumbled B.A. as he tossed Blue thug off the low porch roof. Blue thug landed with a thud on top of a stunned Wilson.

Keith lost all sense of control at that point and charged Hannibal while screaming wildly. The Colonel serenely sidestepped which allowed Keith to run head first into the brick wall of the store. The impact sent the crook flying backwards until he landed on the pile that was Wilson and Blue Thug. He was dazed but still sputtering threats.

Hannibal, trained his pistol on the driver of Keith's car, and ordered that last Thug to join the pile up. B.A. and Murdock were using zip-pull ties to secure the crooks and bind them to the railing of the stoop. Face stood guard with his weapon at the ready.

Once the Team had bound up the motley crew, Hannibal stood over Keith. He grinned down as a few ashes from his cigar fell onto Keith's face.

"Like I warned you, Keith, you were easier to whip than cream." gloated the Colonel.

Then he continued, "Word to the unwise, never, ever take on a Team when all you've got is a horde of hired chimpanzees."

Hannibal looked to Face, "Lieutenant, I trust all the arrangements have been made?"

Faceman stepped forward with his weapon slung over his shoulder, he removed his notepad from his sports coat. Checking it he replied with his most charming grin,

"Oh yes, Colonel, they have. Let's see ...The local victims of this here, herd of chimps, have all filed formal reports with the local law enforcement as well as the district attorney. The sheriff should be here in about five , and a video tape showing Mr. Keith's attempts on our lives and his subsequent failures will be in the mail today. Heading straight to one Mr. Tommy Tillis. I'm sure he'll enjoy watching it in his cell."

Murdock made a great show of placing a manilla envelope into the big blue USPS mailbox across the street from the store.

B.A. chuckled.

Face put away his notebook.

Hannibal looked one last time at Keith, "Clearly you are over. The legal system will make mince meat of you. And when they're done, Tillis will grind up the rest just for being such an arrogant buffoon and utter embarrassment to his organization." At those words Keith went very pale.

Just then police sirens could be heard in the distance. B. A. fetched the van. After checking the restraints one more time, the rest of the Team jumped into the van and rode out of town.


Part Thirty: The Repercussions.

Two weeks later the A-team was gathered in the living room of Faceman's latest scammed beach house. They were watching news footage of Keith and Wilson entering a courthouse. They were there to stand before a jury on multiple charges of fraud, racketeering, assault, etc. The reporter on the scene said that the D. A. felt that convictions on all charges were certain.

"Good, looks like them FOOLS are going to get exactly what's coming to them!" announced B.A.

"Legally in the courts, and socially once they are sharing digs with Tillis," added Hannibal.

"Looks like your plan came together, Colonel," said Face.

All this while Murdock was sitting morosely in the recliner, twirling an artist palette around his thumb. "Ya know the V. A. had to cancel the art therapy program. They couldn't find a quality replacement after Katrina quit."

"Gee, sorry about that, Captain. But it's not like she could, nor should, have stayed working there after what she tried to do." consoled Hannibal.

"I know that, Colonel, really I do. It's just that I was making such progress through my art therapy. Creating those pieces was so comforting. At least I still have a few hanging on my walls to sooth me." said Murdock.

"Fool! Shut up. You didn't go to no art therapy sessions. And you didn't paint those pictures on your walls! They were all part of Faceman's scam." hissed B. A.

"True artists are never appreciated by their closed minded peers. " remarked the Captain with a disdainful sneer at B. A.

The Big Guy made a lunge toward the pilot but Face stepped in between, "Okay, okay, guys."

B.A. snarled and sat back down. Then Face looked kindly at his sad buddy.

"Time to go Pablo Murdock, your pass is good only until 6pm. Tell you what, on the way back to the V. A. we'll stop at an artist supply shop and get you an easel and other supplies so you can keep creating," Face promised Murdock.

"Oh super duper, Facial One! Let's go!" agreed Murdock as he bounded for the door with Face in tow. Face's limp was almost gone as his wound was healing well.

B. A. shook his head and focused on the sports report now on t.v.

Hannibal smiled affectionately at the antics of his boys, puffed his cigar, and thought to himself, " I love it when a plan comes together."