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Author's Note: This is basically a transition chapter to move the story from their first meeting into the true action of the tale. Sorry if it's not exciting but I felt that jumping from the diner scene straight into the main action would be too abrupt and choppy. I plan on writing more action/intrigue next installment.

A Blast from the Past - Installment Two by: LAG


Part Four: At Katrina's Apartment several hours later.

The team and their long lost friend enjoyed a good meal of comfort food at Joe's Roadside Diner. The meal was a drawn out affair as the friends chatted and caught up. Kat even knew that Head Nurse Hoolihan was now retired and living in Maine with a army doctor she had known in Korea. They were quietly running little BnB.

When the meal and conversation petered out and the tab was covered by Hannibal, the five diners strolled back to the van. Once all passengers were secure they headed back into LA. Hannibal asked Kat where she lived so they could take her directly home. The Team did not want to risk returning to the VA for her car. They were concerned that Decker or his men might still be stationed there.

Once at her apartment building, BA parked the van in a discreet location. Murdock and Face both escorted her to the door of her unit. She had protested this,but in the end, gallantry won out. At her doorway, Face told her that he and Murdock would get her in the morning and drive her back to the hospital to claim her car. She said she looked forward to that and then gave each man a friendly hug.

True to their word, Face and Murdock were there by 8:30 am. to help her fetch her car. They had borrowed the van since they wouldn't all fit in Face's corvette. Besides which, Hannibal was using the sports car to run final errands before they left on their new mission.

On the way to the V. A. Katrina asked the guys what their mission was about. Face told her that it was a rescue operation to bust a teenager out of a tight situation. Murdock gave Face a warning glance, so Face didn't elaborate. Murdock, using a super spy accent, warned her that if they told her any more details they would have to eliminate her. Everyone giggled.

The trio parted ways at Kat's car. She wished them good luck and implored them to be careful. Murdock said, "Nothing to worry about, Kit-Kat. Hannibal says this case is going to be ...(Now Face chimed in ) ... a piece of cake.


Part Five: nearly a week later.

"Geeze Hannibal if that case was a piece of cake, I'm only eating pie from now on," complained Murdock as he limped into the Colonel's current abode. Face and B. A. nodded and grunted their agreement. Hannibal just maintained his incessant grin. The three exhausted soldiers flopped onto the huge sectional couch. The Colonel, still nursing a wicked case of the Jazz, was pacing in front of them fussing with his cigar.

"Hey don't know why you're all sulking. We rescued the girl and bagged the sleeze balls who were operating the cult. I'd say the plan came together just fine." The team groaned.

"Oh sure, Hannibal, if you count Murdock getting knocked out and dangled from a tenth story window, B. A. going eight rounds with King Kong in a monk's robe, and me getting locked in a car trunk and driven off into the woods - a plan coming together. Then sure of course none of us have anything to complain about," replied Face

"So glad you agree with me Lieutenant." goaded Hannibal deliberately ignoring Face 's sarcasm.

Again his three weary men just groaned.

All four men crashed at Hannibal's. The colonel had his room. Face and Murdock stretched out on opposing legs of the sectional. B. A. opted to sleep in the oversized leather recliner. They all had a long solid night's sleep. The kind that only successful exhaustion can bring.

Come morning the living room slumber party was awoken by Hannibal's humming and rattling in the kitchen. He had cooked pancakes, eggs, and bacon for his boys. They all stumbled into the kitchen bleary eyed but with growling tummies. After breakfast Murdock and Face got ready to go to the VA. Murdock packed his travel bag and gathered some of his "therapy art" pieces to display in his room. Face had bought them from a bunch of kids at a summer day camp in the park when they got home yesterday. While Murdock organized, Face donned his Dr. Peckham attire. A quick ride in the corvette and they were there.


Part Six: Seeing Katrina again.

The return of Murdock went extremely smoothly. Dr. Peckham gave the false documents and phony reports to the desk nurse on duty. She filed them immediately with barely a scan, after all she was too distracted by the dashing doctor to give a hoot about a bunch of paper. Dr. Peckham inquired if Nurse Jones was on duty and the desk nurse confirmed her presence, Face requested that she be paged to Mr. Murdock's room so she could be briefed.

Murdock and Face waited for Katrina in the captain's room. Murdock busied himself by hanging up "his art" and explaining how he felt while painting each piece. Face gave a silent prayer of thanks that B. A. wasn't hearing this latest Murdockian monologue. When Kat finally arrived both men flashed her open smiles. Which quickly shut down. "My God! What happened to you?" Murdock howled as they rushed to her.

"Oh I fell down the stairs at my apartment complex" she hastily and airily replied. "Welcome home! How was the ... retreat?" She quickly added

Both men ignored her question and checked out her bruising. No way it was caused by a fall down some stairs. Both knew all to well what a bruise from a punch looked like and that is clearly what was on her left cheek. Blinded and emboldened by concern for their friend, Face deftly undid the scarf she had around her neck. All three gasped when he did so. She out of fear and shame. The men out of sympathy and outrage. There on her throat were bruises that loudly shouted that someone had tried to strangle her with their bare hands.

Murdock looked at her and simply said, "Okay, Katrina, spill it". The absence of her nickname plainly revealing that they were accepting nothing but the entire story.

She sighed and began it.


PS: Authors note

Yes I did once again make an allusion to MASH. Hoolihan and Pierce always had potential in my mind. And just for the record I do not own or claim anything belonging to the world of MASH.